1. Another horrendously ugly win for Lynch and co., but a win nonetheless. Give it to the defensive line: they put enough pressure on Hiller early to keep WMU from getting into rhythm, and they made up for most of their blunders at the end by forcing a key fumble.
    What can we say about the offense? Once again we were riddled with penalties, especially false starts in the red zone. The play calling was maddening at times: for example, in the third quarter, with IU on their own 30, just when IU seemed to be finding some room to run after a series of deflating 3-and-outs, Lynch calls a long bomb on 3rd-and-1. Chappell overthrows the receiver.
    Late in the 4th, when IU could have put the game away after a fumbled punt, they come away with *0*, capped off by an embarrassing moment when Lynch decides to “challenge” the spot of the ball on 4th and inches, then instead of going for it, calls for a field goal which is promptly blocked. Defend Lynch’s antics or not, there is no way a good team should come away with 0 in that situation.
    Today, the defense and the running game kicked it up a notch, but the story of the game, in my mind, is still bad coaching. Even after the beautiful fumble recovery, in the final minute, while IU tries to run down the clock, they draw a penalty for 12 men on the field. This kind of stuff will not fly when the real season begins against Michigan. I am baffled by this squad; who knows what to expect, but maybe they can finally put together all the pieces in Akron.

  2. Even though Tandon Doss was open on the play, the 3rd and 1 was a horrible call. I can see making that call if you are going to go for it on 4th down.

  3. Keep in mind Hep’s last year: 4-0 to start the season, 0-7 the rest of the way against the Big 10

  4. Dateline Bloomington, In

    The Indiana Football Hoosiers continued their horrific start to the season with another victory. Showing no improvement from the season opener, the Hoosiers running game totaled a measly 187 yards. Like last week turnovers were a problem, as the Hoosiers neither fumbled nor suffered an interception. The Hoosiers record fell to 2-0 with the entirety of the Hoosier season standing in the balance with the game against Akron.

  5. A. Canada calls the plays.

    B. What was wrong with challenging the spot? It was a close play, check and see…maybe you end up with a first down. And why wouldn’t you kick the short FG to put your team up by 9, late in the 4th? I love hindsight. If we would’ve went for it and failed, people would be whining about not taking the “easy 3”. It got blocked. It happens.

    C. Good stuff, GF. The penalties sucked, but there were a lot of good things. And you’ll notice that MSU seemed to have had some trouble with the MAC today.

  6. 2005 Hoosiers
    First 3 games: 3-0 Last 8 games: 1-7

    2006 Hoosiers
    First 2 games: 2-0 Last 9 games: 3-7

    2007 Hoosiers
    First 6 games: 5-1 Last 7 games: 2-5

    2008 Hoosiers
    First 2 games: 2-0 Last 10 games:1-9

    Keep your pants on, Jimmy and GF “Don’t call me girlfriend” Dave

  7. The decision to kick the FG on 4th down to go up nine was absolutely the right decision. The execution was just lacking. However, the penalties are very troubling. The defense HAD to come up with the big play at the end, because they almost cost us the game with 4 penalties on that last WM drive. And who is the offensive line coach? Is he going for a school record for false starts? And these have been HOME games. What’s it going to be like on the road when they have trouble actually hearing the snap count?

  8. Jimmy,

    A. That play call on 3rd & 1, brilliant if it worked, stupid when you realize we needed less than 1 yard and were moving the ball fairly well on the ground. Hindsight is 20/20 on that call, I just was baffled why they would throw the ball at that point. No need to air it out.

    B. Ok, it was a close play, I can see wanting them to take a look at it if your guys upstairs are saying the officials made a mistake. Still, if you want the first down bad enough to take the chance and burn a timeout, then why would you not line up Chappell under center like you did to get the TD in the first half? It was just inches needed.

    C. Yes, good stuff from GFDave, brilliantly written. Yes, Michigan State lost, and the only reason we should care what MSU done this week would be for when we play them later this year, oh wait, we don’t play then this year. I don’t give a f**k about MSU and then losing to a MAC team that beat us last season.

    Now, you do realize this is the 12th straight game that IU has been out scored in the 2nd half? The record in those 12 games, 3-9 with wins over Northwestern, 1-AA Eastern Kentucky and MAC conference Western Michigan. Losses to 7 Big Ten teams and 2 MAC teams.

    If they don’t make a 2nd half game plan for next week to catch the opposing coaches off guard, Akron will have a field day with them in the 2nd half.

  9. 2 points:

    1) – Doss was wide open…if we had a QB that could hit a deep ball it would have been good for 50 yards and maybe 6 points. (I think Chappel managed the game well though. I just have yet in 2 years see him throw a deep ball on the money.)

    2) – Should have gone for it on 4th and 1. Every kick Freeland took today was low and could have been blocked. I called that block before it happened. If we are going to win games with running and defense like we want to why don’t you trust your running game and get that one yard. Or trust your defense to stop them on a 95 yard drive if you don’t get it.

  10. Realist and others find the dark lining in the silver cloud. They may be right in the end, but why go there now?

    My take:

    Big improvement from last week. Running game, turnovers, defense all better.

    Flat after halftime. But we turned things around and were literally just inches from having several more scores. I know close doesn’t count, but it was better.

    Disagree with the bomb on 3rd and one because of field position and game situation. Good call if in their end, but not good in that situation.

    I agree with the decision to challenge the spot. If we lose the challenge all that happens is the loss of a timeout we don’t need.

    Good job to call for the field goal, even though it was blocked. We would go up by 2 scores with 6 minutes, cementing the victory IMO. Our number 86 was put on his butt by the punt blocker. It was a low kick, but central penetration happened too.

    The total melt down after the block speaks for itself. I have confidence Lynch will talk about discipline, maturity and such. Who wouldn’t?

  11. Positives:
    The win, some nice runs, dominated the first quarter, Mitchell Evans in the wildcat in the first half, defense played well the first half, Finch(lined up to rush FINALLY) on the punt fumble/recovery, no turnovers, the decision to kick the late field goal(now we have to protect better, the decision to take the safety at the end, no apparent significant injuries(?), good student turnout, the band, no blaring music

    Defensive backs getting burned, ridiculous repeated penalties, decision to belittle the officiating on the scoreboard(wondering if a ‘penalty’ will be imposed), Chap behind the receiver on a few throws, blocked field goals, inability to finish off and put away an opponent, getting out-scored again in the second half

    Personally, I thought it was a little better today than last thursday. Now we need more improvement next week. Glad to get the win, but we could have easily lost.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  12. The Big 10 got a run for its money today; one MAC team got its way, EMU almost beat NW, Fresno State ditto with Wisconsin, and hopefully Oregon will whip Purdue.

    It was also great to see OSU go down to the Trojans in front of 106K. Still, what IU does shouldn’t be explained away by how the rest of the conference played. Like Mike P said, who gives a #%$@ about Michigan State, until we play them?

  13. GFDave,
    During the fourth quarter, after an IU penalty, they played the video clip of an old tv commercial I believe, where the official looks like an incompetent idiot and says something to the effect “I blew that call don’t worry I’ll give it back to you on a bad call against them next.” Then on the very next play IU got whistled for a personal foul roughing the passer(?). My son found it funny, I thought it was a little bit less than classy.

    We can’t see a replay on the big screen that questions a call, but we can see that video?

    Youtube video: “subway commercial i blew that call”

    Happy to report my other two favorite teams also won yesterday: Oregon and USC.

  14. Hmmm….two games into the season, and we’ve scored a combined 6 2nd half points. Does anyone really think that is going to get it done against the Big Ten? They simply have to get better at making halftime adjustments. Otherwise, we’re going to go winless in conference play.

  15. another misleading start to a dreadful season. we barely win over competition that we should be blowing out. we looked a little sharper this week, so that is good, but to barely beat western mich? wow, people really have piss poor expectations for our program. looks like billy will get another freepass because IU football should be happy barely eeking out wins against weak teams.

  16. KevinK,

    That’s an interesting story on the ref video. I guess you’d have to be there to get the full impact, but in the interests of being safe rather than sorry, it might be good not to play that again. Maybe the B10 office will quietly request that.

    I have to say my loathing for all things USC (except the song girls of course) extends back to our Rose Bowl game, so I was rooting for OSU. Don’t hate me.

  17. Nice, it looks like the realists have already started to drastically outnumber the “wait and see” Lynch apologists. Is there any other team in the country for which “2-0” is, rather than a sign of optimism, a bad omen?

  18. Yes, the portion of the fan base that will end up bringing real change to the program, while the “other” portion rests on their laurels and yawns “Because it’s Indiana”…

  19. For purposes of this little essay let’s continue to use the term Realist.

    Realists are not constructive agents of change, but rather are conditional fans. The current conditional item is the coach, who is so lacking that nothing else matters. His shortcomings are so abhorent that, to them, they are the biggest story on a day of victory.

    Realists buy tickets and go to the game. They show their support by heckling the coach from the stands (this is not a cancer to the team, rather it is tough love that only the Realists can provide). After the win, they drive home complaining about the margin victory (a condition for their happiness).

    Realists “know” how the season is going to turn out and call it dreadful after two wins in two games. The “Realists” claim they want wins, but those wins can only be achieved under their conditions. For them the greatest disaster would be for the team to do better than last year, because that would mean that their conditional demand of firing the coach would probably not be met.

    Eventually, when this coach is fired (they all are) and the next one is hired, Realists will find something lacking in the new coach. Maybe he’ll have the wrong name (not big enough) or the wrong pedigree or runs the wrong kind of offense or, well it doesn’t matter. Something will be found wrong with him so that the Realists can withhold support. The key is that the Realists weren’t consulted and therefore the hire can’t be any good.

    Realists think that if you support the team, you are an apologist for the coach. They don’t recognize there are fans that provide unconditional and unapologetic support for the institution. Its not about a particular coach, player, AD or President. Its about being true to your school.

    To the Realists this is naïve and the true cancer, because it allows the people in charge the opportunity to do the job they get paid for and over whom the Realists have no control. Realists are the only competents and have the answers that have escaped others for 125 years.

    Coaches come and go, even Hall of Famers, but optimistic support for the alma mater should always be there. Go IU.

  20. GFDave, nice try and I can appreciate what you are trying to say but when bad coaching is as evident as it is now…give me a break! I called myself “Positive Pat” on 2 blogs for over a year for GOD sakes. I supported Cam, Dinardo and Hep through all the losses. I support our football team but when you hear past players say on radio stations that Lynch is not the man for the job, I start to wonder. I am proud to be 2 and 0, but let’s be honest here…IU was beat Saturday and a higher power helped to get that fumble at the end. When Lynch and staff make halftimes adjustments and start playing disciplined football I will be thrilled!!!

  21. Despite the eloquence behind Dave’s sassy sophism lies the elementary school logic “If you can’t do better, then keep your mouth shut!” Unfortunately, this simplicity leads us to the similar playground conclusion “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

    Translation: the Blog should be exclusively reserved for comments such as “Go Hoosiers!”, “Yay Hoosiers”, “I love IU”, and “GO TEAM!”

    Unfortunately for Dave, discussion rooms aren’t just places for people of like minds to gather and bask in the glow of eternal optimism and rose colored goggles. If you prefer this kind of atmosphere, my guess is that you probably watched FOX news during the Iraq War.

    Bottom line: Average arm-chair quarterbacks need a space where they can come and share their observations, even if they call themselves realists, or seem pessimistic, ill-informed, or downright stupid. Leave the blog to people like GF and Jimmy, and I guarantee you that participation would drop by 95%: people would die of boredom.
    Long live free speech, and a fan’s right to be critical (even if he can’t do a better job himself!!!)

  22. I just want to go to another bowl game and look prepared this time. If BL can get us there, I’m ecstatic. I doubt that he can, but I’m in the stands rooting on his team. When something I consider noteworthy happens, positive or negative, I enjoy coming on here and sharing my mostly inconsequential thoughts with you guys. Who else am I going to talk to about it? My son is at school. My wife? Oh boy….

    GF, JPat, HT, I appreciate reading all of your stuff. I think we all just wanna win(without cheating), and lacking that, at least have some hope that it is on the way someday in our lifetime.

    And there’s nothing wrong with Fox News, I watch it sometimes in the morning before I get on the road with LPR on the radio. Neither one scares me, I like to hear all sides. I think everybody should. But, oh well never mind.

    Go Hoosiers!
    Hope that’s ok with you HT.

  23. I must be missing something here but I believe I do see some different points of view being expressed about current IU football. I will tell you that I DO love IU, that I desperately do want the Hoosiers to win, that I have been a season ticket holder longer than most of the people who write on here are old, and I will continue to be a Hoosier fan no matter the level of play or the amount of criticism guaranteed by the freedom of speech we all hold dear and for which I fought for as a United States Marine. Having said all of that, I usually keep my mouth shut and enjoy Hoosier sports and seldom put anything on this forum because I am not one of the “insiders” but I applaud Dave for his comments and frankly I don’t even understand H.T.’s point. I do want to offer a statistic for all to consider whether you are a Bill Lynch fan or not: In the second half of the last 5 football games we have played — obviously going back to the last 3 games of last season — we have scored a total of 13 points. We scored 7 total points in the second halves of the last 3 games of last season, then 0 points against Eastern Kentucky, and 6 against Western Michigan. In most coaching circles, the 3rd quarters of most contests are the most telling as they indicate which teams make the most adjustments at halftime to contend with their opponents if necessary. You can draw your own conclusions. I may be wrong about this but I do believe we are a little lacking in this area. I think the players are giving 100%, I do think most of the new wrinkles are coming around, and I think we are going to surprise some in the Big Ten this year, but I also think we do need to make some changes. Draw your own conclusions. GO HOOSIERS!

  24. new wrinkles and some trickery are ok for a mac school, but good luck passing that on Mich and OSU…or any other Big Ten D for that matter.

  25. Again you turn to personal attack. Its all you’ve got. You didn’t try to refute my points, none of which were the suppression of differing points of view. That’s the Fox approach and I’m 100 percent not about Fox.

    I said my peace and now I’m moving to the next blog topic. Good luck with the Lynch hate. I’m sure it will bear fruit some time in the future. I’m going to try to enjoy the season in front of me. You apparently don’t want to.

  26. Why are we arguing about Fox News and the Iraq War? This is an IU Sports blog.

    There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic this year and the positives should certainly be noted. Mitchell Evans did a great job in the wildcat. We did a better job of not turning the ball over. The running game seems much improved. Most importantly, we’re 2-0.

    However, there are clearly reasons to look at the remaining games with a doom and gloom mindset. We haven’t won big against supposedly weak opponents. We’ve been inconsistent on both sides of the ball. For some reason, we can’t score after halftime. Our coaches have a history of losing.

    Hopefully we can find a way to take advantage of the good and correct some of the bad. At the end of the day, we should all agree on one thing: Go Hoosiers!

  27. 21 penalties in 2 games.

    13 vs WMU

    Final drive, 4th quarter:

    3-15 yd personal fouls
    47 free yards to WMU off penalties
    1 too many men on field

    I ask anyone who knows football if they have ever seen a 4th quarter breakdown like this?

  28. “Yippee, Hoosiers!” Come on JPat, say it, and say it loud!
    We don’t need your “real” statistics – what we need is more optimism!!!

  29. GF Dave,

    IF you are so true and loyal, then why were you not at the game on Saturday to know what was played on the scoreboard? If you live a long distance or something, I apologize in advance for calling you out.

    However, if you don’t attend the games, then all you have to go on is what the TV shows you, what you read from the HT and a stat line. You don’t see the same stuff we at the games do. I could watch WMU’s left tackle on Saturday and tell you if they were running the ball or passing the ball. He was their tell. I had it figured out on their 2nd possession.

    The defense played good, but watching them, they never adjusted unless WMU spread out an extra receiver or something along the lines.

    Now as far as being loyal, I buy my tickets every year, I donate my money to the varsity club, I even put my son through IU football camp. You know what he told me this year? “It was fun dad, but I didn’t learn anything new”! You tell me how a 9 year old can go through 16 hours of football camp with the coaches and learn nothing new?

    Personally, I really like Lynch, and believe it or not I truly believe Lynch is a smart football guy. I don’t believe he is THE guy for the job. He is a smart coach, he does a good job at preparing his players, but he isn’t a game coach!

    He lacks the ability to adjust. That is all too evident by the 2nd half performances of his teams. To expand on Jim’s point above, go back the previous 12 games played, IU has now been out scored during the 2nd half in 12 consecutive games by a total of 220-46. In those 12 games, they have been shut out (0 points scored) in 6 of them! In the 2 games this year, we have been outscored 15-6, including be blanked in the 2nd half by an FCS team!

    Just so you know, even as bad as I want to see us remove Lynch as the head coach and spend the money for a top tier head coach and for top tier assistant coaches, at no time have I EVER rooted against the players or wanted IU to lose a game! You can even go back and look in my previous post where I have said I would love to see us go 8-4 this season, even though that means we keep Lynch at the head coach.

  30. WK,

    I talked to Polk Saturday night. He suffered a minor concussion during the game, he is perfectly fine. He said he felt like he could have returned Saturday, but he will be ready to go on Saturday.

    As for Willis, I have not heard much else on him.

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