Morgan: Situation Hasn’t Changed

Indiana has already received commitments from two wing players for the 2010 class, but that apparently doesn’t change anything for Moses Morgan.

The 6-foot-5, 208-pound swingman from Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas and son of former IU player Winston Morgan is still making an official visit to Indiana and still considers the Hoosiers among his top five. This is despite the recent commitment IU received from Victor Oladipo, a 6-4, 180-pound guard from DeMatha Catholic High School in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

“It doesn’t change at all,” he said by phone from the airport in Las Vegas, minutes before flying to Indiana. “The interest is still there. I’m still high on them. I’m still hoping to go out there and have a good visit.”

The Hoosiers have one scholarship still available for the 2010 class, and they can also oversign by one. However, Morgan said that hasn’t led to any pressure from the IU staff for him to sign quickly.

“They haven’t put any pressure on me yet,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the Hoosiers are up against DePaul, which he is visiting next week, Minnesota, Arizona State and Clemson. He said he plans to at least take his official to DePaul before making a decision. His visit to Arizona State is scheduled for Oct. 17.

At Bloomington this weekend, Morgan said he’ll be focusing on the atmosphere.

“I’m just looking at the university, the team, the coaching staff, just the overall,” he said. “I’m just looking to have a great time.”

Brandon Mobley, a power forward from Windsor Forest High School in Savannah, Ga., said his interest in IU hasn’t changed either. The 6-foot-9, 215-pounder announced last month that he’s narrowed his choices to IU, South Carolina and Cincinnati and said that hasn’t changed. He doesn’t have any visits scheduled yet, but said he plans on doing that soon.


  1. Laffy,

    We all understand your stance.

    Please, stop posting the same thing over and over. It’s boring. And annoying.

    Offer a suggestion. Offer some insight — something. But your attempt at witty commentary isn’t actually funny. Why not give Crean a chance first?

  2. i’m gonna agree with laffy on this one… you can say “the stars don’t mean anything!” .. but they’re there for a reason.

  3. Anyone have a gun to your head making you read it?

    What’s “boring/annoying” is watching us chase all these damn 3 star guards when we barely have had rides left.

    And what do you mean “give him a chance”? There isn’t a coach alive that could win with so many 3 Star guards on the team and mediocre big men.

  4. So where does Kyrie Irving fit into all of this? I’m afraid that our signing all of these other guys will make him feel like we don’t want him anymore. These guys we are receiving commitments from are talented, but we need at least one commitment from an elite player like Irving to start the reformation of Indiana basketball.
    Also with our new signees and the fact that Louisville recently hired one of Teague’s high school coaches, does this signal that IU is officially out of the running for Marquis Teague?

  5. All I’m saying is Crean has proven his ability to win and build a program (see: Marquette).

    He obviously sees something in these players that warrants an offer.

    Also, you have to remember that simply saying “we’re Indiana” doesn’t cut it for recruits right now. We’re in recruiting battles with Kentucky, Louisville and Purdue right now, essentially for every good player in the midwest area. All of those programs have higher stocks than we at this point.

    It’s called “rebuilding” for a reason. That’s my point.

    Stop complaining and wait to see how these players pan out. If they’re all awful, and if our team is awful, then your point will be proven soon enough. It’s just annoying to see your stupid, unnecessarily negative comments on any post concerning a recruit.

    No, there’s no one “holding a gun to my head” making me read your posts. But there’s no one holding a gun to your head, making you read posts about players you apparently despise, either.

  6. I don’t “despise” them, Cletus, I’m just not slobbering over them like the rest of you are.

    In the ’11 class, we’ve got 4 of the Top 6 considering us and 11 of the Top 50.

    We won’t have any rides to give them if we keep handing out the couple of rides we have like candy to every 3 Star guard who says they like us.

  7. It is a good thing that IU fans don’t get star ratings for their basketball knowledge, team spirit and comments. Casey is right! Give this coach and these kids a chance to rebuild a once proud Program before you spew out your negative comments about their abilities. Maybe, just maybe, if we all pull together to rebuild we can get the great results we are all looking for from this team. Some of you are tearing down these coaches and the recruits they are picking and you have not watched a practice or a game with them in an IU uniform. If our coach fails to win games I am sure you all will have something to talk about then. But for now Lets go Hoosiers!

  8. It doesn’t really matter. Neither Morgan or Mobley are coming to IU unless we don’t land Irving. If we secure him, we are done for 2010. Then we will add Davis (assuming Teague doesn’t pull a shocker and come to IU) and add a big man and be done with 2011. In 2012, DSR should be ours now that we hired his AAU coach. Then hopefully we can add another couple of pieces and just keep things rolling.

  9. Are the rating systems perfect? No.

    But they sure are pretty accurate.

    Look at the teams that have been successful over the past 10-20 years.

    They aren’t stacked with 3 Star guards.

  10. Laffy, normally I’m all for people getting to speak their mind, but you do post the same thing all the time. Maybe you should just start posting something like ‘Standard post’ or ‘form letter’ or something of that sort.

    Also, if you don’t think getting the son of a former IU player, who is also a good player, to sign up, you don’t fully understand the situation. Wouldn’t we have liked to have had Sean May??? So given that Knight apparently talked him off IU, wouldn’t it be good if the son of another of Bob’s players came to IU?? Couldn’t that lead to more; couldn’t we maybe have Calbert Cheaney Jr. or Greg Graham II in the future if we can get this started???

  11. I post it “all the time” because…..we keep going after 3 Star guards.


    Sean May wasn’t a 3 Star guard.


  12. Guys after reading Eric’s comments and seeing Laffy response calling him a moron. I suggest that Mr. Laffy has to be a Purdue
    Grad because anyone who calls Eric a moron could not be a real
    IU fan. I think Laffy could be short for Lafayette. So I am going to
    ignore his posts just like I do with any other Purdue grad. comments.

  13. No, I went to IU.

    Only a moron would compare Sean May to this Morgan kid.

    And they were/are entirely different situations.

  14. Ronb, thank you. It’s nice to have some backup when combating Laffy and the like. Perhaps you’re right that it’s short for Lafayette.

    Laffy, you’re still not grasping what I’m saying. I’m not comparing Sean May to Moses Morgan. I’m comparing situations and then extrapolating that onto potential future trends.

    Crean has worked hard to reconnect Knight’s players with the program; having Moses Morgan on the team could be a big step toward that end. That disconnect between Knight’s players and the program cost us Sean May. If the bar is no longer present for children of Knight players coming to IU, as it was in the case of Sean May, we could possibly get more down the line. That can only help the program in the longer run, surpassing by far any perceived ‘harm’ to the program incurred by giving a scholarship to Mr. Morgan rather than another recruit who may be more highly-rated. And it’s not like we’re the only school recruiting him; I don’t think he’s exactly a scrub.

    Now, as to calling me a moron, well, I’ll just refer to Ronb’s post. I’m as cream and crimson as you can get; I question whether you are; and I won’t respond further, as Ronb suggests.

  15. So, you’re more concerned with “connecting with former Knight players” than what the team needs.


    I always knew you Knight-worshippers cared more about your God than IU basketball. Thanks for finally admitting it.

    And what “cost us Sean May” was Knight himself. Sean was telling EVERYONE he was going to IU. It’s why Bracey and Marshall came here.

    Then after Sean and his dad met with Knight, he changed his mind. Bob threatened his dad with, “If your kid goes to IU, I’ll never talk to you again.”

    Bob can go **** himself.

    And so can the rest of you aaaholes who care more about making Knight happy than if our team has good enough talent, all while questioning the fan loyalty of others.

  16. i am new to this site and most everyones comments that i have read have been interesting, except laffy. laffy, you are an idiot. crean is exactly what iu needs, he is an excellent coach, he has enthusiasm,passion, and most of all he understands what iu basketball is all about. im guessing you have never coached a game in your life, quit being so negative, and by the way, bob knight was the best thing that ever happened to iu. it does not take a “night worshiper” to realize that

  17. I’ve been reading this site for sometime and have enjoyed it from the beginning. As of matter of fact I read many and rarely respond. Some sites get off topic due to personal feelings made by other posters and then it takes a life of its own.
    Not that we are there yet.

    I think it is good for us IU fans to disagree from time to time to. It makes us think about all of the possiblities, outcomes, etc. But two things come to mind: First it doesn’t do anyone any good to call fellow IU fans names…disrespect and immature.

    Secondly and more importantly…do you ever think IU players and/or recruits google themselves and then have to read negative commits that might sway their commitment?

  18. If a recruit is so thin-skinned that a comment on a message board hurts his widdle feewuns enough to not want to go to that school, then I pray to God he goes someplace else.

    The Knight worshippers once again proved they have more loyalty to Bob than IU.

    Makes me sick.

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