Morgan: “I want to start my own legacy.”

Moses Morgan was never against the idea of following in his father Winston’s footsteps. In fact, when he was first approached by Indiana coach Tom Crean, he told his dad, a guard at IU from 1982-85, “That’s where I want to go.”

But when the younger Morgan visited DePaul this weekend, he decided it was a better fit.

“I just felt that that was the best situation for me,” Morgan said by phone Tuesday. “Just coming in and knowing I was going to play as a freshman. Being a  leader for the team, getting playing time, playing in the Big East,  one of the best conferences in college basketball. I love the city, I love the coaching staff. I had a great time in Chicago.”

Morgan had visited Indiana the previous week, and he had high praise for the Hoosiers and their coaching staff, but he said he was simply more comfortable at DePaul

“You know, I had a really good time out there,” Morgan said. “I like watching the way they practice. but I just got that vibe, that’s not where I wanted to be. After being in Chicago — and I love coach Crean and all the coaching staff at Indiana — but I just got that feeling that I’d be more comfortable being there.”

Morgan and his father both went to great lengths “not to take anything away from Indiana,” and both praised Crean’s program, but the elder Morgan did admit that Crean could have done a little more to show his son that he was wanted. Mostly, it didn’t help that IU had just received a commitment, about a week before Morgan’s arrival, from another wing guard in DeMatha Catholic’s Victor Oladipo.

“You gotta realize, Moses is 17 years old,” Winston said. “He probably felt like he was put on the back burner. He comes in there, and you just brought in another player at his position a week before. That was probably a factor in his heart.”

But probably a bigger factor was the faith DePaul and coach Jerry Wainwright showed Morgan, telling him that he will expected to play and score from the time he arrives on campus.

“Situation with DePaul is a very, very challenging situation for him,” Winston said. “It’s a very strong conference and as we already know, DePaul has been at the bottom of the Big East. They’re expecting him to play right away, and they’re expecting him to score. Looking at that situation, that’s huge. That’s going to be real hard for him. He’s going to have a lot of bumps and bruises. You don’t get a night off with UCnn and Louisville, after a year or two if he continues to work hard, God willing, I think the Big East is going to help him become a really good player.”

One thing it will also help him do is become his own player. Though Morgan said he wouldn’t have minded playing in Bloomington, where everyone he saw on his visit seemed to know his father, he’d like to be able to write his own story.

“I want to start my own legacy,” he said. “I want to help build a team or a town or whatever. It would’ve been great to follow my dad’s footsteps, don’t get me wrong, but this way, I get to build my own legacy.”


  1. This works out for the best, then.

    The really valuable recruits are the ones who’d rather be the final piece on a team, as opposed to the focal point.

    What ever happened to paying your dues and working your way into a role? So many of these players want to come in and immediately be the key offensive player.

    It’s just unfortunate. I’m not interested in having a team full of players who all want to be “the man.” Fortunately, it doesn’t seem Crean is either.

  2. Laffy should be happy. He called me a ‘moron’ for defending the potential signing of Moses Morgan as a way to reconnect Knight’s players with the program. I think we’re set at the position Morgan would play, so I don’t think this is a loss. But reconnecting with Knight’s players would be a good thing. Signing this particular player is not, however, the only way to do that. No harm done to either side here.

  3. im happy for this kid. he realized that playing time would be tough for him..not only as a frosh but as a soph and on. also, im from chicago and its a great city and depaul is in a great neighborhood. wish him the best of luck at depaul.

  4. Reconnecting in every aspect of all things RMK is not the biggest priority. Crean has gone above and beyond in rearching out the Hoosier family. His job is to build the best team possible, and start winning like the Hoosier nation expects. Good luck to this kid, but he wanted something bigger for himself. I cant blame him for that, but we will be just fine.

  5. Losing is a legacy. It’s DePaul’s legacy for many years now. Hopefully he does well and has a lot of success but he picked a tough program get that done at.

  6. We did “reconnect” with the former players, Cletus.

    Last year, Crean hosted a huge event where TONS of former players and managers went to, in French Lick, that brought everyone back together.

    I’d much rather have stuff like that than putting their kids on the team when we don’t need them.

    Then, you run the risk of the kid getting mad because he’s not getting enough PT and the former player, like most dads, getting mad too.

  7. Laffy, your maliciousness continues to be out of place, and perhaps unique, on this message board.

    I’m well aware of the event Crean hosted at French Lick. I’m just thinking in terms of building on that.

    This may be hard for you to believe, but I agree with your last point. That’s why I said in my earlier post that signing Moses Morgan is not the only way to reconnect with Knight’s players, and why I said neither side was harmed here.

  8. Good luck to the kid at DePaul…Ray Meyer once turned that little school into a very respectable Division One contender with a lot of 3 and 4 star type talent..(coached DePaul to 21 post-season appearances- 13 NCAA, eight NIT, 2 NCAA Final Four, 1 Elite 8 and 1 Sweet Sixteen)….Wasn’t ever a team you wanted to draw in the 2nd round of an NCAA tournament…You could bring more talent to the floor, but that guy might just outcoach your butt and your heavily favored bunch of thoroughbreds…In his day the game was fortunate enough to not be deluged with rating systems, YouTube clips where kids could proclaim to be the next Julius Erving, and web sites that dissect every facet and statistic of a kid’s game as if building a winning program were as easy as baking a boxed cake….preheat NCAA oven to 350…add two 5-star eggs and stir in some oily hype.

    The main ingredient is coaching, folks. And it aint the frosting you get in the plastic tub..I’m sure that even a few more years down the road there will be plenty Pollyannaish Crean fans(not t-shirt designers or twitter tabulators, but steadfast and true Cream and Crimson fans) making excuses if the losses heavily outweigh the victories….Not I!! I hope for victories!…I hope for pleasant surprises!…I hope to see a young man that can really coach…I hope he can take the guys that are now being treated like chopped liver(I guess that’s what Hulls and Creek have so quickly become..Such a short time ago there was so much enthusiasm for landing Maurice Creek…a few months ago for landing “Mr. Basketball” from our home state).. I sure hope he can prove you sourpusses wrong…….I’m getting this feeling it’s all smoke and mirrors with you guys….It’s right back to the wrong ingredients excuse again..Then one day it will be about how some 5-star choked…some kid that didn’t truly care about Indiana….or being a student-athlete(with emphasis on four year student!)…Indiana was just a jumping post to go to the NBA..blah…blah…blah…Why? Why so many excuses?…Is it because you think we got a boxed cake coach that will never be a master baker? I don’t think so. I think we’re gonna win some big games this year…(maybe even despite some bad coaching from a guy that should be given his fair share of time to figure how the game is played in the Big 10)…And guess what? To your dismay it will be without a 5-star…. Pritchard, Hulls, Dumes, Rivers, Bawa, Maurice, and even Fink ‘n’ Moore(I just combine the two Carmelites together now)…Crean’s chopped liver will get it done!

  9. Meanwhile Eric hedges one position in order to fortify his assurance that – yes, he was right on at least one account. All along he gets to play ‘cop’ to what he sees as Laffy’s ‘criminal behavior.’ Congrats Eric!

    I wish Moses well but I’m not sure Crean ever saw him fitting into his scheme at IU – least not when Victor committed. And no one will ever know what really happened with the scholarship offer I guess.

  10. Oops..

    “I’m sure that even a few more years down the road there will be plenty Pollyannaish Crean fans( t-shirt designers and twitter tabulators..not steadfast and true cream and crimson IU fans)…”

  11. Chopped Liver……..Your rant makes little sense.
    Who is saying they are not enthused about Creek,
    Hulls etc? Everything I have read indicates we are all excited about the ’09 class.

  12. I should have saved that rant for Hoosier Hype…sorry to waste 5.7 minutes of a Scooper-pooper’s time. Hahahahahahhahha

  13. Yeah DC Hoosier is right. ChoppedLiver, people were checking IU message boards daily waiting for the announcement that Creek was eligible.

    Not sure the rest of your post made much sense either.

  14. I’d rather read stories about what Maurice Creek eats for breakfast or how many donuts Pritch can shove down at Krispy Creme than the numerous reasons other kids overlook our program(I don’t care if they’re no-stars or 5-stars..or if they’re the Second Coming going to UConn or the next Terry Cummings going to DePaul)…I bet at Duke they talk about what their kids like for breakfast. It makes me sick to stomach to think we’re portraying IU, one of the finest basketball schools in the country, to be the dog licking the leftover bacon grease off the morning plate… Does that make sense?

  15. It’s so easy to see the clouds and know the rain will soon fall…What we most often fail to understand is the climate…The climate determines our destiny. There is a climate around our program…it needs to change.

  16. Chopped-
    Great rant. It all makes sense to me; reminds me of the good old days of the Basketblog. It won’t get you very far, though, on a Luxury Puerto Vallarta Cruiseliner. Not with Dick Cheney, Wayne Newton, Joe the Plumber, and Don from Don’s Guns as the headlining acts. People don’t like Bloggin’ Cochrans, Bloggin’ Wordsworths, or Pierre the Baker, who can make/bake poetic delight out of a mixture of thugs, yeast, hot water, and flower/flour.

    Keep it up; hope you stick around for a while. This place is kind of fun. Different, but fun.

  17. If former players need their kids on the team to “reconnect” with the program, I hope we never hear from them again.


    Screw ’em.

    They can “reconnect” with the program by embracing our players and coach and being happy we have a clean team.

  18. The climate determines our destiny? Put the bong down dude, before you start contemplating whether the world is just another electron in the atom of life.

  19. Chopped Liver,

    Try this: sum your overall point up in a few coherent sentences.

    The “climate” is changing (see: Kelvin’s firing, Crean’s hire, the dismissal of players with poor attitude, a top 10 recruiting class, the blessings of tons of former players, a new basketball practice facility).

    Please clarify, for our sake, what the hell you’re trying to say.

  20. Hmmm? Clarify?

    Maybe you should clarify…Everything you put in your neat little parentheses list doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Is that why you’re an Indiana basketball fan?..Is it because of “Kelvin’s firing, Crean’s hire, the dismissal of players with poor attitude, a top 10 recruiting class, the blessings of tons of former players, a new basketball practice facility”? That’s what fuels the passion to scream your lungs out at an IU basketball game?….Very sad… “Blessings from former players”..that’s the one I find most hilarious…Is there a blessings list? Is Isiah Thomas still on the list? Steve Alford? Earl Calloway? Where did this list start? Was it a list that came from the offices of Tom Crean?….Is it the “because I think they belong on the because it’s Indiana blessings list”, list?

    I do miss the old days…It was so simple back then to be a fan. I went through the entry doors at Assembly Hall and they tore my ticket stub and gave me back the other half…Done. I’m a fan. I knew so little about the team when I attended my first game…By the end of the season they were like my extended family…That’s about as much clarity as I can provide..I kind of feel lucky that I had the taste of when it was simple… to simply enjoy cheering on your team from your university. You could sing the fight song lyrics without the highfalutin ifs, ands, or buts twisting up your tongue.

    I love to watch the fan that knows nothing of the team…the fan that could care less about how many stars some new guy has…or whether some stuffy old B-ball fart has given blessing and confirmation that we are no longer a sinful basketball school…They don’t care how eloquently the coach can talk to the media before game or after game…Doesn’t mean a hill of beans to them…They’re just at the game because they love the Hoosiers…To watch the purity of faithfulness to candy-stripes with no strings…They cheer so much louder than I….They want to be part of something bigger than all the little sideshow crap most of us are drowning in…So much much much second guessing… And believe me, I’m drowning in it too. Is it such a bad thing to want it to be simple again?…Maybe it’s just bong clouds I’m downing in.

  21. With comments like the last one, The Hoosier Scoop moves up a notch, in my book. We now have an answer to all the Cogent Cruise Ship Jocks who can say so much in so few words, words such as “dude”, and “what the hell.” Something more interesting than a ex-fratboy name-calling Blog.

  22. Bong Cloud,

    I appreciate you judging my motives for being a Hoosier fan based on nothing but your own faulty assumptions.

    The reason I made those points is because you claimed that the “climate” around our program needs to change. Those things simply prove that it is, and that the program is moving in a positive direction.

    Ironically enough, the people that hinder change are those who can’t handle the fact that nothing remains the same forever. I’m sorry the “simple” days of IU basketball have passed you by, but the apparent complexity of our team does not change the loyalty current fans show our program. We were in the top 15 in attendance last year (in all of NCAA basketball) — with a 6-25 record. So apparently today’s IU fans aren’t as fickle and misguided as you portray them to be.

    When I went to my first Hoosier game, I knew a lot about the team. So I guess I have a leg up on you already.

    And once again, you managed to create a post so convoluted and scattered that attempting to pull meaning from it is nearly impossible. At this point it just seems like a lot of bitter ranting from a disgruntled fan.

  23. Did you know “Bong Cloud” was Sampson’s nickname when he coached at Montana Tech? (cough cough)

    Nothing does remain the same forever…but what remains intact long after the cheering days in Assembly Hall have vanished faster than raindrops of perfectly coherent lists of logic(blogic?) on planet sensible …(cough cough…big toke)…the logic that strains to dream and win the fight against the constricted gravity of truth … tired of the day-to-day turning into the years-to-years….tired of pumping through veins called upon by rational reasoning….what will remain and forward you on will be the calling beat of your blind heart.

    It’s not about simple basketball…It’s about simple motivation..It’s about putting your butt in a cave seat(ugh!) when you couldn’t find one lousy reason to buy the cheapest seat in the arena….I’m not one of those guys in polyester crimson vests that have now reclaimed their entitled place on center court…I don’t fit their list….I don’t cling to a metaphoric torn up Kent Benson season ticket….I don’t sit on high thrown and persecute the past to give credence to the now….that’s the kind of “disgruntled” list my sorry old lungs can no longer find strength to breath out a fight song. Is that climate enough for ya? (…exhale…cough cough)

    Fight for the Cream and Crimson,
    Loyal sons of our old I. U.
    Fight for your Alma Mater,
    and the school you love so true.
    Fight for old Indiana,
    See her victories safely through,
    For the glory of old I. U.!


  24. What I wouldn’t give at the end of a frigid Alaska snowmobiling night to nestle under some warm flannel sheets next to a John McCain fantasy.

    On an unrelated and less important basketball note…I saw Verdell Jones down at the HPER today…Damn!

  25. Korman-

    Forgive me if I’m breaking any rules of civility here…I get this way when I’m high as a kite and dream of Republicans in red skirts tight.

  26. Haha ok, now I’m convinced you really are in an altered state of mind — or simply trying to mess with everyone on this site.

    Either way, go IU.

  27. Casey-

    You’re a good sport. Since you have a “leg up on me”(though I prefer Sarah Palin’s), I have a few questions for you.

    Do you think we can land Christmas by thanks giving? How much more unrestricted our guards could be with that kind of presence and athleticism around the basket?(and what a wonderful Senior year present for Pritch?..Would Pritch be a Senior during the first year of Christmas joining Indiana?..Some on other Hoosier blogging sites are claiming that Pritchard won’t even be at Indiana by next Christmas….If Pritch isn’t here by next Christmas then who will be our star at the post if we can’t get a commitment from Christmas by this Christmas…Are you a Bears fan? I’m a Bears fan…Can you believe I didn’t know that Jay Cutler was from Santa Claus, Indiana?..All I ever heard about was Rex Grossman being from Bloomington South…What a late Christmas gift Grossman’s performance turned out to be for the Colts…Santa Claus himself couldn’t have delivered more mistletoe gifts of fumble-itis and errant passes to Colts receivers during the Bears vs Colts Super Bowl….)

  28. Casey, I’m afraid, is a worthy foe for you, Downing. He’s much better at holding you to the fire for your blanket statements than I am. I tend to combat emotion with emotion. This guy is more of an adept prosecutor, who comes at you with facts.

    Still, a blast to watch.

  29. I wish Moses Morgan well. He would rather be a “designated program changer” at DePaul, than an “earn your way to a program contributor” at IU. There is nothing wrong with that decision. He did not “get” the “because it is INDIANA” reason. But finding kids who do get this reason is the key to IU getting back in the top 10 every year. It is comical to listen to writers pretend that a 5*, 4*, 3* designation by Rivals is what it is all about. Four examples: Derrick Rose 5* #3 in 2007 caused Memphis to go 0-36; in 2007 FL got 2×5*, #14 and #19, plus 3×4*, #43, #50, #74 and did not make the NCAA in 2008 or 2009; who has been worth more to his school 5* #16 K Koufos, OH St, or 3* Mike Tisdale #124 at IL?; Jordan Crawford who will be a great college player at IU and Xavier and in the NBA was not ranked in the top 150 in 2007. I rest my case! Crean’s job depends on recruiting. He knows more than we do!

  30. I couldn’t agree more…He is a very worthy combatant…He seems pretty nice though, so I won’t call him a “foe”…that sounds a bit convoluted..sounds too much like… Fee, fau, fum,
    I smell the blood of an English man, Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread…blah..blah..blah…
    But let’s not waste anymore time on rhyme…Let’s get to the facts and not trivial things of heart. I love facts!..I love them nearly as much as your many attempts on Basketblog to deluge me with skewed statistics. Let’s just dive into one of Carey’s facts…shall we?

    “We were in the top 15 in attendance last year (in all of NCAA basketball) — with a 6-25 record.”

    A. “In the top 15”: Could that not mean anywhere from 1 to 15..Why not just say what position we came in?…Out of curiosity, I looked it up…I hate to be so picky, but the NCAA site has us listed at number 16. I know it’s only one spot out of Casey’s range, but facts are facts…Right? I’m not sure where Casey got his rankings, but I’m going with the NCAA’s list as the most accurate. If they can accurately monitor every single Kelvin Sampson phone call, then I have confidence in their ability to get the tabulation of every single butt in every single seat correct.

    B. Price Reduction: Wasn’t the price of a student basketball ticket drastically cut last year?..I remember the Basketblog spending a lot of time on that topic…Am I worng? Something about a ticket being the price of a $5.00 footlong at Subway..(maybe you would rather have it compared to the price of a Happy Meal at McDonald’s) Did other universities cut the price of their tickets to fill seats? The attendance comparison did not take into account revenue/seat. Now Casey may claim to be “one leg up” on me, or maybe even stretch his facts to claim to be a better fan than I because he can compile more data on a new recruit, but I wonder if he’d pay the price of steak dinner on a McDonald’s budget to buy a seat? Does the long line at McDonald’s mean people enjoy hamburgers more than steak dinners? If we adjust for inflation the 1976 price of an IU basketball ticket it would probably be $35.00 per game in today’s wallet change..(WARNING: that’s not a fact, just a guess) Do you think we could have filled Assembly Hall at even 50% levels at that price last year? Of course, if I were still a student, I would have paid the thirty-five bucks…I would have traded my new textbooks in for scraggly used copies, cut my alcohol consumption drastically back, stole money from my rich roommate(like the one that only attended swim meets when I was in school…He was a huge Mark Spitz fan…What a twerp!)..If I would have been a student last year, I would have done anything humanly possible to watch the Crean machine coach in the season of our Lady Sings the Blues…I just wonder if Casey would have…

    C. Seating Capacity: Some Division One schools have very small stadiums….Though they may stuff the rafters for every game, they’ll likely never even make a top-100 attendance list…Duke came in at at number 54…Does that mean Duke fans are not as faithful to their team as Indiana fans? Answer: Yes it does!!

    Interesting side fact: In 2008, Marquette came in at number 2009 they came in at number 10…They jumped four spots since Crean departed.


    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

  31. Casey-

    In paragraph one I inadvertently called you “Carey”..Sorry ’bout that.

    Also, that Husky Tom guy is bad climate with fair weather words…Believe me…Believe me more than any fact you’ve ever compiled on any Hoosier now or before… :mrgreen:

  32. IU love playing the Impartial Observer. It makes me realize how poorly qualified I am for an in-depth statistical, “fact”-based discussion.

    Your point about McDonald’s vs. steak dinners is brilliant. However, I don’t think you can chalk the attendance numbers up to the price discounts. People still want a good taste in their mouth when they pony up 5 bucks for a Big Mac. It isn’t just the money. Mickey-D’s puts enough MSG, trans-fats, and high fructose corn syrup in their food products to give people the cheap thrill of a sugar high, a fat fancy, or a salt craving.

    I don’t think you can argue that anything about last year’s team was thrilling, even in a cheapened-down McDonald’s kind of way. The one night of 3’s by Matt Roth was a single french fry in the scheme of things; putting in Tijan during garbage time, or watching Kyle Taber on senior night were sort of like earthworm milkshakes.

    The fans were there Because It’s Indiana. As much as I appreciate market-based analysis, for this one I have to give the fans their due.

  33. I think I’m done for a while, Tom….I’ll dive deep as you once said..I’ve had a hard week…Not even a Bears victory over Seahawks will likely lighten spirit…I was passed up for a promotion..Second time. Guess they looked at a sheet and told me the hard facts..told me why I wasn’t cut out to move up the ladder…I wanted that promotion so bad…Not for the extra fifty cents of a midnight hour, but to heal my hanging by thread heart. I’ll never amount to a hill of beans.

  34. Didn’t get to your post before my final slobbering response…You’re right…It is Because it’s Indiana.

    Annecy awaits.

  35. What ever happened to friendly talk on this blog about basketball and football? When did it all become a PISSING match? I am talking to many people, not just one. Oh, basketball is played in an ARENA, not a STADIUM where football is played! With that said, I hope and pray for a great football game tomorrow and as always, GO IU!!!

  36. Downing- Hang in there, old Pal. If you didn’t get your promotion, it certainly wasn’t because you can’t write. Dive down to the depths, have some krill, clean your baleen, and come up stronger than ever. Annecy might be out of reach; there’s a beautiful lake, but no river to take you there from the sea. You might want to try Lyon instead. It’s a relatively short swim up the Rhone, and when you get there, you’ll find Southern California weather without the smog and crime. There will be bistros and cafes flowing out onto the streets; the smell of many a Pierre Croissants will waffle past your blowhole. The shopping is good, if you can afford it; it’s a diverse place, too, so you might find some French people who know what ‘aight’ means, or ‘aks a question’. (Est-ce que je peux ‘aks’ une question, s’il vous plait?)

  37. Appreciated. And damn you for showing off again. “….a Pierre Croissants will waffle past your blowhole.”…. Talk about your roll revershole.

    Bears 17-Seahawks 13

  38. First time or teams have met…Go Hawks!!! We’ll have to beat you with our backup QB, an Iowa State product…it will be that much sweeter.

  39. Sweets:

    Tom, keep in mind,’re going heavy on the treats this weekend…Giving IU a chance against Michigan on the road? You’ve already consumed the second floor of your boxed bonbon house of the predictions “much sweeter”. I do love predictions like that….If you’re right you stand alone to receive the Best Prediction Trophy in the Greatest Hoosier Upsets of All-time category..when wrong, you just chalk it up to the heart of the mind ignoring the flashing red synapse light at the 4-way stop sign of rational thinking…. “I’m such a great IU fan..There was no red light..only a GO Big Red light..That brain wreck was not my fault!”

    Bears vs Hawks:

    Bears also have a share of injuries(some unknown 6 X Pro Bowl selection middle linebacker…what’s his name?), and as always, a very vulnerable pass defense.
    But watch out for Johnny Knox!!….The rookie looks like a 12-year-old(Stephen Curry’s clone may have less similar facial features)and plays like a seasoned veteran….when he snags a catch he turns into the Road Runner on cleats.

    I thought there was an NFC Bears vs Hawks playoff game a few years back? I think we talked about it on the Basketblog…Your memory must have been under the influence of choppy seas aboard the Captain Morgan tonight..Don’t you remember? You thought it was the NFC Title game, but I believe I reminded you that the Hawks didn’t make it to that game…Bears played Saints in that contest a week later…And then the Bears went on to win the Super Bowl(and IU won at the Rose Bowl that year,too!)..Who needs archives and lock-boxes?

    This post took way too long…You’ve likely passed out by now…gutted house of bonbons on belly and Morgan smirking at you from night stand.

    Go BEARS! Go IU football!….stay in the Michigan game for at least one quarter!

  40. Woke up to a very long Hoosier bomb down the sideline….AND THEN a run for the pylon…..TOUCH DOWN!! … I having a very active bonbon-induced fairytale dream? Am I still in bed? These Hoosiers believe!

    Start walking for the stage….”Best Prediction for an Upset Hoosier Win goes to…..”

    I hardly know a name on the Hoosier team…I don’t know any names on Michigan..Does this still allow me to qualify as a Hoosier football fan? Can I still take the hayride to the bonfire against Ohio State?
    I’m impressed…Doesn’t look like the same level of talent on the IU squad this year..Have they come out of the 25 year coma? There are athletes…along the line they don’t look my high school football team lining up against the Pittsburgh Steelers….Maybe this is a dream? Somebody’s been snatched…Are the trucks with pods tailgating in the Michigan STADIUM(capitalization for JPat)?

    Maybe this Lynch guy belongs? I know you’re looking like a genius on The Scoop…but there’s some lunchboxes in lock-boxes that are in a sealed vault somewhere. MY GOD!..I just turned to look at the TV….What!!?? Hoosiers up 20-14…They’ve arrived, Tom…They’ve ARRIVED!!

    This has been a Podcast.

  41. “Gotta’ make those kicks. Especially in a game like this where you’re kicking and scratching and fighting and playing your tail off, and you miss those kicks.”

    “Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable,” Lucy Mora said.

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