Felisha Legette-Jack’s thoughts

Indiana’s women’s basketball coach is at the mic:

“This is a very young team, and this will be the ultimate challenge,” she says. But she hopes the returning experience she does have, mostly in the form of Jamie Braun and Jori Davis, can help the team reach new heights.

Some of the players were out in the fraternity and sorority neighborhood last night, trying to meet students and encourage them to come to games.

Sasha Chaplin, the forward who was lost five games into last season, is back. And she’s grown. She’s up to 6-foot-4.

Legette-Jack is excited about two flashy point guards on the team this year: Whitney Lindsay, who runs so fast she sometimes leaves the ball behind, and Sasha Bernard, who is such a creative passer that some of them may end up in the crowd after flying by surprised teammates.

Legette-Jack credits Tom Crean with helping her to grow the women’s basketball program. She thinks fans are slowing growing to appreciate the game as it is played beneath the rim.

Regarding Braun, who most observers believe will be the heart of this team, is majoring in African-American Studies. When Legette-Jack asked her why, Braun replied: “Because I want to understand you.”

Braun will move to the “two” this season, and her leadership role will expand. She’s been able to be quiet with experience in front of her, but will need be more vocal this season. She’ll also be relied upon to score more, especially with her 3-point shot.

How will the Hoosiers play this season? Legette-Jack thinks she can play more man-to-man (woman-to-woman?) defense, while continuing to play up-tempo on offense.

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