Wednesday practice report

As I waited to speak with Bill Lynch Wednesday after practice, I kept hearing the same numbers over and over as various defensive players and coaches spoke with reporters.

  • 6-foot-6
  • 240 pounds
  • 4.3 40-yard dash

Yes, Indiana knows what it is facing in Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor: a freakish athlete, the likes of which does not come along often.

Lynch has watched plenty of Pryor play. What he hasn’t seen plenty of, so far, is Pryor actually getting tackled.

“You might knock him out of bounds,” Lynch said. “But you don’t see him go down very often.”

To handle Pryor, Lynch said, Indiana will focus on containing the run. Like Michigan, Ohio State can run the ball a variety of ways: the Buckeyes have shown the option, a steady diet of draw plays and a QB decide package. Jim Tressel wears a sweater vest. Daily. You think he’s going to try any fancy shenanigans when his quarterback is perfectly capably of carrying the ball down field?

Indiana hasn’t had anyone special running the scout team this week, leaving that duty to regulars Dusty Kiel and Connor Creevey. There’s no use trying to pretend you can replicate Pryor.

The key for the defense, Lynch said, will be breaking off blocks and wrapping up to make tackles. Indiana’s defense did neither well against Michigan early in the game; it improved as the game went on, though.

Other notes of interest

  • Indiana doesn’t have an official Twitter policy (Texas Tech recently banned its players from using the micro-blogging site) other than to “be smart about it.” The same policy goes for Facebook. If Lynch hears about something on a players’ profile or Twitter, he deals with it individually.
  • Lynch says he’s excited about the buzz around campus and hopes for a full stadium on Saturday.
  • Ohio State’s defense is sound and always in the right place, Lynch said. Generally when coaches watch film of a team over four games, they can identify a possible weakness to attack. That hasn’t been the case with Ohio State.
  • Bloomington North grad Leon Beckum, a backup middle linebacker who starts on special teams, will not play on Saturday. He has an injured left ankle.


  1. Stay tough. Keep the crowd in it. No turnovers. Good special teams. Contain the run game. Pryor is a better runner than passer. Maybe IU can pick off a couple and keep the momentum. Their strong resolve will help them this Saturday too.

  2. It simple to beat Ohio State.

    All you have to do is play like a PAC TEN team – smart, ferocious and real aggressive!

  3. I am pretty sure that Pryor’s time is 40 yards, not meters. His 40 yard time would be about 3.95 or so if they stopped the clock at 40. I don’t think anyone has ever run a sub 4 second time.
    Store that in your so what file.

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