These guys scream Big Ten football


That’s Rascal Flatts. They’re a country group, of some fame. The songs I know of theirs could be best described as “Backstreet Boys go country.”

But you’ll hear plenty of them this season, because they’re the official artist for the Big Ten Network’s primetime football games. That includes three Indiana games, including Thursday’s season opener against Eastern Kentucky.

The group has rerecorded lyrics to their song “Me and my gang” to fit Big Ten football. Which is probably a good thing, because the song names four locations — southern Alabama; Butte, Mont.; California; and Oregon. Big Ten football, as you know, is not played or really, well, known in any of those four spots.

And in what way does Rascal Flatts represent major college athletics in 2009? What does a major rap artist have to do to get some love on a national broadcast?

After the jump, there is a video of them performing the “original” song.


  1. Aren’t these the guys who remade “life is a highway.” That song was so bad there is no way it merited a remake.

    There’s no way Lil’ Wayne’s Rebirth will be as bad as anything these schmucks come up with – and Rebirth is going to be bad. I’d listen to a Lil’ Wayne guitar solo for Big Ten football games no matter how much of a train wreck that would be.

  2. I would rather listen to someone scratching their finger nails down a chalkboard than be subjected to Rascal Flatts. Oh wait, I can just turn the channel.

  3. I am not a fan of their music but 2 of the 3 guys are from Columbus OH and one of them (lead singer Gary LeVox) is an OSU alum.

  4. What about Mellencamp? He lives in and is a huge Big Ten fan. He would have been ideal. He is the voice of the heartland.

  5. Mellencamp – seriously?

    I guess some people just can’t get enough of that “This is oouuuuuurrr country” singing.

    This isn’t the 80’s. I like Hugh’s idea about a major rap artist taking it on – or give some love to the bands at Jagjaguwar

  6. I think its great..and honestly use a rap star WTF! They show everything that college sports are aganist, violence,sexual leud act, and many other stuff

  7. Hey, I saw the opening Saturday night on the nationally televised Wisconsin game. The network had custom Big Ten lyrics recorded for the show open. I thought the cheerleaders and football highlights were cool! You didn’t have to be a badger fan to enjoy the opening. Great for the Big Ten Network for trying something creative. Puts our network up there with Sunday and Monday Night telecasts. Now I’m ready for some football! Kudos to BTN!

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