A t-shirt contest and a motivational video

Yikes. Tom Crean appears to be on fire.

Meanwhile, students who order season tickets this year will receive a t-shirt. You can vote on what that t-shirt will look like.

So far, reviews of the possible designs have been . . . uhh, mixed. Here’s Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall, via Twitter: “Color me unimpressed with the “T-Shirt design” entries.” Our own Megan M. replied to him thusly: “No kidding. Some started out ok, and just didn’t know when to stop. Others.. Didn’t even start out ok.”

Apparently these designs were submitted by students. As with many things run/produced/designed by students — government, plays, newspapers — the flaws of youth are quite evident. But I’d like to think there’s also something cool about knowing a classmate put the work into the design. I always felt that way writing for The Daily Collegian at Penn State: we weren’t The New York Times (or The Harrisburg Patriot-News, for that matter) but we were a bunch of 20-year-olds putting it on the line everyday.

Anyway, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the designs.

Finally, while we’re quoting Twitter, here’s one from Dane Fife: “I’m not the first to make this prediction, but Americas Coach, Coach Bob Knight will be on Bloomington in November…”


  1. I like all the t-shirts. I have a question, I never been to Midnight Madness, I’m planning on coming this year. Are the seating first come first serve??
    Thanks fellow Hoosier fans.

  2. The t-shirts are ridiculously bad. As a student season ticket holder, I hated all the options. The t-shirts look like shirts I could buy at a NASCAR race from the 1990s.

  3. I agree completely, they are not at the level the football ones were and there were still complaints by students on how the new one looked.

    Anyone have any favorites?

    I think they just changed the 10th option to a new “Hope” T-Shirt ala the famed Obama logo. It wasn’t there earlier today.

  4. T-Shirts are, for the most part, pretty bush league & undeserving of our students. That said, however, no one has yet seized the opportunity to unite the students by giving them a proper identity. They have no nickname, no predominate reputation, no particular cause(s) which they support, no notorious taunts, not much of anything but some ridiculous big heads (most of which have 0 connection to IU). A t-shirt is a start, I guess, albeit one lacking much graphical/creative inspiration.

    And while I’ve never heard of Knight as “America’s Coach,” he is “the winningest coach in America.” I suppose that better qualifies him for the title than, say, the Braves or Cowboys.

  5. Wisco, apparently you didn’t go to any basketball games last year, or you’d know why we need to advertise. Hopefully we’ll get a windfall of sales after we see a product on the court friday night, but I still think the general opinion is that the team isn’t back to the level that promotes constant sellouts.

  6. The shirts are AWFUL. Worse than the options they had for football season!

    Yet there’s an army of people on Peegs who swear that the athletic department should just rely upon students on campus to re-design logos or create marketing plans, rather than paying outside firms for their expertise. This is the CRAP you get when you go ‘free’ and rely upon the students.

  7. I’d rather have a simple red shirt that said “IU Basketball 2009-10” or “Indiana Hoosiers” than those designs. It’d be easier, too.

  8. “Bobbie Sue” you’re absolutely crazy. Why pay outside firms to do work that Kelley School of Business Faculty and Graduate Students (many who have worked at these “outside firms”) can do just as well and maybe better since they understand Indiana Basketball. You’re acting like a Kentucky fan. Stupid.

  9. Scott W:

    Yes, entry into Midnight Madness is on a first come serve basis. There’s no assigned seating. Well, except for “VIP” people, but you can get great seats if you get there early enough.

  10. Scott W:

    Yes, entry into Midnight Madness is on a first come serve basis. There’s no assigned seating. Well, except for “VIP” people, but you can get great seats if you get there early enough.

  11. #5 and #6 are acceptable. If I was going to be expected to wear this, I would vote for #6. #5 is nice but seems like something sold out of the back of a pickup in the parking lot. Maybe if that was the back and there was a really professional front to the shirt, I’d change my mind.

    #1, #3, and #4 are absolute abominations.

  12. Actually, I was at all of them, HB. Fairly solid attendance for a 6-win team. But, the balcony was pretty open several times and some others. Ive just never known us to have hoops commercials. Sad, but probably a good idea.

    By the way, thanks for being quick with the sarcasm and putting me in my place. It is the blog way!

  13. Hey SD,

    Because these designs are the kind of garbage you get when you involve students. You sound like a stupid Hoosier fan! of which I’ve learned there are MANY over the past several years.

  14. Odd that no one has picked up the wrong year on the first banner in the video. 23 seconds in if you want to take another look.

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