Word From Learfield

Andy Rawlings, executive vice president and COO of Learfield Communications sent us this release regarding negotiations with Sirius XM radio to get Indiana football games back on XM.

Negotiatons between Sirius XM Radio and Learfield Sports, Indiana’s multimedia rights partner, have been ongoing for several months but have recently stalled. We do remain eager to reach an agreement with Sirius XM. They offer a great service — one we know many fans enjoy immenseley, particularly during the college football season — and hope that we can eventually find a place where everyone wins.


  1. So- just like the big ten network tv issues a year or so back, the fans don’t matter! Many out of state alumni subscribe to xm for one reason- IU sports are broadcast there. We pay already for that service and many of us have contracts in place- but now, in order to hear today’s game, I must pay again somewhere else- and so must all others or just forget listening. What a shame that even though there are never enough fans for the IU games to sell out, the loyal fans that do exist are locked out because of someone’s greed. A great example of how America functions today. I will be dropping my xm account if this is not corrected very soon-

  2. As an out of state fan, I am with you. Though I am more inclined to start a class action suit against Leerfield for monopolistic behavior than drop XM.

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