The game-day experience

From the press box we couldn’t really tell how loud the music was Thursday.

But we’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the subject. Though Bill Lynch said he didn’t think it was a problem, I’ve heard from multiple people that Ben Chappell appeared to be trying to silence the music at one point as he was trying to communicate with the offense.

So we’re looking for your thoughts. Share them below.


  1. The much-too-loud and much-to-often music was a big distraction and only disappointment of an otherwise nice evening.

  2. I definitely did see the incident in question once. Chap gave the universal “keep it down” signal while the music was playing. I’d need to go back to the recording to tell you exactly when it was, but it did happen.

    I think some of the extra sounds need to go away…the Marching Hundred is an integral part of the IU atmosphere and much better to listen to than The Rock’s WWF entrance music or random clips from movies.

  3. All the stuff done on the scoreboard and with the sound system between plays can be summed up with 1 word. FAIL!

  4. I was in the student section, great time…especially at the start of the game. it was the “old people” side that lacked for once (probably cause it was a thursday night game). i was impressed with the turnout and i can guarantee it was because of the late kickoff time. Noon kickoffs suck, Memorial Stadium turns into an oven in the sun. the jumbotron sucked, more band would be great! oh, and when we hit the 5 or 6 game losing streak, the fans will stop coming, no matter what pro-mo stuff happens. The team needs to win. I had fun last night though, and i will go to every game.

  5. I watched the game at a sports bar so the music didn’t reach my ears.

    In general I can say I’m not a big fan of piped-in music. Its sterile. Its soulless. Its artificial. Its the NBA.

    I want to hear the click click click of the snare drums and the band blow. That’s a big, big part of the college football experience.

    On the other hand, the south endzone thing sounds like it went over really, really well.

    To AD Glass I would say: Keep the winners, toss the losers. Keep up the good work.

  6. As an IU band dad, I really appreciate the comments from GFDave and HB. I’ll pass those on to my kid. When the student section is full and into the half time show like they were last night, it really makes the band’s night special.

    Mr. Glass appears to be a stand up guy. I’m sure corrections will be made.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  7. I think the IU band if great !! Would like to hear more of them during the game and less of the other stuff.

  8. Sorry to do this, but I’m cutting and pasting a previous post that addresses this specific question…

    …Watching from Charleston, SC…living in SEC and ACC country…I’ve heard a lot about the stadium experience, but honestly it really comes across as cheesy on TV. Can anyone name another D1 school that plays music through the PA system between plays? I heard Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas…Where was the band? I think I heard them once.

    Flipping back and forth between the NC State/USC game, crowd size aside, it just seems hoky, like we’re reaching for an NFL feel or something. You could hear at least the drums if not the band between each play in the other game, turn it to the IU game and you just might get Beyonce. I can appreciate Fred Glass doing everything he can to rejuvenate the fan base, but lets not sell out to gimicks.

    This is coming from an alum who had the privilege of attending during the late 80’s Mallory era…it just doesn’t seem collegiate, but again, I’m watching on TV, someone prove me wrong.

  9. I also am a band dad and my kid was disappointed in the piped in music especially when it overshadowed the band. College bands make a college football game along with great student support. The students were into it last night and that is great. More band, less piped in music.

  10. I’m all for the band playing too, but they have been playing the same tunes for years now. Let’s retire “ROCK in the USA” and that Pee Wee Herman tune.

  11. Wholeheartedly agree with the calls for less canned music and more live music. The Marching Hundred is fabulous and canned music is loud, boring, uninspired, and obviously distracting to the players on the field. If Mr. Glass wants this program to become a big-boy program, having a big-boy, non-NBA like atmosphere is necessary. An easy first step, quit playing Homer Simpson, bad Will Ferrell quotes, bad pop music such as the Black Eye Peas, and allow the 300 or so professionals take over.

    To those who complain about the Hundred’s stale repertoire, I agree, but I think that if you give the band a mandate to fill more time, they’d happily find a way to oblige.

  12. Ideally, I think we’d go with nearly all band music, but I appreciate trying to change things up and appeal to the students.

    I liked the sound effects, movie clips, etc but thought they should be much less frequent. Same probably goes for the music, particularly when we have the ball. It is probably something more NFL-like than collegiate, but if the students like it, go for it. Call it collegiate or pageantry or tradition or whatever, but there’s no question it has been very boring in there over the years. I’m not a huge fan of the girl with the mic down in Knothole Park (err, I’m a huge fan of hers, just not the idea). But still, it’s better than some of the lame ass things we’ve done in the past (the different colored icons racing each other on the jumbotron was a real low point to me).

    I’m just thrilled we have an AD who isn’t afraid to try almost anything it seems. I know all of the ‘old people’ aren’t going to like the speaker music over the band, but I think it’s great or at least worth trying, albeit probably in smaller doses.

    I just hope the ‘old people’ can have an open mind about some of this stuff. Like him or not, I think Kravitz got it right Friday morning when he jokingly emphasized, ‘they are trying’. And, that in itself is progress.

    That said, there are really two things that sum all of this up. First, I’ll deal with any side show antics they want to dish out-good or bad-…I just want them to win. Similarly, the dog and pony show doesn’t do it all. If we’re 1-5 and counting, they might as well save the energy because no one beyond the usual faithful are going to show up.

  13. Chappel was definitely trying to quiet the music on the last drive in the fourth quarter.

    I’ll give Glass credit for trying new stuff, but the piped in music needs to be cut way back.

    More band, please! It’s a college thing..

    Student section was great, by the way. Thanks to all the students who showed up. Keep it going, it’s your team out there!

  14. The music was fairly non sensical for most adults. Way too loud and really annoying. The band was pretty much a non factor sitting way down in the North end zone. I would vote for dropping all of those stupid Homer Simpson quotes, and so much of that lousy rap music, and ask the band to play more pep songs and the like.
    Piped rock between plays MUST go !

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