“Visionary thinking”

I wrote a story for tomorrow’s H-T about Akron’s new stadium, and what strikes me most about it from talking to those involved is that it sounds like the school has entered an entirely different universe in terms of football atmosphere. Coach J.D. Brookhart freely admits he didn’t even want recruits to see the Rubber Bowl on trips, but now he thinks it can totally change the Zips place in recruiting. The $61.6 million facility has about 30,000 seats, it’s located on campus unlike the old facility and it’s got tons of amenities the Rubber Bowl didn’t have, like club seating and video boards.

“I’d venture to say overall we have the best facilities in the whole league,” Brookhart said. “Hopefully it takes recruiting to a whole new level. Most of the kids we’ve recruited are over 3.0 students, so with the APR, we’ve positioned ourselves for the future should the landscape of college football change. That’s visionary thinking to me.”


  1. J Pat,

    We haven’t been able shake loose a final number, but it’s somewhere near $40 million. We’re working on getting complete financial records for the athletic department. It hasn’t been easy.

  2. only asking because when proposed I heard 50 million from a decent IU source but 40 sounds right. 61 million just did not seem like much today for a ground-up stadium but I am sure the place is nice. Thanks Korman!

  3. I found this little tidbit interesting, since 1994, Louisville is the only major college football program to build an entirely new on-campus stadium since this year with Minnesota and Akron. Also interesting is Indiana and Penn State were the last Big Ten schools to build new stadiums, in 1960.

  4. Need to add a correction on new stadiums built recently. I live in Florida and the University of Central Florida built a brand new from ground up football stadium on campus three years ago. They are in their 3rd year playing in it now. It holds about 45,000 fans. They also built a new basketball area that is very nice.

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