New depth chart

Indiana just sent out game notes with a new depth chart, which will follow. Not much to see, but free safety Nick Polk, who missed the second half of Saturday’s game with a head injury, is still listed atop the depth chart. Left guard Justin Pagan, who returned Saturday after missing the opener with an ankle injury, is listed as the starter after being the backup on last week’s depth chart. Running back Darius Willis, who injured his ankle last week, is not listed. Freshman Adam Repogle, who started his first game Saturday, is in the starting position again.

The rest follows.

76 Rodger Saffold, 6-5, 318, Sr./Sr.
72 Andrew McDonald, 6-6, 309, Jr./So.
70 Justin Pagán, 6-5, 311, So./So.
65 Marc Damisch, 6-6, 304, So./Fr.
60 Will Matte, 6-2, 285, So./Fr.
59 Mike Reiter, 6-2, 303, Sr./5th
64 Pete Saxon, 6-6, 293, Sr./Sr.
62 Jordan Marquette, 6-3, 294, Sr./Jr.
73 James Brewer, 6-8, 331, Sr./Jr.
77 Josh Hager, 6-9, 296, Jr./So.
88 Damarlo Belcher, 6-5, 214, So./So.
15 Matt Ernest, 6-2, 188, Jr./So.
1 Terrance Turner, 6-3, 208, Sr./Jr.
41 Max Dedmond, 6-5, 247, Jr./So.
2 Tandon Doss, 6-3, 199, So./So.
5 Mitchell Evans, 6-3, 200, Jr./Jr.
4 Ben Chappell, 6-3, 235, Sr./Jr.
13 Edward Wright-Baker, 6-1, 210, Fr./Fr.
22 Demetrius McCray, 5-11, 209, Sr./5th
21 Trea Burgess, 6-1, 231, Sr./Jr.
27 Bryan Payton, 5-9, 205, Sr./5th
87 Troy Wagner, 6-5, 260, Sr./5th
89 Brian Zematis, 6-4, 247, Sr./5th
92 Greg Middleton, 6-3, 284, Sr./Sr.
44 Darius Johnson, 6-0, 249, Jr./So.
98 Adam Replogle, 6-3, 282, Fr./Fr.
52 Jarrod Smith, 6-4, 301, Sr./Jr.
97 Larry Black, Jr., 6-2, 306, So./Fr.
75 Nicholas Sliger, 6-3, 295, So./Fr.
69 Mick Mentzer, 6-4, 308, So./Fr.
57 Jammie Kirlew, 6-3, 259, Sr./5th
55 Deonte Mack, 6-3, 286, Sr./Jr.
34 Will Patterson, 6-1, 237, Sr./Sr.
42 Chad Sherer, 6-0, 217, So./Fr.
43 Matt Mayberry, 6-2, 237, Sr./Sr.
48 Leon Beckum, 5-11, 224, Jr./So.
46 Tyler Replogle, 6-2, 236, Jr./Jr.
25 Justin Carrington, 6-0, 224, Sr./5th
7 Ray Fisher, 5-9, 185, Sr./Sr.
22 Andre LaGrone, 6-0, 181, Jr./So.
8 Nick Polk, 6-0, 219, Sr./5th
14 Jerimy Finch, 6-1, 216, Jr./Jr.
20 Austin Thomas, 6-2, 220, Sr./5th
29 Chris Adkins, 6-1, 187, Jr./So.
6 Richard Council, 6-1, 197, Sr./Jr.
10 Donnell Jones, 5-10, 207, Jr./So.
99 Nick Freeland, 5-11, 195, So./Fr.
39 Mitch Ewald, 5-10, 160, Fr./Fr.
12 Chris Hagerup, 6-5, 211, Jr./So.
30 Charlie Klingensmith, 6-0, 181, Sr./Sr.
53 Brandon Bugg, 6-0, 241, Sr./5th
95 Jeff Sanders, 6-4, 237, Sr./Jr.
95 Jeff Sanders, 6-4, 237, Sr./Jr.
53 Brandon Bugg, 6-0, 241, Sr./5th
17 Teddy Schell, 6-5, 218, Jr./So.
14 Adam Follett, 6-5, 224, So./Fr.
2 Tandon Doss, 6-3, 199, So./So.
7 Ray Fisher, 5-9, 185, Sr./Sr.
2 Tandon Doss, 6-3, 199, So./So.
7 Ray Fisher, 5-9, 185, Sr./Sr.


  1. Finch is listed as the back up for Polk. He was listed on the last depth chart as the back up for Polk.

    Yet when Polk got hurt on Saturday, it was Adkins (back up for Thomas) who entered the game.

    Finch was in on special teams, he was only sent one time on the rush and ended up with a turnover, he was also in on W. Michigan’s last possession, and was the one who made the play and snagged the lateral that ended the game.

    Would somebody at the HT please start digging into this situation. There is more to this than Finch just isn’t learning the defense.

  2. I totally agree 100%. This was the topic of conversation all around us at the game. If anything Finch would be a better corner that Council and I hate to admit it but better than Fisher too!

  3. Listening on the radio, whenever Council’s name was mentioned something bad was happening. Fischer’s tone of voice changed when he used Council’s name.

    I gather Finch’s athleticism jumps out at you. Could it be that he doesn’t stay within his assignments? Not so much that he doesn’t know the “D” but rather he likes to jump into the play and doesn’t stay disciplined to his assignment? I don’t have an opinion, just asking.

  4. Ummm…Ray Fisher has done fine and made a great play on a deep ball against WMU. Also, I know Finch was highly recruited and all, but recovering a fumble off a bad snap (which he had nothing to do with causing) and ending up with the ball on a out of control forward lateral doesn’t exactly qualify him to start. There is no conspiracy. The coaches watch these guys practice all the time. He has to earn PT. Plus, our defense has done fine.

    Also, has he even ever played CB? Tnis isn’t a video game.

  5. It would be great if J. Finch was the second-coming of Jack Tatum and was only sitting on the sidelines do to some vast coaching conspiracy or double secret probation, but alas, it’s not. He’s not playing because he’s not trusted to make sound decisions on the football field.

    What he did at Florida a few years ago was pretty good, but don’t forget he was getting by on raw athleticism and playing a position where the mission was simply seek-and-destroy (and he barely played there before breaking his leg so it’s hard to call even that experience a rousing success).

    Indiana had quality linebackers, so they moved him to safety, a more natural position for him so they thought. But his personal issues, rehab, subsequent injuries, etc. have made his impact there less than desired thus far.

    I repeat he doesn’t play, because he doesn’t make sound football decisions at the position. He gambles, is out of position too often, and his grasp of the scheme is shaky at best. Last week the coaches simply felt “safer” with Adkins, a guy they felt would stay in position and not take dumb risks late in the game.

    Finch was a hell of an athlete and still has most of that inside him, despite injuries. But his comments after the last game only further illustrate why he doesn’t play much (they were something to the affect of “I was supposed to stay back on that play (the punt he recovered), but I saw an opening and made a break for it”. This sounds to me like another gamble against his instructions on the play that luckily worked out great, but the coaches don’t want a riverboat gambler at safety. They want guys with sound technique that know their assignments.

    He’s great on special teams and hopefully will continue to be a royal terror there, but be careful what you wish for when asking him to supplant Polk or Thomas.

  6. GFDave, I really have NO answer on that, I am searching. Other than the major screw-up last season, Finch has done GREAT things on special teams. Strong and so fast! He is very confident and that is evident from his swagger, maybe overconfident. I am searching! He, in my opinion, should be starting at CB at this point or at least sharing reps at OLB or safety.

  7. Jimmy, I love Fish and want to give him credit but he looks somewhat bewildered and out of position at times. I am scared he will have a tough time in Big 10 but I love the kid and maybe he will improve. I also know this is not a video game but I am making the point that Finch cannot do any worse than Council at CB.

    Realitycheck, you might be right in the end. I have heard that too. I guess I look at it like someone who gambles with his athletic ability might be better than what we have on the field now. We would not know because he has not played this year for the most part. The gamble he made last weekend paid off so we cannot criticize that much…it might have won us the game in the end!

  8. Is the depth chart a big enough deal to warrant a weekly update? I don’t recall ever wondering what the depth chart looks like? I don’t remember their being a fan outcry for it, at least not during the season. I don’t recall the team ever making the weekly depth chart a newsworthy event. Does it change significantly from week to week? If so, maybe that explains some of the problems IU has had with the football team. OR is this just something Hoosier Scoop does to fill space? Just wondering.

  9. Sam, the best thing about the web, I figure, is that I don’t have space to fill or not fill. I could not post anything for three days or I could post something every 10 minutes. So what I do is just post whatever information I get that some might find interesting. Some might think it’s a big deal, some might think it isn’t. But it’s a blog. There’s no space limit. Putting the depth chart on doesn’t keep me from posting something else more pertinent.

  10. While Mike Reiter is listed as 2nd string center and Jordan Marquette 2nd string right guard, it was Reiter who spelled Pete Saxon for a series or 2 on Saturday. So, I am guessing, that like Atkins being 2nd string strong safety (but also being 2nd string free safety), Reiter is 2nd string center and right guard.

  11. Yes, keep the depth charts coming. That’s the point of this blog anyway…little nuggets of info that the diehards can feed on every day leading up to the game day.

    Dustin, a couple of questions…how soon should Cody Faulkner returns to the 2-deep…and, how long before Fred Jones is ready to go?

  12. Again, it is ridiculous that Finch isn’t playing. So what if he plays on instinct, that is part of the game. If you don’t want him gambling at the safety position (which is a reasonable stance to take depending on what type of defense you are trying to put together) then put him in at LB like Florida did and let him attack the ball. This is yet another reason why Lynch is a horrendous coach. The best athlete on the team can’t even get on the field other than special teams. It’s one thing if this was a well-oiled machine that couldn’t be stopped, but that is about as far away from the truth as you can possibly get. Throw in the fact that Lynch can’t make in-game adjustments and you have the worst coach in D1. For IU’s sake and Finch’s sake, hopefully IU loses out the rest of the way (which is very possibl) and Lynch gets canned at the end of a 2-10 season.

  13. Kevin. Not totally sure about Faulkner or Jones. Jones has been out on every injury report so far so I don’t know when he’ll have a chance to get back. Faulkner was not on the injury report last week, so he is apparently good to go medically. Now it’s just a matter of actually getting him ready to play, because his conditioning is apparently far behind. I’ll try to get an update out of Lynch at tomorrow’s press conference.

  14. Wow, there are some DUMB football fans on here. Heck, let’s move Finch to QB and maybe he can throw a long pass to himself and catch it!

    Wow….the idiocy is rampant.

  15. Bobbie Sue, the only positions I see anyone mentioning are Safety, the position that garnered him the #1 ranking in the country in high school, and LB where he played as a true freshmen for the defending national champs.

    I agree that it’s ridiculous that Finch isn’t at least splitting time at S or LB. This is one of the worst BCS teams in the country over the last 20 years, that is notorious for terrible defense.

    I don’t want to hear that he misses some assignments, have you seen this team play defense the last few years? There’s blown assignments all over the field, the only way he’ll learn and develop is the play, and his ceiling is infinitely higher than anyone else on the roster.

  16. closer. We got people (or a person) suggesting he play CB over Council. Dude hasn’t played CB in….ever???

    I’ve seen Finch play safety and get TORCHED for an 80+ yard TD, if memory serves correctly (MSU last year). If the coaches see him every single day and don’t think he can handle it without screwing up royally, then I trust that judgement. Earl Haniford was a highly touted recruit too…tell me about his career! How about Mike Vlahogeorge? Bo Barzilauskas?

    The defense has NOT been horrible so far this year….so I see no reason to put a guy in just begging to give up big plays on defense.

  17. I want a riverboat gambler. Something needs to happen to shake up the D. Are you making generalizations about Finch based on the “gamble” he took to intercept the ball against MSU last year, or have you actually watched him practice this year? I get so tired of hearing about that one “gamble” that went wrong for him. I guess Michigan should have benched Stevie Brown since he had a lot of the same issues. Oh wait, he still starts and had a big game against ND last week in a hybrid linebacker position. IU’s conservative nature will always keep the team from being a better competitor and will keep our defense on the field longer. Bend but don’t break!!! We break a lot.

  18. Bobbie,

    I can tell you that you know not the first thing about Bo, who I consider a close personal friend and if you knew even 1/100th of the things that he went through you would really hate yourself for that comment.

    I don’t know what is going on with Finch, but I don’t feel the staff is being honest from what I have been told. That is why I am asking for the HT to dig deeper. I seen him play for 4 years in high school, and the kid is a player, and he is a far better athlete than Thomas, Atkins or Council, I can promise you that! Hell, I have seen 3rd graders play better pass coverage than Council!

  19. Like Chris P said, the play against MSU was one play, where else has he gotten torched, can you name one other play? No, because he hasn’t even had the chance. But, we did see seniors getting torched by 1AA team at home on opening night.

    Absolutely no reason he should get time, if not starting, then at least in some special blitz packaging. Chris is exactly right, this is a program that needs to shake things up and if a highlight reel player like Finch can get the program some attention, then do it.

    Oh and Bobbie Sue, why should we trust this coaching staff?

  20. And the fans cried “The dishonest, untrustworthy staff is conspiring to deprive us of Jerimy, please somebody investigate!” ROFLMAO.

  21. My analagy with Finch is like this. You can be at work and have a kid come right out of college. Maybe he learned a couple of differnt things there but that was college. If I was working and lead my team in production and lost my job to someone who hasn’t worked to earn it then I would be mad. And all my coworkers would be mad because what does that show for busting it at work everyday. Finch has the same amount of practices as eveyone else on the team. I do believe he is an outstanding athlete also, but if for some reason he is not working to the level that the guy who led the team in tackles or even the guy thats behind him then thats not on the staff. You guys honestly think they would not put the players in who give them the best shot to win? Being on the hotseat as they are I think even they could figure that out.

  22. GFDave, Just to be clear from my comments, I don’t think Lynch and staff are conspiring or untrustworthy, I just think they’re bad coaches.

    Dan, I think your analogy is a little off, but to your overall point, I agree if it’s a matter of work ethic in practice then I don’t mind Finch not playing. Although, that brings up another point, why can’t Lynch and staff get him to work hard in almost 2 years there? If you can’t get through to him then maybe it’s time to call him out in the media, or just cut bait. If that’s the issue, then something isn’t working.

  23. GFDave,

    Being that you do not live in Bloomington, or in Indiana for that fact, there are a lot of things you do not see or hear when it comes to the team.

    You don’t hear the same things as those of us here do. You don’t talk to people in the athletics department or to players on an almost daily basis. What is being said in the circles around the program are not what is being reported in the media.

  24. Bobbie, anyone that has coached football knows that until the college level, CB and Safety are interchangable positions! In fact, some small colleges still switch the kids around depending on what scheme they use. I was just saying that anyone would be better than what we have at CB now!

  25. I agree with what Mike P said. In fact, I was wondering if after you (GFDave) take in the Virginia game in person, I wonder if win or lose you will have the same position as you do now…

  26. Bobbie, you got me figured out, I know nothing at all. Up top you say you trust our coachig staff…that alone let’s me know you have no valid knowledge when it comes to football. Stop the personal attacks and drop some really valid points!

  27. coaching, sorry for spelling… I am busy trying to figure out how Finch could not play corner better than Council. Still scratching me head on that.

  28. J-Pat

    WTF dude? Cornerbacks require a very different set of skills from a Safety! You think skinny guys that can’t play LB or D-Line automatically can play EITHER CB or Safety? Are you REALLY serious?


    You seem to have at least more knowledge of football than J Pat, but that’s a low bar to leap over. Of the roughly 100 or so practices Jerimy Finch has had since coming to Indiana, just how many of those have you been in attendance for? How many film sessions have you sat in on? As many as Bill Lynch? as many as the coordinators? Unlike you, I’m willing to trust this staff, or just about any other whose jobs are completely on the line, that if they truly think a player can help them win and keep their jobs, then that player will see the field. There’s something to be said for actually SPENDING TIME with a player and watching him practice EVERY DAY versus reading his high school scrap book and automatically assuming he should be playing.

  29. Bobbie, I won’t go back and forth with you. We can disagree on this one. I know my football background and I feel strongly he would be better than what we have at corner. How many practices did you sit in on? I was at several and watched all 2nd and 3rd string corners, they STINK! If you can honestly say you think Finch or someone else even would not do better at corner, then as I said we can disagree. Will Patt would play better corner than Council! You are a new football guru that knows more than any of us obviously. You still fail to say how you would go about fixing it but you trust our coaching staff, right? You are another one of these Lynch supporters that fail to say how you would fix things but attack other people!!! That is a trend on all blogs now about IU football, attack the person and their knowledge if they are not thrilled with our coaching staff! Completely disagree with you.

  30. Bobbie Sue, the fact that you so fully back/trust a coach that is 47-68 in his 10 years as a D1 head coach, including 32-60 over the most recent 8 of those years, tells us all we need to know about your football knowledge.

  31. That’s 47 more victories than you’ve got sir.

    And I trust the staff not because I think they’re the best staff in the country. I trust them more than I trust some blogger from the east coast who doesn’t spend a lick of time with the team relative to the time they spend.

  32. It has nothing to do with trusting me over Lynch, I’m not a football coach. If comparing Lynch to me is the standard, then this program is in worse shape then we think.

    Facts are facts, his record speaks for itself.

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