Lynch still likes the rugby kick; not switching to triple option

Bil Lynch’s radio show Monday night was as uneventful as usual, but there were a few mildly interesting responses to questions.

For one thing, the breakdown in blocking Saturday that lead to the block punt on which Akron scored its second touchdown will not discourage Lynch for continuing to use spread punt and the rugby punt.

“What it does is, it’s a spread formation,” Lynch said. “So it spreads everybody out, and you have multiple eligible receivers, so it kind of spreads the defense out. What I think happened is the traditional pro-style punt, what we used to call the spread punt, people found ways to rush the punter. That particularly was what happened to us last year. … When the season was over, we looked at everything we were doing. We just thought it could give us an advantage and take the heat off the punter. What it does is it gives you four gunners down the field. … We have a bunch of guys that can get down the field quicker, and it also slows the rush down a little bit.”

A caller into the radio show asked Lynch if he would be willing to use the triple option offense. It’s been kind to Navy, which had Ohio State on the ropes in the opening week, as well as Georgia Tech and others. Lynch said he likes the offense and considers it tough to defend, but isn’t looking to make a switch.

“Triple option football is a very very difficult thing to defend because you don’t see much of it,” Lynch said. “… I think the biggest thing is you have to make a total commitment to it. You really can’t mix pro-style offense with triple option offense because of the time demands and what you’re looking for in personnel. It’s certainly been a successful offense and the military academies and shown that in the last couple of years, but we like what we’re doing.”

Funny moment came when Will Patterson’s younger brother called in to ask the senior linebacker what he’d learned about leadership. Patterson told everybody that his younger brother is going to graduate from an Indianapolis charter school at age 15 and he’s thinking about going to Purdue for engineering. Patterson said he’s doing everything in his power to make sure he picks another engineering school.


  1. “What I think happened is the traditional pro-style punt, what we used to call the spread punt, people found ways to rush the punter. That particularly was what happened to us last year. … When the season was over, we looked at everything we were doing. We just thought it could give us an advantage and take the heat off the punter.”

    This is a ridiculous comment. How often do you see a “spread punt” blocked? VERY rarely. So we switch to the formation which should take heat off the punter…but wait, didn’t we just get a rugby kick blocked?

  2. When someone misses a blocking assignment, it doesn’t matter what formation you use, the punt will likely get blocked.

  3. “uneventful as usual”….sorry your job is so boring. At least there was some “mildly” interesting bits. Perhaps Mr. Dopirak should look for a more exciting job.

  4. A good normal punt will likely go for 40 yards and give the team enough time to get downfield to catch the receiver.

    A good rugby punt will sail past the receiver and wobble out of bounds 70 yards downfield. I like the play, but I don’t like the execution at this point.

  5. J Pat, The highlights show that he took nowhere near 10 seconds, but ran straight at someone and got it blocked. I personally don’t care for the rugby either, punting is the most conservative thing you do in football and, imo, you ought to be conservative about it.

  6. I view the rugby punt much like the spread, option, pistol and wildcat offenses it makes the other team spend time preparing for it and gives them something else to spend practice time on. The results are more positive with a good punter than with a average one when everyone completes their assignments properly. It truly shows Coach Lynch and his staff are trying to use new tools and extra wrinkles to be anything but stagnant and bland. I do believe their pro-active approach has much to do with the overall improvement with this group of players. I hope to see a couple more wrinkles before the last game of the season.

  7. GFDave, I was being sarcastic on 10 sec. Sorry about that. Hagerup had trouble getting his punt off in time last year and improved and now they ask him to do this. Crazy! I wonder how his net avg will be at the end of the year compared to last season. If better, I am wrong!

    I am sorry I did not read it yet but I will. Last night was busy with the family and then COLTS!

  8. J Pat, I think what Manning did last night was the most dominant player performance in a team sport since Wilt scored 100. Like Gruden said, the Dolphin defense literally couldn’t be right because what ever they did Manning would read and surgically attack.

  9. I like this punt formation. The rugby punt can be challenging for the receiving team to field. Also, when Chris rolls out to kick the rugby style punt, he could potentially run for the 1st down if an open lane is available, or throw the ball. Hangerup was a high school QB and was a pretty good one at that. I would love to see him throw a pass for 1st down sometime.

  10. Hey, Dustin, it’s unfortunate that you begin your report of the radio show with the statement that the radio show was “as uneventful as usual”, etc. To the Hoosier faithful (your audience), it’s not as boring as it must be for you. Especially for those who attend the broadcast, and can see as well as hear the players that Lynch brings to each show, it’s a real treat. The players that have been on the show these past four weeks have been articulate, witty, humble, and impressive. There’s been a lot of talk about the players’ leadership council and the shift in morale and character in the team this year. If you watch and listen closely you can learn a lot about this team from the broadcasts.

  11. I enjoy the show. But, it’s just a light review of last week’s game, a small preview of next week’s game filled with softball questions and vague, crowd-pleasing answers. It’s not meant to be disrespectful, that’s about what all coaches’ shows consist of. But, I’d consider it uneventful because it is always very, very predictable and nothing all that newsworthy happens.

    Now, go back to Peegs, please.

  12. Anyone who thinks that Lynch’s radio show is “exciting” lives a sheltered and boring life. The only time the show is remotly interesting is when someone gets under Don’s skin and he gets fired up.

    I doubt there is anyone on this board that is a bigger football fan than myself and I don’t listen to his show. Like Wisco said it is predictable, the questions are more like wiffle balls than softballs.

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