Crean: I don’t have time for freshmen to be freshmen

After showing off his team in what was basically a fake practice Friday night, Tom Crean allowed Indiana to see a real one Saturday, and as he said he would be, he was much less tolerant of screwups than he was at Hoosier Hysteria.

There’s no confusing Tom Crean with Bob Knight, of course, but Crean didn’t have any problem calling out players when he thought they were dogging it, even a little. In a five-on-five drill, Jordan Hulls was called for a turnover, for “walking the ball up the court,” Bobby Capobianco was chastised for taking what Crean called a “stroll in the park,” and Crean made his most telling point of the evening early in practice when he was trying to make sure the team was properly communicating on defense.

“I don’t have time for freshmen to be freshmen,” he said. “I don’t have time for people to be quiet.”

That’s not to say the Hoosiers were dogging it by any means or being generally lackadaisical, but any time he saw even the hint of malaise, he called it out.

He didn’t, however, stay in any players’ face for more than one play, making his criticisms and moving on.

Mostly, though, he was teaching on Friday, making sure his guys knew where they were supposed to be on each drill and making sure they knew why they had to be there.

Much of practice was dedicated toward getting players prepared for the physicality of the Big Ten. They had to drive against two and three defenders with pads on one layup drill and then rebound while two or three padded defenders boxed them out. There was also a lot of running and fast breaking, though, as Crean is attempting to go much more uptempo than he was a season ago.

They’re kicking me off press row here, so I’ll have more later.


  1. VERY off topic, just wanted to say the 3 of u guys are lookin pretty fly in that pic on the right, I like the sweater Hugh. hah

  2. I like the tone of his practices. I hope teams dread playing the Hoosiers because they’ll know they’ll end up puking their guts out.

  3. Did you really expect anyone to confuse or compare the two?

    There’s no confusing Tom Crean with Bob Knight, of course

  4. Well obviously Bob Knight isn’t Tom Crean, he is a Regular Coke man 🙂

    /no idea if this is true or not

  5. You guys look like dorks in the picture — Im sure your not but why in the world dont you put some IU gear on when you are reporting????????? Loosen up Boys its time you enjoy and have fun. Many people would love to do what you are so go for it!

  6. Hammer,

    Journalists don’t sport the gear of the team they’re covering. They’re not schills, their supposed no be non-biased.

    I dig Hugh’s sweater, but he needs to lose the hats.

  7. Bobbie,(people dont use two first names) I thought these guys were in school? IF not ok if so wear gear! I guess you even think coach shouldnt wear gear?? Relax and enjoy make it easy on yourself if your good it wont make a difference! Have fun

  8. The group photo to the right is solid. Don’t go changing. The argyle sweater only needs a tweed/corduroy coat to complete the look (and maybe a pipe).

    Stopped by briefly yesterday for the hoops practice, it was definitely more educational than Friday night in terms of what we have this year. Based on that limited review, I’d say this team is a whole lot better than last year (which is not saying a lot)

  9. Hammer,

    Yeah, we’re all out of school. And we all went to school in other states.

    When we were there, and working in student media, we didn’t wear gear. It would not have been the professional thing to do in that situation.

    We have a lot of fun. We’re lucky to tell the stories we get to tell, and to interact with fans like you guys. The joy comes from doing the type of journalism we always wanted to do.

  10. Sports reporters should avoid having their own pictures published, and using the stupid made up term ‘physicality’. I bet B Hammel never once in all his years used it. Especially not erroneously.

    I was at practice for just a while saturday, and they were obviously preparing for the emotionality, intellectuallity, and fundamentality of playing in the BigTen also!

    It’s just a pet peeve. ;<)

    Go Hoosiers! (and anybody playing the Buckeyes)

  11. The one I can’t stand is when people say ‘irregardless’. ‘Regardless’, not ‘irregardless’, is the antonym of ‘regard’.

  12. If you want to use the dictionary pick another word. It’s full of them.

    Still just a pet peeve.

    Oh yeah, basketball players jump they don’t elevate.

    My son thinks I’m getting old and grumpy. He’s probably right.

    Pretty soon somebody will invent testicality.

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