Thomas picks up offer from Indiana

Add Aaron Thomas to the list of 2011 prospects with an offer from Indiana.

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound guard from Cincinnati (Ohio) Western Hills visited Indiana last weekend during the school’s Elite Camp.

He was not able to participate in the Elite Camp — the Ohio High Schools Athletics Association (OHSAA) restricts student-athletes from playing in camps during the month of August — but did take an unofficial visit.

The trip was a resounding success from Thomas.

“I fell in love with them,” Thomas said.

Thomas also received a scholarship offer during the trip. He is now at least the 14th player from the class of 2011 to report a scholarship offer from Indiana.

The Hoosiers have, at the moment, two open scholarships in the classes of 2010 and 2011.

During his visit, Thomas did all the typical things — met the coaching staff, toured the campus and Assembly Hall.

But then, Thomas said, he sat at center court with the coaching staff for 30 minutes.

“Talking about life, grades, education, basketball, Indiana,” Thomas said.

Thomas has been a fast riser on the scene — Indiana coach Tom Crean first noticed him in July at the Adidas It Takes 5ive Classic in Cincinnati. Crean contacted Thomas’ AAU coach that day, and it led to this visit.

Thomas also now has scholarship offers from Xavier, Wright State, Kent State, Akron, Miami (Ohio) and Dayton. Louisville, Oklahoma and Cincinnati are all recruiting him.

“Tony Wroten, Marquis Teague — those names have been around the longest,” Thomas said. “I feel happy that my name is now out there.”

Thomas said he plans on making a commitment at the end of his junior year.

Below is a video of Thomas from Kentucky Hoopfest during July.


  1. Not a real flattering video, but seems to have a good looking shot. Best part is a cameo from Tijan at around the 2 min mark!

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen a kid hold the corner of a gym down better than this one.

    He rushes to his spot, stands there waving his arms, and that corner of the gym never comes up.

    But I can’t figure out if he looks more like Wade or Deiner?

  3. He isn’t even rated on Rivals. I can’t even locate him on Scout. Why does Crean go after kids like this. Frustrating!!!

  4. Crean’s seen him in person, and he’s seen more than two minutes of poorly shot video.

    I trust Crean more than the opinions of fans who are worried about his rating.

    We’ve offered several four and five star recruits in the 2011 class. No shortage there. Perhaps he’s balancing those offers with offers to more “realistic,” attainable prospects. It’s always good to have a backup plan. And it’s also necessary to recruit players who will fill a role. You can’t have a team full of all-stars.

    Let’s just take a deep breath and trust the judgment of our coach, please.

  5. Amen Casey! I agree with you. Let fans be fans and let coach Crean
    coach. IU is only one of many midwest basketball schools to offer this kid an opportunity to play for them. I don’t think all these schools and coaches would offer if they did not see the kid was
    a keeper. Ease up boys the fun is just getting started.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how many basketball experts contribute to these message boards. I could not agree more….Coach Crean obviously has no idea what he is doing. No doubt, those of us that spend a lot of time watching college basketball and browsing recruiting service websites would know much more about how to evaluate a player than Coach Crean. I mean seriously, the guy obviously has no idea how to manage his time. Why does he bother going to watch kids in person, when he could simply go to or, look at the rankings, and send all the 5 and 4 star players a scholarship offer? And Lord knows, those recruiting rankings are sure things….a 5 star player has never been a bust, and a 3 star has never gone on to become a college stud.


    Blatant Sarcasm

  7. I’m really getting tired of the “Let’s trust Crean” crap.

    One or two 2 Star projects? Fine. I guess we can’t be like UNC and Kaintuck and get nothing but 4/5 star prospects and they all can’t start/play anyway.

    But even John Wooden or Bobby couldn’t win crap with a bunch of 2 Stars. These rating services are not complete idiots.

    If we had a boatload of scholarships, it would be one thing. But we’ve got TWO left for the next TWO years. Why even LOOK at kids like this when we have SO MANY 4/5 Stars checking us out and we’ve got PLENTY of projects.

    And if the 4/5 Stars are not “realistic/attainable”, then we need another coach.

  8. Laffy, here is realistic and attained:

    Hulls: 4 stars (Scout)
    Creek: 4 stars (Rivals and Scout)
    Watford: 4 stars (Rivals and Scout)
    Elston: 4 stars (Rivals and Scout)

    I really don’t know what your complaint is. The only group that has signed has got what you want.

    Additionally, nobody has signed an LOI for 2010 or 2011, so we don’t know who will end up in those classes. But, we do know that Etherington and Carlino are both 4 stars and that many, many of the kids Crean is after are 4 and 5 star players. The kids he’s after, regardless of ranking, are the type of player we want at IU.

    To me the proof is in the pudding that Crean knows what he’s doing and that you are a whiner just looking for something to b**ch about.

  9. Bracey Wright was a 5 star recruit.

    BJ Mullens, who was just drafted this year, after averaging something around 5 ppg or so was a 5 star recruit and the top recruit in that year’s ranking.

    Talor Battle from PSU was a 3 star recruit, Travis Walton was only a 3 star…

    Honestly, just go look through some of the recent rankings on Rivals and see how many of the 5/4 star recruits actually panned out and how many just went up in flames.

  10. Rivals and Scout do the best they can with limited resources. Frankly I think it’s a scam to even subscribe. They only echo all the free sites and rely on 2nd, 3rd hand information.

    Our coaching staff is pounding the gyms and watching these guys repeatedly. More importantly, Rivals/Scout do not take into account any given system. For instance, you won’t see a top 10 recruit go to Wisconsin. The system does not fit the prototypical NBA game.

    Crean is working wonders in my opinion. We’ll be getting some great news in the next few months on the recruiting front.

  11. The Williams kid we got is a 2 Star at best.

    Since we have VERY limited recruits the next two years, that’s more than enough projects.

    And why didn’t list all the kids who came in this year? Don;t they count?

  12. OMG. I am so ashamed to have failed to list Capo and Muniru. I was just listing the kids the star counters couldn’t argue with, you know, 67% of the group. Bawa probably is a project, but is certainly worth the schollie and Capo is going to be good, but according to the standards of some, he is not highly “starred” enough.

    And again, 67% (2 of 3) of the kids committed for 2010 and 2011 at this point have the stars that seem to be required.

    Additionally, Elston, Hulls, Dumas, Finkelmeier, Moore, Carlino and Etherington are Indiana kids. Crean’s getting home grown kids, star quality players and good citizens. Facts are facts, and Crean is doing a great job recruiting.

  13. To: All sane people, you know who you are!

    Are you, or have you ever been married?

    Did you, do you, argue with your better/other half? Even if you know you are right, you will not win either short term or long term. I like my eggs fried, so I do them early before the boss is up. Get my drift?

  14. To make it even better, this two star is ANOTHER GUARD!!!


    Jesus, at least get a big guy who is a project, considering we’ve got a gazillion guards on the team.

  15. I don’t know why people are so into the rating system. The ratings are usually for kids who have participated in many tournaments and AAU tourns. I just looked up John Shurna’s ranking and he was not even given a rank, but we all know how good he is. Most IU fans(including me) would love to have him, so rankings arn’t always an indicater of a players skill, only that some players get more exposier than others.

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