Where oh where could he have learned that?

Former Indiana player and coach Jim Crews has been fired as the head coach at Army just three weeks before practice was set to begin.

ESPN’s Andy Katz is now reporting that Crews may have yelled at a student.

“There was this one thing that came to my attention that I definitely couldn’t overlook,” Anderson said. “There were things, and there was one thing in particular that came to me that was overarching that led me to my conclusion.”

Multiple sources close to the situation told ESPN.com that Crews yelled at a cadet. Anderson said that incident wasn’t “the tipping point but contributed.”

The local Times-Herald Record, meanwhile, has reported that Crews may have been dismissed for an on-court issue with a player:

According to West Point sources, Crews may have been fired, in part, to putting his hands on a men’s basketball player during a workout or practice. Crews has not returned phone calls.


  1. I don’t know Jim Crews but I watched him at IU and in Evansville. He was not going to win many popularity contests. He started losing at UE and really became distant. Of course, he did not have the luxury of 3 NCAA banners. You can blame the Knight connection if you want. There are many coaches with tempers. You can’t blame all of them on Knight.

  2. What is the youth of this country coming to if an Army Cadet feels disrespected because his basketball coach yelled at him?

  3. What, you think that Crews got fired because somebody’s feeling were hurt? Please. You can bet Crews violated long standing West Point policy.

    The notion that putting your hands on people and belittling them verbally helps make them men is a the number 1 Knight meme. So this incident highlights what people have been trying to tell the Knightettes all along…that you just can’t do this stuff. Anywhere. Anytime.

    If West Point doesn’t agree with this philosophy, no institution of higher education does. If they think they can train young officers to go to Iraq and Afghanistan and fight for their country without the Knight approach, surely Crews could have coached basketball players without it.

    Finally, the fact that overachieving, highly intelligent and super motivated cadets should need to be yelled at and bullied speaks more about Crews than anything else.

  4. He was there 7 years. Something more than yelling at players had to happen. I have been in the military and being yelled at is a way of life in boot camps and at academies. Actually senior Cadets practice yelling to give commands to freshman cadets. So if you think Crews was let go after 7 years for raising his voice to a player you are extremely naive. Remember Knight was at Army before IU
    and I am sure he was no angel. Crews did something bad they are not telling. Maybe crews will tell us the rest of the story?

  5. If that’s the real reason he got fired, then I’m the king of England. Every depiction of a military boot camp I’ve ever seen involves some sort of yelling (usually by R. Lee Ermey…) and, if there’s no physical contact, the drill sergeant is uncomfortably close. Sure, hollywood plays it up a bit, but they had to get their inspiration from somewhere. You can’t possibly lead me to believe that these cadets were offended by someone yelling at them.

    Could this be another Ronny Thompson situation, where the department came up with any reason they could to fire a coach they didn’t like?

  6. And what does this story have to do with the future of Indiana basketball? Is Crews a big Crean supporter? Will he be taken off the picture wall at Assembly? Will he have to give up his championship ring?

  7. Watch out, Chris.

    You made fun of Bobby.

    The worshipers will soon be sending you death threats and burning you in effigy.

  8. If I’m not mistaken, the military has a strict policy prohibiting putting your hands on those under your command. The story from the Times Herald Record makes it pretty clear that Crews did just that. We don’t really have to invent a “secret” story other than that: he broke the rules, he got fired. Trained by Knight, hired by Greenspan – maybe Coach Crews wants to win the trifecta and go to work as Mike Davis’ assistant.

  9. Like everyone else removed from their post in the military recently, his policies lacked clear strategic vision & his winning slump was completely devoid of an exit strategy.

    Can we at least get a sweet video of him choking a kid out, a furious audio of his team getting reamed in the locker room, or some whiny-ass story from a critical journalist’s punk kid?

  10. I guess that headline is an attempt at humor. Taking a pretty easy but not very creative jab at Bob Knight when IU is trying to get him to show up for his HOF induction. Pretty weak and not very smart.

    Chris, you haven’t been around that long so I doubt you know much about Crews or Knight other than what you have read or seen on ESPN. Maybe you should think things through a little more and consider your audience. You’re not off to a great start in this job.

  11. Army was very happy to be rid of Bob Knight when he left for Bloomington…the previous season he called the team together after a loss and showed them what he thought of their play by defecatng at mid-court!!!!

  12. “On August 11, 2009, Pitino admitted to having had a sexual encounter with Cunagin on August 1, 2003 in a Louisville restaurant, Porcini..”

    Wonder how that dinner conversation went down…a few possibilities:

    Yes, this is what I meant when I said you’re gonna be getting some fine Italian..

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    Meatballs?…I’ll ask them.

  13. Coach Knight was at the Army academy in the 60’s and early 70’s. Then as is now the military admires strong personalities I am quite sure they wanted him there especially with having the team’s performance of record. So I am lead to believe with their seeing his astounding coaching achievements at IU they proudly say he used to coach at Army and wish they could have kept him. Also if Coach Knight was such a bad influence on Jim Crews how do you explain the character development of both Coach K and Steve Alford. It seems to me Coach Crews got himself terminated.

  14. Kurk81, I know kids fresh out of boot camp and their drill instructors yelled,pushed and shoved when someone would not conform just like it was years ago when I attended boat camp. That sort of behavior slows way down after boot camp but in the military your men have to do as directed or people die and if that means shouting out orders or pushing someone out of harm’s way or other physical contact or verbal yelling you do it. I am sure in the US Marine Corps, US Army,etc physical contact with your men happens and if there is a rule like you say someone would have to abuse it, like beating one of your men severely, before it would be enforced. That’s why I say Crews did more than we are being told.

  15. People really are ornery around here lately. Not sure what it is. Not that I mind the attacks on us; it keeps us accountable. But I would like you to be good to each other. People have different approaches to this whole being-a-fan-and-commenting-on-blogs-about-it thing. Our diversity is our strength in that regard.

    Anyway, I wasn’t really joking about Crews with the headline. It’s pretty clear that he’s a Knight disciple, and that he’s apparently been fired for much the same reasons Knight was pushed out at IU. That certainly seemed worthy of a posting on this blog.

    The current H-T sports editor has no chance of influencing whether Bob Knight will return in November. That duty falls to Mr. Bob Hammel. I certainly hope he comes; it would be a great story to cover.

  16. Crews may have had a good mind for the game, but he certainly didn’t have much of a memorable game for the game. I do agree with the poster that said the good deeds of Knight disciples are rarely talked about…

    I tend to disagree with your assessment. Korman…I really don’t think it’s that relevant of a matter. But then why should relevancy be a reason to keep it out of a blog? We do tend to focus on the negative shotgun blasts of anything Bobby Knight. Is Isiah Thomas not the perfect example? I guess some are just asking for balance..Maybe Crews had a troubled childhood…Maybe it took forty years to manifest…Why does the extended psych analysis/diagnosis always fall on Knight’s shoulders? Maybe Crews would have failed miserably in life without Bobby Knight..Maybe he’d be doing ten-to-twenty in Federal prison…Maybe he would have ended up a robber baron…Maybe he would have even spanked his kid once…Do you really know?

  17. Come on.

    You really haven’t been around long.

    Some of us would like Coach K to come back for his induction for a different reason than “it would be a great story to cover”!! The man did accomplish a lot at IU.

    That attitude is symbolic of some of the reasons he doesn’t hold your profession very highly.

    Now, back to the games???? Maybe sports blogs could include things pertinent to the games tomorrow????

    Go Hoosiers!!

  18. Kevin,

    I wasn’t saying why it mattered to you guys. In fact, I know that you guys want him to come back because of what he did here. I’ve said he’s the greatest pure basketball coach in the history of the game. And he’s had an immeasurable impact on the entire state of Indiana. He is a force. That’s what makes it a great story for us to cover, and our pages would hopefully reflect the passion poured out by the fans.

    And that’s all I really worry about. Telling you guys how and why things happen. Using whatever access we have to take you behind the scenes. Asking questions that will help explain how the rift between Knight and IU ended, if it in fact does end.

    I really don’t have much of an emotional feeling either way about Knight’s return. My only concern is that we provide strong coverage of whatever happens and try to capture the emotion — on both sides — that it will stir.

    If that “attitude” — which was passed down to me by my mentors — is what caused his dislike for journalism, that’s fine. It’s not our job to be liked.

  19. Most of us would have liked to smack that smart aleck kid in the nose…Still, the fact remains that Knight grabbed the kid…One too many grabs in a career of one too many times.

    Despite the valid argument that he may be the greatest basketball coach the college game has ever seen, there was no other choice than to fire him. If he resents Indiana for that decision, then he still lives within the mindset that took him down the road of poor choice to begin with. He should forgive himself…admit to the wrong, and feel the weight lift off his good name. Give coach Crean a big hug and he’s way more to me than any Hoosier Hall of Fame. That’s the kind of Because it’s Indiana I want to be part of.

  20. Chris, as you can see bringing up Knight’s name stirs a lot of emotions on either side. In the original article that Andy Katz
    put out for ESPN he talked about Jim Crews. You on the other hand started fanning the flame about where Crew’s problem originated. Also, you say Crew’s is a Knight disciple with a negative spin. That will light a fire in about 75% of the basketball coaches in Indiana including me that are disciples of Bob Knight. No, we don’t act like Bob Knight but nearly every coach in America will tell you they learned something about coaching basketball because of Knight’s motion offense or his defensive ideas. You can hate Knight as a person, or you can dislike the way he treated the media, but when you say Knight disciple you are talking to a lot of us who learned from him and were/are successful using his knowledge of the game. Basketball in Indiana is a way of life. You say it is not your job to be liked but I disagree because if you and your fellow newspaper writers are not liked people will stop reading and buying your paper. I happen to like your ideas, your insight, this blog and your newspaper but sometimes we all question our judgement. This would all be easier if Coach Knight had the other Indiana legend, John Wooden, demeanor and personality.

  21. ronb: I’ve never been in the military, so I’ll defer to you on the matter of whether physical contact is allowed. But, I’m sure that technically it isn’t allowed, which would open the door for the West Point higher-ups to use this as an excuse for dumping Crews. You’re right, though – I’m sure some sort of personal grudge/turf dispute is a major contributing factor. As to the whole inference that Knight was somehow a negative influence on his ‘disciples’, it’s obvious that Coach Knight has a lot to teach young coaches about basketball and very little to teach anyone on how an honorable person should behave towards others.

  22. Strange and to bad one of your mentors wasn’t Bob Hammel for he showed what ATTITUDE was like in journalism. As I stated before about your title to this article if Coach Knight was such a bad influence how could such people as Coach K, Steve Alford or Dan Dakich have ever developed the type of character they carry. Regardless what Coach Crews did to be terminated has nothing to do with Coach Knight. Unless you have the attitude to try to create headlines.

  23. Restless times it seems. People waiting for the basketball season to come, and it is ever so close, plus add in the fact that the schism that has occurred whether to fire Lynch or not seems to have plenty of people on edge, which is very understandable. I’m personally I am glad about a fanbase that cares about winning as much as Indiana fans do, even for the almost forgotten football program (at least until the bowl season).

    To start off, I am very sympathetic to Knight, I hold no grudge against him, and I don’t seek to make myself look cool by jabbing at him. When I read Chris’s title of the article, I don’t take it as seriously as some people here have. I saw it as a joke, and I laughed, because I can see how someone can make that connection.

    Choking + Knight disciple + Firing = Some sort of talk about Knight

    I just can’t understand how that connection can’t be made(including from the media).

    Now I understand that Knight has been in the news a lot recently, with his HoF induction, Myles Brand’s passing, and now this piece of news. But really, don’t take a shot at Chris just because he’s trying to do his job. I know Knight is a very prideful argument, whether you support Knight or not, Chris does what he does to report the news, and if he chooses what is clearly a form of humor, then don’t make extreme generalizations such as he hates Knight or thinks he is corrupting the college coaches of America. No, Chris doesn’t have to be liked. Do people like Terrell Owens? No, they don’t, but he still gets tons of reporters for anything he says, because it creates controversy, attention, etc, and because he is just so talented. Let’s look at another example. Matthew Berry, a fantasy football writer for ESPN, is commonly emailed and commented on by ESPN visitors as a terrible writer whom people hate (I am not one of them) and they think they can do his job easy. However, these same people who hate him STILL read his articles, and that speaks volumes to his writing skills and his insight.

    /end long and very controversial argument

  24. The fact you keep trying to defend your post should be a clear sign it never should have been added. You obviously don’t get it and you don’t know your audience. Even your follow-ups show that. Taking a cheep backhanded slap at Bob Knight has been done to death and may work in a lot of other places. Not here. If you want to do that you should use your own personal blog. Doing it as part of The Hoosier Scoop is not professional. Now you’re trying to backpedal and CYA. Acknowledge your mistake and move on.

  25. Sam certainly hit the bull’s-eye. You men state you want to stir up reaction with your writing. Well you did . Now you say you don’t understand the nature of our reaction by saying we should think it is funny because you say so. WHOA! It is either arrogance or ignorance not allowing you to understand your audience (customer). You have many choices for the future; spend some time with Bob Hammel, figure out who (we) your audience is, grow real thick skin (because we won’t), or relocate to a state that doesn’t care what you write about Coach Knight. Because most of us won’t accept the direction you are heading now.

  26. We, the responders do not own this blog site. There are several bloggers who may feel that they are more important than other bloggers but thats always the case. My opinion is no more, no less important than anyone else. Do I always agree with Chris? No! Chris has a job to do. I don’t think he’s a smart-***, he wasn’t here when Knight ran Bloomington. Should he take the position of total reverance? I don’t think so! I don’t feel that he should seek new employment.

  27. Chris,
    I am amazed that you would think that people are just “ornery”… as if your headline isn’t like poking a beehive with a stick and saying the bees were “ornery”. You intended to insult a large portion of the IU basketball fanbase and you act like you had no idea of what the result would be. Are you really that obtuse? It isn’t too late to change professions, maybe you could be the modern day Don Rickles!

  28. Every man is accountable for his actions, belief system, and the results there of.

    Journalists are not exempt.

    I’m pleased to see Korman and his staff getting called out for their attempts to come up to speed on the true Indiana University Athletic culture.

    The attempt(s) to create a new hip culture have proven to be ineffective. I get bored stiff reading about a 3-4 star prospect and/or recruit; yawn! But it must be fun as hell to road trip to get a glimpse of a ‘maybe’ Hoosier, and then write to a phantom audience that cares. If I wanted that type of content, Peegs and those like Peegs are chalked full. . .

    Korman and the HTStaff can no longer call the we were not around during the Knight or Mallory years card; therefore we will focus on the now. The fact of the matter, the Knight and Mallory years produced positive results for the University. Fans were in the stands not burying their heads in the sand. There’s something positive in the past and it should not be ignored.

    It’s time for Korman to mature and embrace the full spectrum of Indiana University Athletics culture. And beg Bob Hammel for the wisdom, knowledge and understand he operated in to make covering IU unique and special again.

    I’m not interested in chill bump, emotionally driven IU sports coverage; I’m interested in the truth and health of our programs. Help hold the university accountable for the way the athletic department is ran and the end results obtained.

    j a c k

  29. My take on all of this is its just another way to blame the media for reporting Knight’s various misdeeds as well as his many, many accomplishments. What I think is that most folks wanted the media to be Bob’s PR machine rather than a mechanism for objectively reporting the facts as they occur. Many talk about non-emotional reporting and accountability, but why can’t they see that they didn’t want that when it came to Coach Knight? Just the good stuff please!

    As far as Bob Hammel goes. Great writer. Enjoyed reading his stuff for a long, long time. In the end his friendship with Knight was more important to him than his profession. The proof’s in the pudding, he left B-Town to be Bob’s BFF. He cannot be an objective reporter when it comes to his friend.

    There is no doubt that Coach Knight deserves to be in the IU HOF. I want Knight to come to the HOF ceremonies and let bygones be bygones. There’s fault all the way around and IU has made a step toward reconciliation and putting this crap in the past. Let’s see if Bob can also step in that direction.

  30. Those two are reaping exactly what they sowed.
    I am not sorry about this criticism towards them. They need to figure out the culture of the people who they are trying to entertain. It is that simple.

  31. Korman,

    I’m not a usual on here, but I think the crap being thrown your way is ridiculous. I was already implied to be a narcissist on this blog because of ruffling some football feathers and making some rather over-the-top comments…I believe you described it as “cantankerous”. Why stop now?

    Whether six paragraphs or six words, isn’t it all narcissism to a degree?.. Many of the bloggers on this site would love to have the lofty position of hurling stories to the web air. Some likely believe they could do a better job at it..I think I would fail miserably. There was nothing wrong with the title to your story..You shouldn’t have to apologize for anything…You busted down some doors to sit at that desk and there’s nothing wrong with putting any edge you want on a story…If they don’t like it they can go form their own blogs(most I’ve seen that provide us with their handy links attached to their posts really don’t deserve the name..they’re more like blobs instead of blogs…just information..no interaction or challenge of opinion..) I like the fact that your story headline wasn’t Charmin tissuey soft…Who cares if it’s politically correct…Its an open forum…Should it ever be without hint of provocation, merely cut and dry? How damn boring that would be…The reader always have the option to speak their piece, fire away, or ditch out and take their righteousness elsewhere…They have the power to make you fail, Chris..They should be honored you give them that power..Before it hits the screen(or the sh** fan in this case), the only person you should have to answer to is your boss. Of course there is the conscience, but how many of us answer to that? There’s nothing stopping any of us from trying to steal your job. It’s so easy to shoot out the criticism…The only hope for some of these anal thinkers is that their rectums someday grow retinas.

  32. Coach Knight once said that everyone learns to write by the second grade. Then most of us go on to greater things. Which is proof positive the only thing needed to be a journalist is a second grade education, no conscience and the possibility to be admired by someone with three eyes. No wonder it is a dying profession and blogs are taking over. It successfully destroys the subject matter it (ab)uses and the audience it does not want to understand to create a shocking headline while only searching for the truth in the same action. That is stuff Houdini would want to master.

  33. And Steve Rushin once wrote that most of us stop throwing chairs and calling ourselves Bobby by the second grade, too. That’s certainly not proof positive of, well, anything. It’s just what one guy said. Knight happens to be rather well-read. And one of his best friends happens to be a writer. I don’t think that statement represented his true feelings.

    Journalism isn’t dying. In fact, it’s thriving. More people use the journalism we produce than ever before. Including blogs, most of which are parasitic in nature. This happens to be a blog that serves as an addendum to our coverage; you certainly wouldn’t be served judging our work by reading only this.

    One reason we have the blog is because we do want to understand the audience. And we want to interact with it. Give you guys a place to have your say, whatever it may be.

  34. Korman, folks are being pretty hard on you. I admit I was a huge Knight fan. The man has his face all over my IU room at home and autographs galore. I got a kick out of your title and thought it fit nicely. You tend to be very objective on your topics and opinions so it did not bug me and I did not read into it. This topic did not interest me so I skipped it until now and am surprised at the crap you are taking!

  35. The Steve Rushin statement is the most profound literary piece of work I have ever known a second grader from the RMK School of journalism to author while throwing a chair. Simply astonishing and highly impressive.
    Coach Knight is very well read and has been well read. I imagine research on him would probably reveal he doesn’t read newspapers. I am sure he is blamed by print news organizations for the increasingly poor circulation of daily newspapers for readership. They darn near have to give them away. I guess their not needed as much for wrapping fish. They still do sell a few. Of course you can’t wrap fish in a blog.

    Since you have ignored it twice probably proves I am wasting my time on a third try. Please aid me in understanding how Coach K, Steve Alford and Dan Dakich (I can name dozens more) have developed the type of character and personalities they have since they were influenced so badly by Coach Knight. I mean everyone he has ever come in eye contact with he has turned into social outlaws (many are sports writers who were imprisoned in behavioral institutions).
    The story of West Point dismissing Coach Crews is simply Jim crews got himself fired. Trying to attach Coach knight to it is only an attempt to sell more product. It has absolutely -0- to do with anything about Coach Knight.

  36. “I guess their not needed as much for wrapping fish. They still do sell a few. Of course you can’t wrap fish in a blog.”

    Have to admit… that was damn funny. Now you should be nice and take Korman down from horse that stands below the righteous tree.

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