Catching up with recruits

Spent part of yesterday tracking down some of the players that IU had in Assembly Hall Friday for Hoosier Hysteria. Dustin Dopirak and I will continue to track down more recruits in the coming days.

You can read the notebook here, but here are some things that did not make the cut from my conversations with Ron Patterson, Jeremy Hollowell and Sherron Wilkerson (about Darryl Baker).

Ron Patterson

The 6-foot-4 sophomore from Broad Ripple is very short with his answers, but I did ask him about recent reports suggesting he, Jeremy Hollowell and even Kellon Thomas are a package deal.

While Patterson said that the three talk about it all the time, they’ve yet, as far as he knows, to mention it to a college coach. So, take all that talk with a grain of salt.

I’ll be interesting to watch his Broad Ripple team this season. Basil Mawbey has taken over the program, and he is known for defense. Broad Ripple, well, was not last season. With Patterson and Steven Jamison, the talent is there for Broad Ripple to challenge in a sectional with Lawrence North and North Central — if the Rockets commit to defense.

Patterson also admitted he was very far away from making a decision.

Jeremy Hollowell

Hollowell was one of a handful of players that attended not just Hoosier Hysteria, but also Saturday’s open practice.

The 6-foot-7 sophomore from Lawrence Central said he was impressed with the turnout (a couple thousand people probably watched at least part of Saturday’s practice) and how intense the practice was.

“It was crazy how many fans love basketball here and how they support the team,” Hollowell said.

Hollowell, Patterson and Thomas (a sophomore at Southport) are all joining Indiana Elite One next year, joining IU commit Matt Carlino, as well as prospects Cody Zeller, Marshall Plumlee and Spencer Turner. The sophomore trio, along with Avon’s Austin Burgett, were one of the better teams in the nation with Spiece, but the coach of that team, Chris Hawkins, is now assisting Bob Pryor with Indiana Elite One.

More immediately, Lawrence Central may be one of the challengers for Bloomington South’s run at a second-straight undefeated season. The Bears gave the Panthers a tough game last season, and Hollowell and 6-foot-4 Jared Drew will both be in the lineup this season.

“I think we’re going to be able to run a lot and be able to push the ball,” Hollowell said. “If we just play hard every night, we should be able to make a run.”

Darryl Baker

Baker, a freshman guard at Jeffersonville, does not yet talk to the media, but I did speak to his mentor, Sherron Wilkerson.

Wilkerson, a former Hoosier, joined Baker for Hoosier Hysteria and said Baker came away impressed.

“He said, ‘I’ve always dreamed about playing in front of a crowd like this,'” Wilkerson said.

Baker, who stands 6-foot-1, is trying to adjust to high school basketball.

“He’s doing well,” Wilkerson said. “Going through the typical stages of maturing and becoming a high school basketball player.”

Of course, when I saw Baker this summer, he was playing on a 16-under team for Wilkerson and dominating the competition. His play earned him the recognition from top programs across the Midwest.

While no scholarship offers have come yet, visits have been set up not just at Indiana (that was Hoosier Hysteria), but Xavier, Evansville, Purdue and Butler.

“Good problems to have,” Wilkerson said.


  1. I’m just going to assume that in his mentor role, Sherron Wilkerson is displaying the maturity and wisdom he gleaned from his wayward past, highlighted by being kicked off the IU team for smacking his girlfriend in the head. Either that or his mentorees (new word to language)are in a bad way …….

  2. eric, and the point of that comment was….? We know Wilkerson’s past, but it is just that, the past. So why bring it up? You sound like my wife when you do that.

  3. Its good to see that some people have never made a mistake in their entire life(eric). Yeah, what Sherron did was incredibly stupid and should never be condoned, but he was a kid. I for one wish him the best and hope he’s turned his life around which it seems like he’s done.

  4. I’m not saying Sherron Wilkerson can’t be a good mentor or that he hasn’t turned his life around. I also claim no sainthood as Duderino apparently believes. It was just a shock to see Wilkerson’s name at all, let alone as a mentor to a 14-year-old. I hadn’t heard anything of him since he left IU.

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