1. Funny thing is it’ll probably happen…because it’s the only thing left that could that would make absolutely no sense.

  2. I’m not sure if Bruce is: a) too proud to back off his prior prediction, or b) completely unaware of Indiana’s remaining schedule & recent performances. Either way, I think it’s about as likely as Kelvin Sampson being included in IU’s next Hall of Fame class. Besides, is a bowl game in Detroit against a MAC team really a reward for us?

  3. For this team(and coaching staff), it would be a fitting reward. And I would probably go.

    I for one though do not think 6 wins will get a bowl game. Too many BigTen schools will be bowl-eligible. It’ll take 7. If they win out they deserve to go somewhere.

    On the basis of Saturday’s result, I would think it’s unlikely.

  4. IU going to a bowl game…That’s a laugh!.. ….Maybe as likely as a kid from Texas named Titus(a perfectly good sounding given football name)that is the son of Bobby Knight(a perfectly good sounding basketball surname) strapping on a tight Hoosier Speedo for an IU swim team…(here’s where it gets really far out)…This Titus Knight kid from Texas just happens to be at Northwestern on the same weekend IU football suffers its most crushing and heartbreaking loss in many a memory…On the night before, Titus, do maybe just to spite us(?), for no Scoop columnist his sport shall ever give ounce of blog space to write this, in what could only be described as a one man Friday Night Lights ghost of Mark Spitz moment, swam his heart out(winning the 100, 200, and 500 freestyle events) to mount a victorious rally and tremendous comeback against the Northwestern Wildcats….“Men’s Swimming Opens Season with 167-131 win at Northwestern”…There’s always a story…you just have to search for it. Wonder if Titus was at the football game?

    “This win kind of surprised me,” said head coach Ray Looze. “We had every excuse to lose…” Trailing 23-13, Indiana made its move in the 200 freestyle, posting a 1-2-3-4 finish. Junior Titus Knight took first in 1:39.30 Knight earned his second win of the evening with a time of 45.44 in the 100 free…Knight’s third win of the night came in the 500 free, touching the wall in 4:31.12….“Titus really stood out tonight,” Looze said.

    Let’s not ignore diving(something the Hoosier football team has tremendous experience)…”Freshman Casey Johnson led the Hoosiers in the 3-meter springboard competition.” WAY TO GO, CASEY!

  5. Excuse me? Indiana would need TWO upsets to make a bowl game. There is a 0% chance this team is FAVORED against Purdue.

    BTW – We lost our best recruit today! Way to go, staff!

    2007 – Jerimy Finch
    2007 – Sidney Glover
    2008 – Jeremy Gainer
    2008 – Kenny Watkins
    2009 – Jibreel Black

  6. Can’t blame black for bailing. Lynch offers zero hope. Why play for a loser that won’t be around when you can jump on the rising Cincy train

  7. A Lynch coached team winning any game would be an upset at this point. Maybe we should take a note out of Black’s book and check into the Cincy coach. Looks like that is the only way we will see him in the cream and crimson. Can’t say that I blame the kid for his choice in the least bit. Cincy is a good example of how fairly often a coach goes to a school not known for its ability to win and does just that. Just goes to show you it can happen with the right people in the right places. Lynch was not the right person in the right place when he coached in the MAC and he sure isn’t the right person in the right place at IU. I think it speaks volumes when we lose a recruit that has a brother already on the team. Makes you wonder what the brother on our team has told the brother looking at teams.

  8. I thought Cincy was a Basketball school. They have a winning football program too? And a top ten ranking to boot! How can that be?

    What’s this Bruce guy been smoking? It could be that IU has won it’s last game of this season. What’s the odds on that?

  9. Good point, Casey. I think this just shows how many meaningless bowl games exist. Bruce obviously isn’t examining our schedule, or that of other potential Little Caesar’s Bowl participants, very closely.

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