A little ditty about IU football, Hoosier Hysteria

Highlights from IU football practice today:

  • It was nasty out. With the rain and cold, it wasn’t much fun to be out there. But as Dustin remarked, you’re much better off being one of the guys who has to play than one of the backups. Can’t imagine how the guys in wet pads standing on the sideline felt.
  • IU continued with its emphasis on live hitting, and again ended the session by going live. Bill Lynch said afterward that he was pleased with the way the team tackled and that he hopes doing it more this week will lead to doing it better on Saturday.
  • Darius Willis, the starting tailback who has been dealing with ankle and rib injuries, practiced but wore an orange “do-not-hit” jersey. When I watched him run, it did not seem like his ankle bothered him much. Lynch wasn’t sure what his status would be for Saturday.
  • Safety Chris Adkins missed practice with an unknown elbow ailment. Yes, this means Jerimy Finch saw more practice time. He got burned on one play I watched, but otherwise seemed solid.
  • Running back Zach Davis-Walker didn’t practice. He had a boot on his left foot. Guard Pete Saxon dressed but didn’t participate much. As always, we’ll get a full injury report on Friday.
  • Lynch had an edge to him today. He got after a few players, though not necessarily in a mean way. He’s still fairly mild — and more professional, if you ask me — compared to many a high school coach, but today he made an effort to speak sternly to several specific players. Each one got the message and gave more effort.


  1. Dude, I actually thought for a second that one of you was going to give us some lyrics about the Hoosiers (I’ve heard Hugh can spit hot fire). For future reference, we Hoosiers do not take the phrase “little ditty” lightly. Thus, to avoid any future disappointment playing the video, I give you THE little ditty:

    And since I’ve already gone there, here’s another one from Mr. Cougar that pretty much sums up last Saturday’s performance for this Hoosier:

  2. Nice vid… the heavy shadows…the close quarters…If you had the cameraman pan in just a smidgen tighter..maybe had some dried sausages and bread hanging from the ceiling tiles, it would look like a scene right out of Das Boot. PariScoops Up! I’m definitely seein’ a bit of Jurgen Prochnow in Dopirak.. Dive! Dive! Hoosier football is taking a dive!

  3. IMO this game against Illinois is make or break for IU football this year. The team has to put in a spirited effort and win the game. If they don’t do both things I fear the slide that occurred last season will repeat itself.

    I’m heartened by the news of live hitting and Lynch getting on some kids. They need it. I think coach has done a pretty reasonable job responding week to week to the problems that have emerged and I hope this week’s attempts to fire this group up and get it to tackle pay off.

    A five or six win season still isn’t out of the question, but the turnaround needs to start now.

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