Tim Hiller, Academic Superhuman

Tim Hiller is less than a year away from earning his masters in business administration (MBA), which he will do within five years of enrolling as an undergraduate freshman. He has never had a B in his life.

Try wrapping your mind around that for a second. From first grade through a year of graduate school, the Western Michigan quarterback never screwed up enough in any subject to have less than a 90 percent success rate. Impressive, and sort of a little sickening, right?

And while he was doing that, he managed to become a successful Division I QB who could earn every significant career MAC passing record by season’s end. Plus, he’s done a mission trip to Trinidad.

Yet somehow, his future aspiration is to be a football coach, which WMU coach Bill Cubit said is the dumbest thing he’s ever heard him say.

“He likes to bring that up,” Hiller said. “A lot of people tell me, ‘You could make a lot more money using that MBA.’ But you’ve gotta do what you love.”


  1. Good for him! There have been and there are a lot very bright people who chose to become teachers and coaches.

  2. Western Michigan isn’t exactly a tough school academically. And you can get a B.A. and Masters in five years just by going to summer school- which si what Hiller probably did.

  3. Sean,

    If you are going to try and belittle someone’s academic accomplishments, maybe you should proof read and make sure you didn’t misspell or transpose letters first. You’ll look like less of an idiot.

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