Lynch bringing officials to practice

Bill Lynch has seen a few too many penalties, especially those of the pre-snap variety, in games so far this season.

So the Indiana coach said at his radio show Monday night that he will have officials watching his players during scrimmages in practices the next two days to try to break them of bad habits.

“We’re going to have officials out at practice Tuesday and Wednesday,” Lynch said. “We’re going to bring in the guys with the striped shirts, and they’re going to be throwing flags at them. Penalties are like turnovers. Those will come back to get you. We survived on Saturday, but we’re trying to make sure that won’t happen this week.”

Lynch said that the post-snap penalties, such as the pass interference, late hit, face mask and roughing the passer that the Hoosiers were charged for in the fourth quarter, are sometimes just “part of the game” and a product of aggressive play. He’s less tolerant of the pre-snap penalties, like illegal procedure and false starts.

“Those pre-snap penalties are inexcusable and we have to get them corrected,” he said. “Lining up offsides and jumping offsides, we’ve got to get that straightened out, and that starts with me.”

Lynch also updated the status of redshirt freshman running back Darius Willis, who missed Saturday’s game against Western Michigan with an ankle injury.

“I hope he’s back at it this week,” Lynch said. “He was running really well today at practice and he’s had a quicker recovery than we thought he would. … I certainly hope he gets back, but we won’t know until later in the week.”


  1. Maybe the subway commercial could be played during the next several practices. Might bring some levity to everyone.

  2. I am not a Lynch fan but right after the game on the big ten
    network he said he would take ownership of the penalties, He
    said they were his fault and he would get them fixed. It looks like he is working on the problem. I guess we will see on Saturday. I am for all IU sports. I don’t know a lot about football coaching so those that do will this help? I know in my years that I coached basketball sometimes outside help like former players and other well known coaches can give the kids a look. It didn’t always work but sometimes it did. Is Lynch doing something right??

  3. Is he doing something right by having officials come to practice and watch the guys and call penalties for mistakes?

    It is definitely the right thing to correct stupid mistakes.

    However, some of those mistakes are correctable without an official being there.

    The question is how will having officials throwing the flag at them in practice for every little mistake this week hurt their aggression come game time?

    I can’t really say if it is right or not. This is a time will tell scenario, but I think he is doing right by aggressively attacking an issue to get it corrected ASAP.

  4. Ron b,

    Coach Lynch is actually doing a lot of things right and his reaction to the penalty problem is very much in character.

  5. Wouldt a coach notice these types of errors and get on the players already? Arent these fine tuning errors supposed to be addressed in preseason? I understand that penalties happen, but the track record of Lynch teams in recent memory have been terrible.

  6. I’m not going to apologize for Coach Lynch. I frankly don’t know if he is a long term solution for IU football. What I do know is that he has been tasked with “bailing the ocean.” In addition to the penalty problems about which everyone seems to be so critical, he has had to deal with (a) an indifferent administration (until recently), (b) poor facilities (improving), (c) an abysmal lack of talent/depth, (d) a sub B10 coaching staff, (e) apathetic student body, plus (f) IU fans who want to see him fired, to say nothing of (g) a traditional losing record! Seems to me Coach Lynch is dealing effectively with a lot of these challenges!

  7. It’s simple…if Phil Fulmer or someone of his stature is ready to walk through that door then get Lynch’s suitcases together by the Purdue game. But of course they are not and the best we could hope for is some recycled has been (like the DiNardo hire was) or a relative unknown (like the Cameron hire was). Getting Terry Hoeppner was like hitting the lottery…I don’t think lightning will strick twice. Give Lynch time. Unfortunately, it’s all we can do.

  8. RC,

    You are correct, if the administration is only willing to pay $650,000 on a coach to lead a Big Ten School in the BCS ranks, we are not going to attract a better candidate.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder how the entire coaching staff has a combined salary of $2,087,156.00 (using Lynch’s $650,000 salary figure), yet there are 20 head coaches in the BCS with individual compensation that is valued at 2.1 million and up?

    How Lynch’s teams perform in the 2nd half of games should be the measuring stick on if they are getting better under his leadership or not. As of now, we are on a 12 game losing streak in the 2nd half.

  9. I guess Lynch is both incompetent and underpaid.

    IMO winning games is the measuring stick. As of now, we are on a 2 game winning streak.

    Did anybody read Pete DiPrimio this morning. In the last sentence of his column, when discussing whether IU has a chance against Akron this weekend, he writes:

    “Of course it has a chance. Stop being so negative. Save that for the prune juicers.”

    My sentiments exactly.

  10. GFDave,

    For a Big Ten/BCS program, Lynch and his staff are underpaid. For what they have accomplished, I think they are fairly compensated while others believe they or overpaid.

    I do want to give Lynch a fair shot, but I am telling you right now if you think winning games is how we should measure how Lynch and company did this year, you should come to Bloomington and help him clean out his office now.

  11. Let’s see…
    We all know that you reside in Bloomington, or close by. We know that you have a 9 year old who can’t learn anything from attending a camp at IU. You buy tickets and you support the Varsity Club.
    Sorry, there’s nothing in that resume that makes you know more that the other people on here stating their opinions. Once before I told you, get off your high horse. Coaching Pop Warner fb doesn’t cut it. I keep reading the Hoosier Scoop because I am very interested In IU athletics. Your opinion, while interesting, does not mean that you know all of the answers. To put it another way, you are a snob.

  12. Mike, I agree with you that we will never retain a successful coach, whoever that may be, at current salary levels. But I don’t understand complaining about Lynch and the coach’s low salary in the same breath.

    Well, I wish I had your crystal ball, I would make a killing, but I sure think that wins at Akron and UVA are within reach. One or two wins out of Wisconsin, Purdue, Northwestern and Illinois are not unthinkable either.

    So, optimistically, IU could have 5 or 6 wins. If so, Glass almost certainly would retain Lynch for next year. And forward progress for the program(facilities, recruiting, winning) would continue, however incremental it might be.

    But if last year’s results are repeated(something some people are openly hoping for) he’ll most likely be gone and I couldn’t argue that he hadn’t been given a fair chance. In the mean time I choose to have some hope.

  13. GFDave,

    I would love nothing more than for Glass to be at the end of this year offering up Lynch another 4 or 5 year deal because of the performance.

    I just do not see it happening.

    As for what I was saying with the salary is simple, if Lynch doesn’t come through this year, then what IU pays it’s football staff just isn’t going to work to find replacements that can take IU higher than what Lynch can/has.


    Offer a counter argument and not a personal attack. I don’t attack GF or Jimmy or any one (besides Aruss) personally, I attack their arguments with my own, and do my best to back them up with the hard data to support what I feel/think. That is what the board is for, is to discuss.

  14. While Mike P might not have the credentials that satisfy you Jay, but he sure is much more informed and insightful than your posts. So yes, I think his posts do contribute more than most people here, which is why I enjoy reading his contributions.

  15. I’d much rather hear from Mike P., someone who can look at a football game and see the gears turn, the blocks, the play of the lineman, the ‘little things,’ than listen to a bunch of head-in-the-clouds optimists who refuse to give reflective criticism of the football team on the grounds that it is “being negative.” Keep it up, Mike P.

    On another note: We’ve started the last six seasons 2-0, and have one (barely) winning record to show for it. Yes, I’d rather be 2-0 than 0-2. But if every kiss from an attractive woman was followed by a kick in the groin, I would have good reason to be afraid of kisses.

    We are a horrible – HORRIBLE – conference team, for which there is little excuse. Don’t tell me it’s because the Big 10 is too good; Appalachian State, and now the Chippewahs, can claim road wins in Michigan. Heck, even Illinois has upset a giant in recent years (OSU). Does anyone know when the last time we won more than 3 conference games was?

  16. P. Salad: If you are refering to me then you should know that I’m perfectly happy to give reflective criticism, as I did immediatley following the game on Saturday. You can look it up and you might even find it insightful, not that I care. But I refuse to yield to those who want us to lose because they think the coach sucks.

  17. Salad,

    We were 4-4 in ’01, beating Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan State and Purdue. (We probably would’ve gone bowling if we hadn’t missed an extra point against Utah)

  18. Gentlemen.

    Do we see improvement in areas that are lacking?

    Either we do, or we don’t.

    When can we expect to see improvement in the win column? Are we allowed to expect it?

  19. I don’t buy into the belief that fan optimism and support can turn a mediocre MAC coach into a winner.

    Tyrone Willingham had wild fan support from a rabid fan base at his back for 3 years at Washington. The program got worse, and worse, and worse, culminating in a shiny 0-12 record in his 4th year. I’m not about to get duped again into thinking that being smiley and pretending that Lynch has a chance is the way to turn this ship around.

    That being said, I’ll be on the wagon if he can win in the Big 10 this year. It’s that simple.

  20. I give Lynch plenty of respect, it takes a lot to pull of a bowl bid(Although a top 5 NFL Draft receiver helps) when we haven’t been to one in a long time, but, the constant disappointment of the second half just kills me. Not being able to make adjustments against 2nd rate teams is just frustrating.

    Now, I don’t want him to get fired, on the contrary, he’s a nice guy that’s been thrusted into an impossible situation, and if he comes out of this season with 6 wins i will be ecstatic, but if this continued trend of not making adjustments continues…I might go insane

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