1. “The questions haven’t been answered?”
    Korman, the questions about Bill Lynch’s coaching ability have been answered for a long time. Anyone with any football sense knows Bill Lynch is not the Man to coach this football team after watching that game. Or most of last years games for that matter. Or all of his games a BSU!!!!!! JOKE of a game!! I’m so furious we have to go through this again this season!

  2. Thoughts:

    If we can’t run the ball against Eastern Kentucky, how are we going to do it against the Big Ten?

    I know it was the first game, but there’s no excuse for so many penalties on the offensive side of the ball, especially for a HOME game!

    Belcher and Doss are going to be studs.

    They had better improve, and improve quickly, or it’s going to be a REAL long season.

  3. Folks, we are on the road to huge embarrassment this year, again. At least we all know Lynch will be gone. Might as well get it over with sooner rather than later – if we won our cupcake non-conference games, like in years past, we’d get lulled into thinking IU had actually changed…

  4. Looks like our fellow “Basketball Schools” of the Midwest have also opened with EKU of late. Cincinnati beat them 31-0 (2006) and 40-7 (2008). Kentucky, KENTUCKY I say, beat them 51-10 (2007) We are on a roll, boys. I am fuming…

  5. The 3rd quarter was terrifying to me. Coming out of the locker room the guys seemed to be in a daze. There was no punch, just standing around between plays with their hands on their waists. They were never there for those 15 minutes. The offensive line seemed confused the whole night. I don’t recall them opening anything up the middle for our backs, most of the rushing yards were gained around the end. Where were Kirlew and Middleton? Mayberry was a beast, as were Belcher, Doss and Chappell. Lots of questions around kicking going in, glad to see Freeland do well.

  6. I agree with most, receivers were great, I’ve always thought Chappell had the heart. However, something was not right last night. The team did not seem “sharp”. The Offensive line play was terrible, IU looks small, except for Belcher (he looks like a Big Ten receiver!). I have little confidence that the wide-receiver screens would work against Big Ten competition, too many turnovers! I’m also concerned about team speed. When some on from EKU out runs your secondary, good look in Big Ten play. To have any hope, I was expecting IU to distance itself from EKU by the second half. EKU was in a postion to steal this game, on the road in the second half.

    It doesn’t look good for IU at this point.

  7. I agree with most everything above. The run game will be the downfall this year if it does not improve!

    Mike P, last night was rough for us. My kids were tired and whiny…I will look for you next week.

  8. To be fair, we did pull out a win. Hopefully, watching some of the mistakes on film will be a good learning experience. You can only get so much better playing against your own offense/defense in fall practice, and I think they have a lot on film to look at and improve upon.

    Again, the Hoosiers are now 1-0. And that’s a good thing.

    Also, the stadium was outstanding. I was in the student section and the entire game was a blast even though the team wasn’t doing that well. It just feels like a big time school team now. The halftime show from the band was the cherry on top.

  9. We’ll go into Michigan 3-0 with a legit shot at winning in the big house. Until we lose a game we shouldn’t, support the coach and team!

  10. “To be fair, we did pull out a win. Hopefully, watching some of the mistakes on film will be a good learning experience. You can only get so much better playing against your own offense/defense in fall practice, and I think they have a lot on film to look at and improve upon.”

    Are you serious Michael? If you know anything about Lynch no adjustments will be made to make this team better. Of course they have a lot to improve on, I think Penn H.S could have given IU a game. WMU will beat IU, no doubt about that.

    Lynch is a dead man walking

  11. on their final time consuming drive, did anyone else notice how many times IU snapped the ball with around 15 seconds left on a running clock? IU could have easily run out the clock, or at least burned all of EKU’s timeouts, thus sparing IU having to survive the final dramatic moments.

    these are the kind of details head coaches cannot miss, and it’s another telltale sign that lynch is in over his head.

  12. The good news is that some of the fundementals such as basic blocking and tackling have improved from seasons past. The bad news is that the OL continues to underperform and the secondary remains vulnerable, though I applaud whoever finally taught Richard Council how to make an open field tackle! All that said, I have to agree that the prognosis for another win this season is not favorable as the competition gets tougher.

  13. Looks like another loooooooooooong football season. The stadium is beautiful; the fireworks were a nice suprise; however, the very loud, disturbing blare of rap music from the p.a. was horrible. Chappell could not even give instructions to the team as noticed by his signal to quiet the noise–the horrible sound from the p.a. system. The band could not even get a note in now and then; please do away with the loud noise from the p.a. and let the band play, let the announcer be able to be heard by the crowd, and let the team play football.

  14. Hey isn’t it nice to hear all off season about this new BigTen POWER run game that we are going to have?

    73 I believe. 73! How bad would it have been if the Pistol hadn’t shot ourselves?

    0. 0 second half points! What did we adjust at halftime? Who outplayed who the second half? AGAIN.

    I cannot wait until we get to conference season, when all the opponents WILL “let us run the ball.”

    Thank goodness we’re “back at work” today getting it fixed.

    D? I usually have your back in my circle of friends, but boys you gave up almost 400 yards to a ‘aa’ school.

    Thumbs up kickers/special teams, student body, receivers, Fred Glass.

    That’s about it for me, I’m tired of being sold a bill of goods by this coaching staff. “They’re ready.” Thank goodness they were ready.

    Think if they weren’t ready.

    And I’ll see you at the Rock again next week.

  15. it was an ugly performance tonight by the IU football team but the fans are overreacting a tad, teams often play ugly early in the year
    about 11 hours ago from web

    Guess what genius wrote this??

    Can’t believe how big of a homer this stooge is

  16. Dateline: Bloomington, Indiana

    The 2009 Indiana University football season got off to the worst possible start Thursday night with a victory. The Hoosier fans, always supportive and positive, took the disappointment in stride. A raucous capacity crowd is expected at the next game.

  17. At least one of our players didn’t go off the deep end last night and punch another player and then try to attack fans.

  18. Watching from Charleston, SC…living in SEC and ACC country…I’ve heard a lot about the stadium experience, but honestly it really comes across as cheesy on TV. Can anyone name another D1 school that plays music through the PA system between plays? I heard Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas…Where was the band? I think I heard them once.

    Flipping back and forth between the NC State/USC game, crowd size aside, it just seems hoky, like we’re reaching for an NFL feel or something. You could hear at least the drums if not the band between each play in the other game, turn it to the IU game and you just might get Beyonce. I can appreciate Fred Glass doing everything he can to rejuvenate the fan base, but lets not sell out to gimicks.

    This is coming from an alum who had the privilege of attending during the late 80’s Mallory era…it just doesn’t seem collegiate, but again, I’m watching on TV, someone prove me wrong.

  19. Stoyanovich, I wasn’t there either, but I heard from enough people who were to substantiate your opinion. Everyone I’ve heard from says that the loud music was annoying and that it drowned out the band. It would appear that Glass has some good ideas, but this isn’t one of them.

  20. Glass is a classic capitalist who believes that you can put lipstick on a pig and convince people that it’s Catherine Zeta Jones. The Seattle Mariners used the same strategy in the early ’90’s to try to attract fans: a signature song for each player (Jay Buhner was “Bad to the Bone”; Griffey was “Hip Hop Hooray..ho…!!!”). IN other words, they tried to sell a product with lots and lots of cheese, with very little meat in the middle.

    I am very happy with the stadium upgrades, but please, save the rest of the money and put it towards a new coach.

  21. Did anyone have fun? Does anyone have anything positive to say? Were the hot dogs any good? How about the cheerleaders, were they cute? If there are women reading, I’m sorry. But you guys are the biggest nags, which I believe you use to describe women. Are you all constipated, or do you have PMS? I hope that you are good at your jobs and no one starts taking potshots at you, you couldn’t handle it!

  22. “It’s only a game,” “It’s all about the fun,” “Before you get mad, ask yourself if you could do any better” – these are all things that your mom or girlfriend say to annoy you during the Super Bowl or the World Series.

    Do you want to be my girlfriend, Jay?

  23. a couple of times chappell was motioning for quiet at the line of scrimmage…..from the p.a.

    Still and always a Hoosier fan!
    Go Hoosiers!

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