Tuesday practice observations

Bill Lynch was far more fiery than usual at today’s Indiana practice.

When Matt Ernest beat Richard Council for a deep grab — strong throw by Chappell, better catch — Lynch raced at Council and told him that he couldn’t fall asleep and that plays like that would hurt the team.

A few other thoughts from the day:

  • Dusty Kiel torched the first-team defense for a couple of deep completions. He was running the scout team, so it’s entirely possible that the defenders were adjusting to unusual formations or routes. Kiel made a few great throws and had a receiver — Duwyce Wilson — he’s familiar with.
  • Bryan Payton said he pulled aside freshman running back Darius Willis after Thursday’s game to tell him to forget about fumbling the ball on his first career carry. Willis only had two carries after that. “He’s going to be a great player,” said Payton, a senior running back. “It’s going to be funny years from now when he’s in the NFL and he tells people that his first carry was a fumble.”
  • Quarterback Ben Chappell said Indiana’s struggles in the third quarter against Easter Kentucky “were a matter of executing.” The Colonels weren’t giving a different look, he said. And Indiana proved it could do what it needed to do with two strong drives in the fourth, he said.
  • Several players were able to watch Michigan beat this week’s opponent, Western Michigan, on Saturday. Both Chappell and Payton caled Western Michigan a “tough defense” and said that the Broncos might be more aggressive playing against Indiana. “They weren’t blitzing as much, but that might be a game-plan thing,” Chappell said. Payton believes Western Michigan will probably try to slow the run and force Indiana to throw, as EKU did.


  1. michigan’s ends and linebackers had some success getting to wmu’s quarterback. if iu’s ends and linebackers can do the same, i think iu’s defensive backs are as good as michigan’s, as that is the weakest part of the wolve’s defense, and iu can stop the broncos run game and force their passing attack and get some turnovers.

    i don’t know whether michigan pulled it back in the second half or western figured out how to defense them; the broncos held the wolverines scoreless in the second half but um was playing third stringers at times. and western got its passing game going finally late in the third quarter.

    prediction: iu will improve more after the opener than wmu and western is not a good road team but i would not be surprised if they were not overconfident going into this game. this is the school against whom antoine randle-el had his coming out party. look for darius willis to have his this saturday. iu 27 wmu 24.

  2. It’s show me time! Indiana should win and I’ve heard all the talk. Correct it and get it done!!! The jury is still out on Western. Akron did not look good against PSU and Virginia lost to a I-AA team. That’s four wins we, as a Big Ten team, should have. Now, stop all the talking and PLAY!!!!!

  3. I have to laugh at the first paragraph since I commented on a post yesterday and said that Council should not be playing Div. I football! He truly sucks and hasn’t gotten any better this year over last year. Bench him or continue to be burned week after week, play after play. Most people in the stands loathe this dude for his consistent sucking! I know Finch has issues, but move him to this position. He’s got to be better than Council. Who isn’t?

    W. Michigan was 9-4 last year with a bowl game loss to Rice. They have a QB that will be in the NFL next year. If IU doesn’t play much better this week they will get pounded by W. Michigan the same as Ball St. last year because this QB will pick our pathetic secondary apart.

  4. Do you think that the announcement of Glass as sport administrator for football has put more pressure on Lynch? Perhaps he has already received some constructive critism.

  5. Actually, Mike W; Richard Council might be one of the more improved players in the secondary. He has learned some correct tackling techniques and that is a plus. That said, I have to agree that he is not at the D1 level yet, but neither are a lot of IU’s guys.

  6. WK: I’ll give you that about Council on form tackling. Of course, that was mostly displayed when receivers caught the ball in front of him easily before he made the tackle. The other times he was getting blown by just like Chris Adkins. I’m not asking for miracles, just much improved coverage. You can’t win when a QB can play pitch and catch with receivers all day long. If EKU can do it, I guarantee you W. Michigan can do it. I hope they’ve got the wake up call. But, what Lynch said to Council written by Korman above is pre-school compared to what I would have said! There is no one in the stands within 15 to 20 people in any direction of where I set that likes Council. You should hear it! LOL

  7. If Western Michigan coaches are smart (and I think they are) they will draw up a game plan to throw in the direction of Richard Council all day. Council has shown he can’t make a pick when the ball hits him in the chest, so there is no downside to throwing the ball in his direction. In the EKU game Richard was burned simply because the receivers wanted the ball more than he did. Its a shame that Donnell Jones is out.

    Maybe IU should play Lawrence Barnett.

  8. Jim: I agree about Barnett and can’t wait until Jones gets back! I about sh*t when I saw Council take the field on Thursday night! I was like, “this can’t be happening……” LOL After he was beaten the first couple of times I knew the nightmare was reality! 😉

  9. Unless Council comes up with an injury, he won’t be replaced. This staff has shown time and time again it either does not know how to make adjustments or just flat refuses to.

  10. Mike P: Sad, but very true! It’s also evident how Bill consistently keeps running the ball up the middle on almost every 1st down and umpteen times a game!!!! It didn’t work at all last year and it didn’t work last week, either. But, come Saturday he’ll continue to do it! I think Bill is a borderline obsessed with that play! LOL

  11. Mike W, that is all Matt Canada with the play calls. He was one of two coaches that should have been replaced last season. I am as loyal as they come, but Lynch should have let him go.

  12. J Pat: You are right on the money! I think Matt Canada should have been replaced long ago! I can’t believe he’s survived this long. But, having said that, as long as Bill let’s him keep running that play over and over and over he has to share some of the blame. And, I’m sure you know as I do, the people in stands only see Bill.

  13. Agreed on the Council stuff. Also agreed on some of the Canada stuff. That was another circumstance of Coach Hep’s death: Canada ended up as the offensive coordinator instead of Lynch, who was actually doing pretty well in that role.

    The running play, though, falls on the linemen. Coach Johnson seems to have his hands full with those guys. Even going up against guys like Middleton, Kirlew, A. Replogle, and our LBs, they aren’t developing the skills they need as a unit.

  14. We will definitely know more in a couple weeks. I hope our season is looking up by then. We are not the only ones intending to improve over the next few games. It is absolutely imperative that we do so.

    I also like Chad’s remarks. It should be our new team motto. Stop all the talking and PLAY!!!

    Run the ball saturday.

    Go Hoosiers!

  15. I am not a football guy so will someone tell me how this adds up?
    Chappell in the 1st game seemed to have plenty of time to throw.
    That tells me that our linemen can give pass blocking protection.
    So why can’t the same linemen block as well for the run? For 2 years I have watched us not be able to run up the middle. Why?
    Is it the kids,coaches,the opposing team,poor running backs, what?
    I just want to understand!

  16. run blocking is a totally different scheme moving men out of the way instead of performing a WALL in a way. I would say that if a linemam can be a good pass blocer, they can be coached to run block. This is also most likely a coaching issue but I would bet it also falls on our RB’s. Combination of things!

  17. RonB: In adding to what JPat wrote another problem to me seemed to be complete confusion in our offense line when EKU’s front four shifted right before the ball was snapped. EKU shifted a lot and you literally see our lineman hesitating numerous times for a split second instead of firing off the ball. A split second is all you need to get beat in the trenches. I pointed this out to several people sitting in my area Thursday and they completely agreed after they watched what I was watching. So, I think they need to practice quick thinking blocking assignments on a defensive shift because they were clueless almost every time. I’ll hand it to EKU because they had their shifts timed perfectly to finish just a fraction of a second before the ball snapped almost every time. But, that also tells me our cadence is a little too predictable, as well.

  18. The OL needs a lot of work! They have come some ways over the last 2 seasons in their blocking technique, particularly with pass blocking. But, as a previous poster correctly pointed out, run blocking calls for entirely different techniques and our coaching is not up to D1 level in this area. This accounts for the confusion, the false starts and in some measure, the inability to exploit seams. So, while we are making measured progress, no doubt, we’ve a very long road ahead to get to the point where we are consistantly effective at the D1 level.

  19. You see OLs have this problem at the NFL level too. Passing teams often have problems run blocking and vice versa. Part of it is mind set: You receive a blow when pass blocking, you deliver one when run blocking. Part of it is practice reps: if a team runs more passing plays in practice, the OL won’t get as many reps on running plays.

  20. Thanks guys for all your input. Seems like if you all know the how to then the coaches and players should also know. Hopefully it
    will all click for them this week.

  21. Regarding Coach Lynch. During the game he seems to isolate himself from the team. He is always on the other end of field. He doesn’t participate in the huddle. He doesn’t show any emotion towards the players. Hep was very active with the players and it certainly got them fired up. I wonder if anyone else has notice Lynch on the sideline.


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