Saturday’s game approaching sell-out

According to an Indiana spokesman, and an Indiana release that’s coming out shortly, IU is down to about 1,000 student tickets and just over 5,000 reserve seat tickets for Saturday’s game against Ohio State. This game, of course, is always close to a sell-out, but IU’s performance against Michigan certainly helps.


  1. find IU fans and lets get these seats filled! let’s keep OSU fans on their couches and give ourselves a real home field advantage!

  2. Might not be as many OSU fans as usual; I bought 4 extra tickets hoping to make some cash and they didn’t sell on eBay. Usually Bucks fans pay a premium but they didn’t bid what I paid for them.

  3. I have a feeling the IU fan turnout will be stronger than usual. There is a little bit of a buzz in this town. People here are passionate about sports, and are ready to jump on the football bandwagon. But we need a big win to galvanize the process.
    This will prove that fans will indeed show up for football; you just need to show them the seeds of a winner first. It makes great sense. There is no business in America that asks customers to buy a crappy product so that one day it can become good. Even in investing, people buy stocks in companies that show dedication and promise.
    IU has shown something close to dedication with the facilities upgrade. They didn’t really show any dedication with the coaching choice, but they have the right combination of senior leadership and young talent right now to have a good year and raise Lynch’s profile. It looks like he is learning on the job, so he could end up having a Mike Riley-type effect, where he turns the program around, and passes the torch to a bigger name.
    Anyway, go IU, and let’s make sure the herds of Ohioans have a sad, sad time here in town. I am already feeling sick imagining that sea of red and silver with their RV’s, huge waistines, and cocky attitudes.

  4. TD, good for you. If I had the cash, I would buy the last 5000 to make sure OSU fans did not get them. Come on Mellencamp, Cook, or Cuban…help us out here! I remember when the Colts would not sell out and a business would by the last few thousand tickets and donate them.

  5. OSU brings a good crowd everywhere, but I do think IU will have a good turnout this time. The student section will be crazy. I’ll be there!

  6. HT, thanks for not calling the “upgrade” a “new stadium” like a certain someone all over TV these days. Good post BTW.

  7. There is a one-in-a-thousand chance we’ll beat the Buckeyes Saturday…There is a one-in-two chance that a “Husky Tom” post will make a fat joke about somebody’s darker side.

    Washington @ ND this weekend? ND isn’t the only school known for a dome of gold.

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