On second viewing . . .

Dustin and I just re-watched Indiana’s season-opening 19-13 win against Eastern Kentucky.

A few thoughts:

  • The wide receivers really stood out as a unit. They are a tough group, and the players really fought for extra yards. Obviously Tandon Doss had the drop near the end zone that he’d like to have back. And I’m not sure why Indiana didn’t continue attacking the sides of the field; Terrance Turner had two strong gains on quick screens in the first quarter. That seemed to open the middle of the field, but Indiana got away from that later in the game.
  • Larry Black had the best day at defensive tackle. Very explosive.
  • Greg Middleton was back to being Greg Middleton, even though he didn’t record a single tackle. He was constantly dictating the play, and caused the safety.
  • Demetrius McCray missed a few seams. But he also made cuts that led to extra yards. That’s just what you get with him.
  • Nick Polk had a rough day in pass coverage. He got caught reading the quarterbacks eyes on the long TD pass.
  • Indiana’s third-quarter trance was so pronounced. When you’re covering the game you sometimes can’t really sit back and take the scene in. You’re scribbling notes about stats and watching specific players. But from the comfort of the couch, you could just see that Indiana started really trailing off. In fact, after Belcher’s touchdown I thought to myself, “I can’t believe they don’t score again.” Not that Indiana was completely handling EKU at that point, but you had to figured they’d wear the FCS team down and have a few more big-play passes. But a different team came out in the 3rd quarter.


  1. The second half lapses do seem to be a consistent theme. We need to get over that.

    I will say that not enough attention has been given to the offensive drive after their goal line fumble in the 4th quarter. We didn’t score (not good) but we did drive the ball out of danger and held on to it for a long time. That was good.

  2. Agree re: WRs
    Agree re: third quarter sleep walk. Need to stop taking the sedatives at halftime (or listening to the Bruce Weber “Fist” speech whatever they are listening to)

    Finally, is it wrong to announce your fantasy pick on Twitter before you make it in your league? I’ve got the first pick in app 21 minutes…

  3. Good point, DFDave, on that fourth-quarter drive.

    If I remember correctly, there were about four times on that drive where a receiver really fought hard for extra-yardage. Doss and Belcher, especially, have been really well-coached by Billy Lynch in that area. I can’t tell you how many times he got in Belcher’s face and told him to “stop playing basketball” during fall camp. He’s harped on those guys to turn and get up field.

  4. Impressed with WR play! Running game must improve or else! Polk was out of position constantly. Many were talking about it around me and he looked confused. Give him one more week and put Finch or someone else in. The team ALWAYS come out dead in the 3rd quarter, always! Can a coaching staff member find out a way to get the team jacked up for cryin out loud.

  5. I watched that long TD play by EKU a few times to see what the breakdown was — you mentioned Polk was reading the QB’s eyes — that may have been, but regardless he never even gave himself a chance to make a play. I know he’s a safety, but he was 15 yards off of him and then back peddled; when his guy cut across the middle and Austin Thomas went up to cover the flat, nobody was there and he was gone. The closest Nick was to his guy was the 15 yards he started out at. If he knew Austin had the flat and was going to vacate that area, he needed to be way up on the guy. That is just unacceptable.

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