On to the Big House

Reagan was president the last time Indiana beat Michigan. And the last time the Hoosiers won in the Big House? That was the Rose Bowl season, 1967. So yeah, LBJ was in office.

When the Hoosiers travel to Ann Arbor on Saturday, they’ll be trying to end some major losing streaks. That last win over the Wolverines came in 1987, and Michigan has won the last 15 meetings. That’s the same amount of fruitless trips the Hoosiers have had to Michigan Stadium without a victory. All told, Michigan leads the series 50-9, and the Wolverines have won 31 of the last 32 meetings.


  1. Man a 50-9 series lead that’s crazy. It’s just like the IU basketball overall record, where IU leads 98-53.

  2. IU will really in a way play West Virginia next weekend. I like our chances, hope for the best! Hope the 100,000 plus don’t get in our kids heads!

  3. Just like the basketball record?

    Michigan has a 35% win percentage against us in basketball. We have a 15% win percentage against them in football.

    We’re going to lose by 3+ TDs.

  4. Michigan struggled with EMU during the first half, so if the Hoosiers can contain the UM running game while putting points on the board they have a shot. I’m guessing that the odds makers will put UM as a 7 1/2 point favorite.

  5. Biggest game in Bill Lynch’s career at IU. If he wins it, IU is in the top 25, and the town goes wild. If he stays close, people will still think this year’s team has a chance for a bowl.

    If he gets blown out, it’s the Same Old Lynch, Same Old Hoosiers, and we’ll all wonder if this year isn’t a repeat of Hoep’s last year, where 4-0 became 4-7 faster than you can say Big 10.

  6. Husky, I am not sure IU will be in the top 25 with a win…is that what you are saying? Wish that were the case anyway.

  7. Yes, I believe that 4-0 with a road win against Mich. would be good enough for #25. Why not? The team would be coming off of two big road victories.

  8. “I’m guessing that the odds makers will put UM as a 7 1/2 point favorite.”



    You would bet Indiana +7.5?

    Cause the spread is +20.

  9. Husky, I agree with you but not sure the polls would. IU has simply been down too long I think but trust me, I hope I am wrong. I would love to see them top 25.

  10. I bet they’d get votes, but not make the top 25. Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll have to worry about it. But, you never know. More than anything, I just want to see us compete.

  11. Which would be the bigger upset, Washington’s victory over USC or an IU win over Michigan? And this isn’t the Michigan of the past. Come on you UMer’s, let’s hear from ya!

  12. Tell me what the spread is Friday morning, not Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. It won’t be the +20 it is now by then.

    Michigan has a poised and confident freshman QB. The key word in that is FRESHMAN!

    Kirlew and Middleton have a lot of preseason hype being named to watch lists.

    If IU has any chance to beat Michigan on the road, Kirlew and Middleton is going to have to forcier Tate Forcier’s face into the turf consistently!

    If IU does pull out the win, they will not make the top 25, considering they have not even gathered a single vote yet. A close game against Michigan might start IU receiving some consideration votes, but not likely.

  13. This game has got me feeling lots of different things. I’m excited with anticipation, but also a little bit nervous and cautious.

    But regardless of what happens this week and next, I think the season will be defined by the games in the second half of the season. Unless the almost unthinkable happens and we upset both Mich and OSU. Crazy talk!

  14. An IU win would be twice as much of an upset. Here’s why:

    But remember, it was a home game, and Husky Stadium gets LOUD. The Huskies have an all-world 5-star QB in Jake Locker. They also grabbed a great young coach in Sarkisian, paid him the money, and then went out and hired Holt, the defensive coordinator from USC, another high-profile hire. As a result, after an 0-12 season and six years of futility, UW is back in the top 25. Go Dawgs.

    IU is a different story. First, and most importantly, they are on the road. Second, unlike Washington, when IU had the chance to make a coaching splash, they made an emotional and financial decision to go with a good old boy with a mediocre track record and no success with a major program. Lynch does not exactly inspire dynamism, fear, or toughness, but hey, he comes cheap. Last, IU hasn’t been in the top 25 for god knows how long. They aren’t a sleeping giant waiting for a wakeup call; they are more like a 3-legged chihuahua constantly trying to survive amongst Dachsunds (Division II schools), Jack Russell Terriers (MAC schools) and German Shepherds (Big 10 schools).

    That is a pretty negative assessment for IU; you’d almost think I was rooting against them. It contains painful truths; but I believe that naming these truths is the first step towards superseding them. It all has to start somewhere. A win at Michigan would be a gargantuan upset, a welcoming party for an historically inept organization, and a notice to Bloomington that the label “Basketball School” is deterministic nonsense. Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky are all playing football and loving it – why can’t we?

  15. Other than the few delusional comments about IU being a top 25 football team, most Hoosier fans understand that the sole purpose for the marketing of Indiana football is to have desperate retards stand out in the parking lot, drink beer, and fill the stadium on Saturday afternoons…Watch and come in droves as we defeat teams early in the season that would likely lose to Carmel High School…Watch footballs fly in air..watch drunk college morons cheer…watch as the Hoosiers finish in the dungeon of the Big 10 year after year…Watch the AD use funds in most advantageous means possible; to pay Tom Crean’s salary and revitalize our basketball program.

    Michigan will blow us out of Ann Arbor. Bet your favorite Jim Harbaugh toupee..Guaranteed.

    Stay loyal, football fans…Go to all the games..We need money for basketball ’cause Brent Musburger is never going to an IU football game!

  16. Mich 62-IU 7, maybe your right about some of that, but our AD has done plenty to build up our football program after being at IU for a short time. Do your homework on that one! and yes, I will stay loyal to IU!

  17. What is behind your guarantee? I know, if it doesn’t turn out to be your score, will you guarantee not to come back here again?

  18. Crean’s contract is for ten years, with an average salary of more than $2 million.

    * Year 1: $1,400,000
    * Year 2: $1,480,000
    * Year 3: $1,560,000
    * Year 4: $1,640,000
    * Year 5: $1,720,000
    * Year 6: $1,800,000
    * Year 7: $1,880,000
    * Year 8: $1,960,000
    * Year 9: $2,040,000
    * Year 10: $2,120,000

    Lynch earns about $250,000 in base salary.

    I believe that is a pretty fair measure of the importance of a winning football program at Indiana University..The key word there is “winning”.

  19. now you are talking about coaches salary. That has NOTHING to do with the AD. Are we talking about what IU is paying coaches or what the current AD has done for football and basketball?

  20. Blowhard. Wonder why Indiana is trapped behind the moniker “basketball school?” It is because of these types of characters, who work in tandem with their twin evil, the Lynch Apologists. Both think that IUS’s football destiny is predetermined by history. There is no agency involved anywhere; nothing that the program or the fans can do to change the forces of destiny except let things run their course.

    For these twerps, we might as well just rest on our laurels, sit tight, and remain enshrouded in a dense fog of apathy or pathetic optimism.

    Ain’t gonna happen. Not when “Basketball Schools” all over the land are playing good to great football. Not when IU basketball (who by the way, hasn’t won a championship in two decades) continues to trip over its shoelaces. What is Bloomington going to do if Crean can’t get things going as fast as they’d like? Sit around and wait for the ghosts of Bob Knight and DOn Schlundt to return them to the hallowed land? No. Football is the answer. It started with the facility makeover, and it will continue with a 6-6 season this year. Once fans realize we can be better than mediocre, we’ll call upon Jon Gruden from the commentator’s booth, and assert ourselves as a conference contender.

  21. Mike P have you never gambled before? Spreads don’t change more than 3 points throughout the week. In fact, this line is already moving towards Michigan. It’s up to 20.5 everywhere, and it opened at 19.5 (which I have POUNDED).

  22. You’re the blowhard…Blowing of only championship runs…Let’s just talk competitiveness…IU football is rarely even competitive!…No, the basketball team is without a championship for over two decades, but I do believe we were in a championship game just a few years ago….Had to go through the number one team in the nation to get to the Elite 8..I think the school’s name was Duke..?..Have the Huskies ever had a big game against Duke? The Washington Huskies couldn’t even get by the Purdue Boilermakers. Keep the faith, Husky Blowfish…by the year 2525 your Huskies might be competitive enough to make a Sweet Sixteen. And just two years ago, I we were quite competitive…You know, before that little NCAA…Yes, that tiny hiccup that should have just been a minor distraction…True men, men like IU football men, would have shrugged it off! Dakich, the thugs, and EJ(the one-and-done let down kid), should have still marched straight to fame and glory and another soon-to-be dusty banner to not be proud of! Football is where our pride should slobber thy pillow!

    And how do you measure great football in the Big 10? Winning the Big 10 and getting annihilated by the USC Trojans year after year at the Rose Bowl?…Oh, yes, Michigan and Ohio State have great football…Once every twenty years they so wonderfully represent the Big 10 conference by not being completely humiliated on national television..And how do you measure the success of the middle to the pack, the “conference contender”, where IU would be lucky to end up in a great year? Will success for Indiana football be a trip to the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Bowl? Save me a seat! Can’t wait to watch that one along with the other forty bowl games that mean nothing.

    Bring a coach like Pete Carroll into Bloomington…Shake things up! Bring in some speed and talent from some of those hardened streets of LA…Bring in something other than the style of Big 10 football that continually doesn’t match up with the best from the West…Sign the new coach to a salary that even remotely approaches Tom Crean’s weighty measure of importance…Then, and only then, will the crap that your spewing out of your blowhole amount to something worthy to be equated with the small amount of spit I’m wasting my words on.

  23. Oops..

    “And just two years ago, I [believe]we were quite competitive…You know, before that little NCAA [thing]…”

    The Basketblog is missing you, my Husky friend.

  24. By the way, the only reason the Huskies beat the Trojans was because USC didn’t have the services of starting quarterback Matt Barkley…Had nothing to do with the resurgence of Washington football….(about as resurgent as their basketball team)

  25. You might be surprised by what your mighty midget football program might get if you threw comparable money to what is spent(wasted?) on Crean just across the parking lot…Why do you assume a top notch coach would pass up a true wholehearted pocketbook commitment by IU to turn the football program around?…Though your response is short and cynical, I’m hopeful your not so stupid to fail to understand the main direction of the argument…Adding a new seating section to a stadium and having our savior basketball coach Twitter and blabber at podium chats to support the football team doesn’t necessarily equate to a real commitment to building a long term winning football program. I tend to believe the most capable hand holding the coaching chalk is more vital than good luck tweets, a few more filled seats, and shiny new locker room blackboards. IU football is getting out of the program exactly what they’re putting in. I have to go now…It’s time to go pick up my date in a my Cadillac and take her to Burger King for dinner.

  26. Oops..

    “Though your response is short and cynical, I’m hopeful [you’re] not so stupid to fail to understand the main direction of the argument”

    Now look who’s stupid.

  27. Somebody has to keep your grandiloquence under control. Spotted you and just couldn’t resist giving you a hard time..No harm, no foul..Right? Doubt if I’ll stick around here..Seems like a tough crowd with little tolerance for my shenanigans….Didn’t he once coach the Broncos? He should have never kicked to Hester. You’re never gonna find any good battles in this calm sea, Tom….It’s like one big never ending Hoosier Love Boat episode and that Korman guy is their Captain Stubing.

    I miss the fiery Basketblog…We sure had a lot of fun over there…I feel bad for Remora, too.

  28. Downing- don’t give up so easily. This is definitely a different crowd here; much more of a Republican Cruise Ship, Hawaiian-Shirt crowd, mixed with some good family men and some well-connected Plumblee and Zeller-loving christian churchgoers.

    Still, take it as a challenge…let’s see the name Downing grace these message boards…carve a niche for yourself. The Hoosier Hype just isn’t the place quite yet…I’ll be back, though

  29. I just stole 5 minutes of JPat’s blog time, Tom!….He/she was probably stealing valuable lunch break from a counter job at Don’s Guns. If Downing were to waste anymore of those precious moments he/she may hunt me down and turn me into a fashionable wall mount to hang gracefully above a plaid Herculon La-Z-Boy couch…Did you read that comment?…”I will know better next time”. That shook my core, Tom….There’s enough nutcases in the world looking for any minuscule reason to go ballistic….If JPat gets cold French fries from White Castle at dinner time, then I would feel horrible to be responsible for those stolen 5-minutes that pushed him/her over the edge…”I’LL KNOW BETTER NEXT TIME!!…I’LL KNOW BETTER NEXT TIME!!” I couldn’t live with that…You have fun here. Not my kind of luau party.

    I tend to think you should get to know someone before you totally despise them.
    And even if JPat could get a grip on those nerves in bundles, I still wouldn’t feel totally at ease blogging here unless they instilled long division for their anti-spam detection…

  30. up to 8 minutes now. I reread it all and I still cannot make any sense of it. I guess that is why I work at Don’s guns! ahahahahahaha

  31. Downing-

    See, I told you! People in here march to the beat of a different…drum? gun? organ? They are mostly a feisty, anti-intellectual crowd,(except for the occasional lucid metaphysical rant by GF Dave), and they don’t like word games, sarcasm, unconventional anti-status quo hypotheses about the football team, or criticism of the Indiana Good Ol’ Boys Club.

    They hate it when comments diverge from the sports world. If you happen to do so, get ready to be ridiculed and mocked like a prisoner at Abu Ghraib.

    Of course, there is plenty of fun, intelligent commentary, but the more mainstream experience for me has been the one I’ve detailed above.

    Needless to say, for better or for worse, I’ll be on here more until the Hoosier Hype gets its act together. Sorry to those whose “lives I waste.”

  32. I’m still trying to figure out who the hell Captain Stubing is. I Googled him, and he seems like a dashing and chipper fellow.

    Anyway, I’d like for some of the rhetoric directed at individual posters to be toned down a bit. It’s not kindergarten. This here is at least — at least — 3rd grade.

    Downing, it’s good to have you here. You’re funny and cantankerous and all those things that make people anonymously cool in the new media world. Also, I agree with a lot of what you post. And “fiery” is good.

    But I think your (ha ha) smart enough to have a conversation without calling someone stupid.

    Thanks. I will now return to wearing my Hawaiian shirt while listeinng to Limbaugh.

  33. I’m glad to see you’re getting some “love” over here…That last post of yours may have just sent Matt into his pottery room for a Righteous Brothers moment. Very nice work, Tom…Very nice.

    Everything you write is so artful and precise…great approach from the initial stance….exceptional follow through for solid impact and carry…perfect end-over-end rotation with obvious distance to spare..And always right down the center of the uprights…I’m very jealous as usual. You march out onto any blogging gridiron and calmly deliver like Robbie Gould from 45 yards out on a slippery field in a cold Chicago rain. You make it look so damn easy.

    I’m honored to just take the snap from center…. I didn’t think “holder” would be a wise use of metaphor….Could break Matt’s concentration…And he may really need his five minutes!

  34. Korman-

    You’re right. I stooped to an ugly low..Can I just be a 3rd grader for one last moment?

    They called my words CRAP and then they said I HAD BRAIN DAMAGE, Chris!…Don’t you think they should be scolded, too! Is that not defined as viscous stooping in Stubing’s rulebook of Love Boat blogging? You shouldn’t play favorites just because I’m not your biological Hoosier Scoop child….Wawawawawawa.

    No need to worry…I’m pulling anchor. Sorry to muddy your clean waters.

  35. We, the unwashed anti-intellectual posters at the Hoosier Scoop, wait with unrestrained anticipation for you, the truly gifted among us, to praise each other and your posts over and over again. Others might think that you, you Band of Bloggers, come together for the purpose of stroking each others’ egos, rather than discussing Hoosier sports. But nay we say!

    We know that we are merely clad in Hawaiian shirts (I love Tommy Bahama, doesn’t everybody?), not literary genius. Therefore we will overlook any potential narcissism in the hope that we can learn at the feet of the teachers.

    A small but dedicated band of us are starting an on-line blogging class tomorrow. We are truly excited to learn the arts of the subtle put-down, the canned response, and feigned respect for others. It will be a road fraught with challenges as only the truly intellectually elite can be as droll as you.

  36. Fourth, as long as I can be a 3rd grader too, I apologize for calling your words crap but you have to take back the dons guns and well everything you said that was MEAN. I throw up the white flag and am surprsied I was involoved in all this weirdness. GO IU!

  37. “Chronic, how can we help? Maybe an emergency relief package of 18 year old single malt?”

    “Much appreciated, but I was thinking more of an 18 yr. old 4-star.”

    “Chronic, how about an 18 year old coed???? I mean, if you’re focusing on things that are 18”

    Wow…I’ve just been completely enlightened about IU sports.


    I take it all back…I also apologize..Just remember, in most civilized parts of the world the implication of stupidity is an honor if it comes directly from talking crap.

    Anchors away!

  38. GF Dave breaks out with another round of poignant, sassy satire…the man’s got talent. I wouldn’t include him necessarily with the cruise-ship crowd, as much as he may long to be considered as such…

  39. I really got a good laugh at this thread. While I don’t really disagree with some of what Fourth and Gall said that pertained to the football program, I thought his approach was lacking in the basics of civilty.

    I try my best to not make things personal or attack other posters intelligence (Aruss is an exception) when responding to these boards. Even the best of us break down and have to call a spade a spade every so often. 🙂

    I’m not sure if Husky considers me part of the “cruise-ship” crowd or not, nor do I really care.

  40. Mike P-

    It’s a blog…Do you think I run down Kirkwood Ave in no pants? My initial comments (the first I’ve ever made on this blog) were directed toward Husky Tom..We’ve blogged on a different site for almost two years…Long story short…They completely reformatted the blog…I believe most regulars would say they pretty much ruined it..Korman has friends on the other side of town so I’m sure he’ll bite his civil lip….Anyway, I stumbled on Tom’s name while checking out this blog…I thought to have a little fun…We’ve had many a friendly spat on the old blog..We were part of a rather small but regular group of faithful misfits…We had many a senseless discussion that had nothing to do with IU sports.. Tom became like a cyberblog brother to me… As a writer he blows me away….I was flattered that he would even enjoy my rants and BS….We often go way over the top…..Now that the old blog is gone, I’m like a lost hungry puppy that was driven out to the countryside and kicked out of the car..Tom quickly adapted…he wags his tail and new owners take him right in. Unfortunately, I have a crooked tail and a manic disposition…I’m stressed that I’ll never find a new home where I can tear at the fringe of a rug, poop on nice carpet, or just bark all day over nothing at all…Yes, I know…You now believe me to be drunk or completely coconuts.

    Hopefully you will never read this..I really don’t care…then I am simply talking to the Mike P that is instead the thin air..I will say this though, air….I believe in any discourse(whether in person or faceless exchange)it is a far less civil approach to indiscriminately persecute …and grossly uncivil to indiscriminately persecute without thorough knowledge of facts.

  41. luv all the rants keep em goin- iu does need 2 pony up some big $ 4 a new f-ball coach if it ever wants 2 fill the new stadium but until then the only time the stadium will b filled is when the ohio state university visits bloomington or there is a john mellencamp concert!!

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