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Victor Oladipo hadn’t planned on making a decision yet. He actually had an official visit scheduled to Notre Dame in two weeks, and had three other schools he was still considering.

But after a visit to Bloomington this weekend, the 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard from Maryland’s DeMatha Catholic High School said he knew where he should be.

“I just felt like that was the place for me,” Oladipo said Monday after verbally committing to Indiana. “The coaching staff has been with me. They stuck with me. I’ve grown a relationship with players and coaches, and I just feel like that’s my home.”

Oladipo was in Bloomington from Thursday until Saturday. He said that by the end of the trip he was convinced he’d found the right fit, and called IU coach Tom Crean on Monday after discussions with his family and his high school and AAU coaches.

Oladipo, which rates as a three-star recruit and the No. 133 player in the class of 2010, said he was attracted to Indiana for a number of reasons. He said he appreciated the faith he was shown by Crean, who began recruiting him in December and offered him a scholarship personally. He also said he believed he would fit in well in Crean’s system.

“They play up and down,” Oladipo said. “They set a lot of ball screens. He lets their guards show their talent.”

And even though the Hoosiers are still reeling from the Kelvin Sampson era and coming off a 6-25 season, he said he thinks he can help them back to where they’ve been.

“I think I can help them win a national championship,” he said. “I think I can help them win Big Ten championships. I want to come in and make an impact.”


  1. @Scott W. – we’ll always have a scholly for KI.
    @ Laffy – those rankings are wonderful and guarantee titles… but those rankins/ratings are likely to rise for Olapido over the next year.

    I like Olapido’s athleticism and from what I’ve read, sounds like a solid character.

  2. Cutter- the rankings aren’t going to rise much if any because AAU is over. High school seasons don’t help raise or lower a player’s stock. AAU performances do. Bottom line is, if Crean misses out on Irving, we won’t be competing for a Big Ten Title any time soon.

  3. Laffy,

    Your comments are getting old. Who cares about his star rating? He’s athletic and a dedicated, hard worker. He’s also played with Creek, which bodes well for their on-court teamwork at IU.

    If you haven’t noticed by now, Crean’s system revolves around the concept of rotating a lot of athletic guards. You’re going to have to learn to handle it.

    Crean knows how to win basketball games and build teams. He’s proven so before. Hold your judgment until these recruits actually play.

  4. The Hoosiers do have a scholarship available for Irving in the 2010 class. The issue comes about in 2011 when Indiana already has Matt Carlino and Austin Etherington committed. If Indiana signs Irving, they need someone to transfer or give up a scholarship between now and then to stay under the limit.

  5. I like how he attacks the rim, but all this video shows me is he can dunk and rebound over smaller guys. I want to know what he does with a larger body on him and if he can shoot, pass or play defense.

    Can he play a supporting role?

  6. Well said Casey. Furthermore, VO is more of a three at the college level. He has another year to grow and with those long arms and leaping ability plays more like 6’6″. He won’t be asked to guard the 2 spot very often.

    Someone definitely will have to go. There are always ill feelings toward a prgoram for pushing someone out the door. But in the case of IU and Tom Crean it wasn’t exactly a typical situation. The cupbopard was bare and if someone has to move on it’s for their own good anyway.

  7. Why is this guy only 3 stars. He appears a solid 4 star player? Seems like he’s been flying under the radar a bit?

  8. Looks like a real solid scorer around the basket but I agree, we havent seen any range from him in these videos. Lets hope he has more to his game than the highlight reel stuff. Welcome to IU!

  9. What some are not realizing is that Coach Crean is recruiting solid student athletes not just 5 and 4 star basketball “players”. This kid has character. IU needs to rebuild its image academically and athletically. I know there will be a bunch of boo-hooing by some fans about not getting top 50 talent but I think Crean has the big picture in mind. The pieces will come together.

  10. athletic, strong, can jump out of the gym but obviously not a shooter. Reminded me of Gordon without the shot and that is fine with me, GOD knows I got sick of him jacking up shot after shot after bad shot!

  11. How does he “appear” to be a “solid” 4/5 Star player?

    Because he can dunk on some frat boys?


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