Lynch: “It looked like they both had it.”

Indiana head coach Bill Lynch said he “couldn’t see” the disputed interception late in Indiana’s 36-33 loss to Michigan.

But, he added, from where he stood it looked like simultaneous possession. Which generally results in the offense keeping the ball. Or so says the rule book.

Complete Pass
ARTICLE 6. Any forward pass is complete when caught by a player of the
passing team who is inbounds, and the ball continues in play unless completed
in the opponent’s end zone or the pass has been caught simultaneously
by opposing players. If a forward pass is caught simultaneously by opposing
players inbounds, the ball becomes dead and belongs to the passing team (Rule
2-2-7) (A.R. 2-2-7-III and A.R. 7-3-6-I-IX).

None of Indiana’s players offered a more extensive thought on the play, though Darius Willis smiled as if he wanted to.

The message, instead, went something like this: we didn’t execute on a couple of plays, and now we’ll go prepare to play Ohio State.

Lynch recited his mantra, “Play the next play,” and said that the Hoosiers would work on getting better in the coming days.

Listen to his entire post-game press conference here.


  1. Guess IU should have scored more in the red zone so it did not come down to a call. Great game anyway and more than I expected!

  2. It didn’t look like simultaneous possession, IT WAS SIMULTANEOUS POSSESSION. The zebras stole this game away from IU- plain and simple.

    A PSU alum, you of all people should know what it’s like to see the zebras step in and win games for a team.

  3. The refs prevented IU from even trying to win when they intervened and handed the game to the Meatchicken. Something has to be done about these refs and rigged games.

  4. It seemed like the team is looking better each week, although we get Ohio State next week.

    If they play them tough and make it a game I will say they have a chance of winning 6 -7 games still.

  5. i would like lynch to care!! i mean you need to stand up for the players and make a point! if you dont the refs wont look your way.. i wouldn’t mind a nice coaches rant after than crappy call..

  6. chris,

    Lynch obviously does care (see: his tantrum immediately following the call during the game). You can get away with yelling at the refs mid-game.

    Lynch going on a rant about how the officials stole the game in his press conference serves no purpose. It would undoubtedly result in a fine and a reprimand from the Big Ten. That’s more damaging to our program’s image than one loss. This game still showed our ability to compete with the best teams in our conference. We’ll get another shot to prove our ability next week.

    Lynch obviously cares, but he’s being smart, mature and composed in dealing with it. If he starts blaming referees for losses, what kind of example does that set for his players? It gives them an excuse, and sends the message that it’s ok to use that excuse. Lynch is handling this the right way.

    The truth is, if we turned any one of our four field goals into a touchdown, we’d all be celebrating a great IU victory.

  7. Hosed. That call was pure hosery.

    Now, let’s not get carried away. Going 80 yards to score or kick a field goal with 2:00 to go against a Michigan team with momentum was clearly a tall order. But the refs took that chance away from Indiana. It was clearly a bad call. The league should review it.

  8. Chris, Lynch went nuts on the sideline and said what he needed to say. Him getting fined in a press conference does nothing.

    Although red zone scoring was an issue, that was still one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. They took away any shot of having the players determine the outcome.

  9. Casey has said it best. Coach Lynch, both teams, the fan base of both teams and the referees know who got hosed. If he had made an issue of it in the press conference it possibly would lesson the impact it will have when Rich Falk reviews it this week. Maybe the way Coach Lynch has handled it will result in the right people being disciplined–the referee that called it wrong and the review crew who multiplied the offense. I like his approach to stay out of the crosshairs.

  10. So, who called out Lynch/Canada on their atrocious play calling inside the red zone? If the answer is no one, then the press is not doing their job.
    It’s sad watching a coach not give his players the opportunity to put away a ranked team on the road. You don’t win many Big Ten games settling for four field goals in 5-6 trips to the red zone. The offense executed throughout the game until they reached the red zone and it wasn’t the soft Michigan defense that kept the Indiana offense out. It simply came down to poor play calling.
    Sorry guys, this one is all on Bill Lynch’s shoulders.

  11. The saying in boxing is that if you’re gonna beat the champ you gotta knock him out – you’re not gonna win on points. Same here – we should never have been in a position where the officials could give Michigan the game with one call (which they did). J Pat, Casey and Kevin are right, we had a chance and blew it. But the fact that we even had a chance means we’ll have a chance in every game the rest of the way. And my guess is that we’ll win more than we lose.

  12. I should have added that I’m liking Lynch better all the time. We all can, in retrospect, question a play call here or there, but I think our game plan was solid, we were prepared to win the game, and the in-game adjustments were solid as well. Get off Bill’s back.

  13. So Kevin, do you have your comments canned? That is the same comment as on the previous post “Doss’ Touchdown”. The offense
    tried all sorts of different plays. It was not the same old boring
    stuff. IU played a good game at Michigan. I bet going in you thought we would loose by 4 touchdowns giving you lots of material to throw at Lynch. I have said plenty of things about his
    coaching but you just can’t give the guy any credit ever. Yes we settled for field goals but give the team and the coaches some credit to get it there in the first place. Please just post your negative stuff once because we all know its coming.

  14. Guys,

    I have never been a supporter of Lynch and didn’t feel he deserved the job here. I’m still not sold on him being the future of IU football at the head coach spot.

    With that said, my hat is off to him. They went to the Big House and gave Michigan all they can handle. I think the play calling in the red zone was questionable.

    I originally said horrible, but watching those trips again on the DVR, I don’t feel they were that bad, just questionable because they seemed to go away from what had worked to get them there. Execution was an issue as well.

    If the team continues this improvement, 8-9 wins and a legit bowl game this year is not out of the question. If we get to that point, I strongly believe we have no other choice than to extend Lynch for 3 or 4 years.

  15. 7 wins is a realistic horizon, as far as I am concerned. But I want at least 4 of those to come from the Big 10, which is the true index of our improvement as a program.

    The red zone issues this year are very troubling. But they are being offset by our ability to make the “big play.” Against OSU, a stronger defensive unit than Michigan, we’ll really have to find a way to convert more efficiently.

    Here’s an unrelated question for the moment: Purdue or Notre Dame? I can’t decide who I hate more.

  16. Nice effort by everybody on the IU sideline today. In the red zone we were clearly trying not to make the big mistake and I kinda see that, although I certainly agree that we needed some TDs there.

    I have not been a big Bill L fan, but he showed a lot better today. I liked his animation and determination on the sideline, and he did have the team ready to compete today. In my opinion that may have been the best football a Bill L IU team has played. Sadly a loss.

    I do appreciate the improvement, and will look for more of the same next week in person at the ROCK!

    Go Hoosiers!!

  17. “Rich Rodriguez said earlier in the week he’d like the Wolverines to be good enough to play poorly and still win. He got his wish.” from CBS Sports Recap

    Isn’t that a bunch of bleeping bleep.

    Don’t the Huskies play at ND this year? Go Huskies!

  18. Kevin. Really???? Defense executes on 3rd and 8 and the game is over. Kid makes a field goal and we have overtime. To put the loss on Lynch and “atrocious play calling” is insane. Grow up and appreciate the growth of a program.

  19. Coach Lynch and his staff are the reason we had the opportunity to win up there today. The team preparation and game plan were superb. Today they showed solid improvement by taking major steps with lessons learned for the future of the program to be able to win in the “big boys” backyards. Today’s performance on Michigan turf has not been thinkable for decades. I still think we are 3-4 years away from bursting other fans dreams consistently but we are certainly headed toward that goal.

  20. I’ve pretty critical of Lynch, and like Mike P said, I’m not still not sure he’s the right guys, but my hats off to him for yesterday. Touch loss, but he had that team ready to play and they played inspired.

  21. I’m with BGleas. I was all over Lynch during and after last year’s performance. I was depressed that he was kept on.

    So yesterday MAY be a turning point for him. Is it a one game almost-miracle or the start of a great turn-around? I was very encouraged by the passion he showed on the sideline from the start. I think HE believed before the team actually did. That’s great leadership.

    I always say that I’d rather be proven wrong and IU do better than proven right and IU tank another season. So please prove me wrong Lynch and get these kids ready to play like that against OSU!

  22. I watched this game not looking for a win, but looking for growth. I got way more than I expected. These kids had something I had not seen since the 80’s, a look of confidence. I’ve have been waiting for a group of kids to join the program, and just say to themselves; “Not us, no more.”

    They will learn from this experience (Red Zone scoring and Defense). They are still young. I hope the Hoosier Nation appreciates the effort, and packs Memorial Stadium for Ohio State.

    Next lesson for IU football; getting up for the big game, after a tough loss.

  23. I meant i would like to have seen Lynch so a little more passion post game. i actually loved the gum throwing! i dont think a fine would reflect poorly on the school or the players. if anything it would show me that he is standing up for the players. the coach does the talking for the players. i liken it to a baseball manager getting thrown out of a game arguing balls and strikes. i am just tired of “moral victories” at indiana. if we would count them we would be in a bowl game every year, but i am starting to think that Canada could be a genius!

  24. I’m sick over that call too! However, not one person in the entire nation expected IU to be in this game. That was by far the best the Hoosiers have looked in 2 seasons. A few bad playcalls yes but improvement overall. I was impressed. Great job Hoosiers! Even you coach Lynch. Keep improving like this and you may win some folks over…

  25. When the season started it was all gloom and doom and now its 8 or 9 wins. I don’t get it. To me its too early to get that excited and its way too early to talk about contract extensions (I think Bill has 2 years on his contract after this season). There’s a long way to go yet.

    The team is playing well and it certainly is conceivable that we get to 7 victories, but I can’t remember anybody being that optimistic 4 weeks ago. Even I only had us at 6 wins and I was Mr. PollyAnna at the time.

    I think Iowa, O$U and PSU are the top 3 teams in the league. We play all three and a win against any one of them will be hard to come by. However, we do seem to give Iowa fits, for whatever reason.

    Wisconsin might be in the same category. Right now its hard to tell about them. Two of their three non-conference games were wins against No. Illinois and Fresno State. Those two are probably better than any of our first three opponents so Wisky might be pretty good.

    I think the rest of the league, including Michigan and IU, are average teams that do some things well but that also have noticeable flaws. Can we beat these teams? Absolutely! Would it be an upset if we lost? No.

    A win at Virginia seems probable at this point. Losing to them would be very discouraging, and not like yesterday’s disappointment. Much more negative.

    But let’s say we beat UVA, Illanoy, Northwestern and Purdont. That bring us to 7 wins. I can’t realistically predict more wins than that.

    If we get to 6 or 7 wins, avoid blowouts and play competitive football, to me that’s good progress over last year. End of story? No. Beginning of a new and better story? Hopefully yes. Reason to extend Lynch with two years left on his contract? Maybe one year including a raise, no more than that IMO.

  26. J Pat. I like to be optimistic. But keep it on the planet. Also, its never been about Lynch for me, but I think he’s more than held his own so far this year.

  27. Why is it that replay can be used to determine if a catch was made, but it can’t used to determine if a simultaneous catch was made?

    This makes absolutely no sense. They screwed up the call on the field, saw that they did in the replay, but couldn’t reverse it because the ref made the wrong judgment call on the field. Why even have replay then?

    I bet this play will change the replay rules for next season. Just like the ’79 Michigan game resulted in a rule change about fumble the ball out of bounds on purpose.

  28. I’m a Michigan fan, and I also disagreed with the call. That said, it was a bad call, not a conspiracy or favoritism.

  29. The Chicago Mafia posed as big ten refs so of course they didn’t know the rule that the simultaneous catch goes to the offense. That refing crew, including the ones who reviewed in the booth, should be permanently banned from refing. That refing crew is corrupt. Mo

  30. Im not a Lynch fan, but I give him credit for getting the team ready this week. They had an OK sencond half as well, and gave themselves a shot to win the game. That is until the refs stole our chance. I liked Lynch’s intensity, and as long as its genuine and not manufactured, I like the direction our team went on Sat. Lets see how long this lasts.

  31. I agree, TD. Why do the replay rules seem to have been written by lawyers? Why can’t they just get it right, regardless of how they screwed it up to begin with?

  32. I certainly think Coach Lynch is more involved with the team while on the field. In the past, he was isolated from the players. Encouragement from the head coach makes the players play harder and better.

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