Adkins out, Willis and Saxon questionable

Chris Adkins mysterious elbow ailment is apparently enough to keep him out of the lineup for Saturday’s game against Illinois, which means Hoosier fans could get to see what they’ve apparently all been waiting for — Jerimy Finch on defense. The Florida transfer has been playing as the third safety in nickel sets this week in practice, and will likely have the same role Saturday.

Also out for the Hoosiers are defensive ends Darius Johnson (shoulder) and Fred Jones (foot), linebacker Leon Beckum (ankle), defensive tackle Jarrod Smith (back) and running back Zach Davis-Walker (foot). Redshirt freshman running back Darius Willis, who missed Saturday’s game and practiced this week with a yellow, no-contact jersey, is listed as questionable with an ankle injury. Right guard Pete Saxon is also questionable with an ankle injury.


  1. Personally, I don’t give a flying you know what in regards to who is back there on defense as long as they can play man-to-man! I sick of seeing zone defenses in the secondary! All they do is prevent you from winning against intelligent/talented opponents. Zones are a free highway to the end-zone almost every time.

    And stop giving 10 yard cushions to receivers for crying out loud! Play up and be physical for God’s sake! Hit them hard off the line and knock them off their route and/or disrupt the timing. It’s ridiculous watching these guys sit back 10 yards give up 5 yard passes routinely!

  2. Congrats to the hated Boilers. At 1-5, they went into the game against OSU with no excuses and expected to win.

    We were 3-1 when we played OSU, coming off a real close game at Michigan, and all we could say after the game was that “OSU is just too good.” I find myself asking yet again, Why not IU? Where is our marquee victory in the Lynch years? A road win against a bad Iowa team two years ago? Last year’s win against Northwestern?

    I hope the Oaken Bucket game won’t be a repeat of last year, where the second-worst team in the conference looked like a national champion against the worst one. I feel like tonight against Illinois, we need to win by at least 20 points for me to feel like there is still some fire in this team left.
    I’m eying the Cal-UCLA game as an answer to the question: can a team regain momentum after a huge midseason letdown? A preseason top 10 team, Cal got blown out in its last two games by Oregon and USC, scoring a combined 6 points. Granted, Oregon and USC are much much better than Virginia. However, granted Cal’s expectations, their performances are comparable to IUs two lame ducks in the last 2 games.
    Cal seems to be rebounding by pouring it on UCLA. Pehaps IU will finally show some passion and do the same to Illannoy.

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