Lynch’s Coaches Show

I expect this will be the case for most of these, but Indiana coach Bil Lynch didn’t break any major news at his weekly coaches’ show Monday night. Mostly, he addressed some of the same things he did at his press conference Friday — it was a good win, crowd was great, need to run the ball better, Western Michigan is a really good team, etc.

Some comments from the player guests, defensive end Jammie Kirlew and right guard Pete Saxon, were interesting, however. Most of the players who spoke with the media after Thursday night’s game stuck to the “win is a win” refrain. But both Kirlew and Saxon called the team’s performance in the 19-13 win over Eastern Kentucky as unacceptable.

Saxon and Kirlew also said that two players voluntarily left the team’s leadership council earlier this year, because they felt they had “screwed up” and didn’t deserve to be a part of the council. Of course, they did not mention who those two players were.

Lynch did announce his game captains, however. This week, it will be safety Austin Thomas, linebackers Matt Mayberry and Tyler Repogle and running back Bryan Payton.

Question of the night came from a woman I believe was named Gail. She admitted to being a football novice but said she noticed that every time the quarterback handed off to the running back Thursday night, the running back ran into this big gob of people. She asked “Why did he do that.”  Lynch said he was asking himself the same thing. By coaches’ show standards, it was pretty funny.


  1. I’m glad to hear that Saxon and Kirlew are pissed about the team’s performance. They ought to carry that attitude into practice and onto the field on Saturday and score all the points we should have scored on EKU, plus the ones we owe to WMU. That attitude was sorely lacking in the second quarter Thursday. I get the feeling they know they can do better, and they ought to play like they and their mothers and their (perhaps unborn) kids have been disrespected.

  2. The stadium and the side effects were phenomenal on Thursday night. However, the team on the field was big pile of sh*t! Losing to an FCS team is unacceptable, period. A close game with an FCS school is unacceptable.

    This team better get much better in a hurry to beat W. Michigan and Akron because they are going to get destroyed by in their first 2 Big Ten games, Michigan and Ohio St.

    However, they may be able to be Virginia as they got beat by William & Mary this past weekend.

    Also, Lynch has got to stop running the fricking ball up the middle play after play, especially on almost every 1st down! It didn’t work last year, and it didn’t work against EKU. How dumb do you have to be to not only keep doing it week after week, year after year, but play after a few plays each game. The crowd immediately changes their attitude almost instantly when he keeps doing it. I witnessed no Bill Lynch bashing in the stands during the first quarter. But, going into halftime the sentiment was “Bill….you’re living on borrowed time!” The other big question in the stands was, “Why the hell is Finch not playing?” I don’t know why and I don’t really think about it, but there are a lot of people in the stands that do and want to know the real reason why.

    One final note……The glorious “pistol” offense managed to score only 19 points in 8 quarters when you combine IU with Nevada (whom they got it from). Nevada, the architects of the offense managed 0 points against Notre Dame. Looks to me like this is a gimmick offense that works in the WAC, but not anywhere else that matters.

  3. This is completely off subject and forgive me if my question is improper, but is anyone going to the Virginia game? (I don’t use this forum enough to actually pose this type of question)

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