Myles Brand (1942-2009)

Plenty of interesting takes out there tonight on Myles Brand, the man who fired Bob Knight and went on to implement several academic reforms as the head of the NCAA.

A few worth reading.


  1. All the bitter Knight worshippers crack me up.

    Any time someone else dies, these boards are flooded with, “My prayers are with his friends and family.”

    Even Pat Knight had the class to say that.

    You losers are amazing.

  2. Surely, tons of IU supporters held a grudge against Brand. And because of it, they’re not his biggest fans.

    But they obviously respect the gravity of the man’s death, and instead of posting degrading and shameful comments on this site, have elected to remain respectfully silent.

    What is truly amazing is that you would attempt to start an immature argument in the wake of a man’s death. What’s disturbing is that something about Hoosier fans’ reactions or non-reactions to his death “cracks you up.”

    Heed your own sentiment, and be show some class. Be respectful and for once, refrain from acting like a 5-year-old. A man died, don’t use it to fuel a petty argument.

    I assure you no Hoosier fan is happy about the death of an earnest man, regardless of whether we agree with his past decisions or not. R.I.P.

  3. That’s odd, people are giving Brand respect on Peegs and other sites.

    This is the only one I’ve seen that people are silent.

    Maybe some day you’ll get over your God getting fired.

    Oh, and I bet you anything that RMKFAN and Gojko the other Loopers are THRILLED that Brand died.

    I bet they popped champagne to celebrate.

    Bobby probably did too.

  4. My point is that, even if people that frequent this site don’t like Brand, they aren’t disrespecting him by saying anything negative on a post about his death. They understand the inappropriateness of such action.

    And when Knight “kicks the bucket” as you so distastefully put it, this place undoubtedly will be flooded with two types of people: those who loved him and wish the best to his family, and idiots like yourself who find it appropriate to disrespect the deceased by starting arguments on blog posts meant to commemorate their life and death.

    And for a final word. If people are giving Brand respect on Peegs and other sites, then it proves that there are Indiana fans who have put aside their dissatisfaction with his firing of Knight to recognize what he did for the university and the NCAA as a whole — and coincidentally completely disproves your notion that all IU fans are so immature that they don’t understand the impact of his passing.

    Maybe the H-T Online is just a hotbed for Knight apologists and insensitive fans who are celebrating his death. But if it is, then this is obviously not a place you should be, as you have proven to be both respectable, and above all this petty argumentation. Seriously — you continuing to even visit this site is mind boggling. You seeking to start arguments about absolutely everything — including the death of someone you claim deserves more respect is both tragically ironic and utterly stupid.

    No one on this site has respect for anything you say. You have no credibility, and I guess I don’t understand why you waste your time spewing immature comments on this site on a daily basis. You contribute nothing meaningful.

    For the third time, show some respect.

  5. Learn how to read, Elmer. I did show him some respect in my first post.

    And to me, people are showing disrespect by saying nothing.

    By all accounts, he was a decent and honest man.

  6. I think the point is that Laffy is introducing issues and arguments where they are not needed nor warranted. Using a man’s death as a platform for spouting intentionally inflammatory opinions is not what most people are about.

    RIP President Brand.

  7. Exactly.

    That’s actually the ultimate form of disrespect.

    I guess the solution here — since it’s become apparent that Laffy will never stop — is to simply disregard his comments completely, as if they don’t exist.

    Perhaps then, he’ll finally go away.

  8. I agree with Casey, Chet and GFDave, to make sarcastic and/or mean comments when you have a greiving family is completely uncalled for and classless. History will judge Myles Brand for the good and bad he has done. God will judge him as a human being. Everyone else needs to let his family come to grip with their loss in peace.

    Please, Laffy, just stay away. I read this blog all the time and have never commented until now. This was just too much. May God bless the Brand family in their time of loss and sorrow.

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