Tight Game Keeps Redshirts Alive

Indiana’s close-shave victory over Eastern Kentucky Thursday night carried at least one silver lining for coach Bill Lynch. It meant he didn’t have to make a decision on whether to burn the redshirts of several true freshman.

Defensive tackle Adam Repogle was the only true freshman who played, recording three tackles at defensive tackle. Wide receiver Duwyce Wilson, who Lynch said was likely to play. Most importantly, quarterback Edward Wright-Baker, who was listed as the backup to Ben Chappell on the depth chart, did not play. Lynch had him listed as the backup quarterback, and had planned on playing him if the Hoosiers had a comfortable enough lead so he could be ready if something happened to Chappell. Because he didn’t, the redshirt is still an option.

“Last night, he was going to run in the game, yes,” Lynch said of Wright-Baker. “That’s kind of where we are, but until he plays, that decision can always change. Once you play him, you can’t turn back. … It has nothing to do with the confidence that he can play and play really well. The question is, how much do you play a guy to make it worthwhile. The last thing you ever want to do is play a freshman and look back at it and he played 31 snaps.”