Glass guarantees Lynch’s last two years

Indiana athletics director Fred Glass said this morning that football coach Bill Lynch will finish out his contract, the Indiana Daily Student’s Sean Morrison is reporting.

“I think contracts need to mean something again at Indiana University,” Glass said. “He’s in the second year of a four-year contract … I hope that and really think that coach Lynch will be very successful.”

At Big Ten Media Days in Chicago in July, Glass replied with a quick “No” when I asked if a contract extension had been discussed for Lynch.

I suspect we’ll have more on this later.


  1. I was pretty hard on the Lyncher after Saturday but Glass gets a nod from me. Gutsy and classy act for the Head Fred.

  2. Well it sounds like he still will have a chance to turn the program around. Fred Glass is a business mind and will use this time to get the AD in the black. After two years the program will be in a better standing (moneywise) to make a solid hire or make an extension so Lynch does not get stolen by the SEC.

  3. Good to hear! He’s right. Contracts don’t mean diddly squat when it comes to IU Athletics and that does need to change!

    Granted the loss to Northwestern was a disgrace, but overall the Hoosiers have NOT looked that bad this season! It takes more than a year to turn around a program that’s been in the dumps for decades!!

  4. I wish the football team had a better record, but this season hasn’t been that bad. Yeah, Ohio State is better than IU, but that is true of most teams. Yeah, Virginia happened, but stuff happens. The other two losses were close losses on the road in conference, it’s tough.

    But I see our team playing more competitively each year since Hep took over, and Lynch is recruiting better than any coach in over a decade. Oh yeah, he actually led IU to a bowl game in the past twenty years. Let’s see how he turns out in the long run. He sure can’t do worse than the previous decade of utter failure.

  5. Glass better hope IU honors contracts…cause with stupid decisions like this, his will be the next to go!

    way to go Glass!!! the next two years are going to be as painful as dinardos years….oh boy!

  6. I think this is a bad move but that is just me. I have stuck with the program through thick and thin so I will stay with it. I want to reply to a couple things from posters:

    The Ath Dept is actually in good shape now.

    Lynch has not recruited better when you look at the big picture. IU is 10 or mostly 11 in the Big 10 every year. We are ranked 11 today in recruiting.

    He has had more than a year to turn it around, especially if you consider Hep started it…he had a kickstart.

    I feel as though I am beating a dead horse sometimes. I am amazed at the amount of people that agree with this. Look at the big picture, not just first half and second half points but the big picture. Buy a ticket and sit low and listen, watch, the coaches…study the game on the field. Oh, I forgot a starter for 4 years just stated to the HT that there are NO adjustments made at the half. That is CRAZY!!! Do you all get that???????I do not like winning 3 or 4 games every year!

  7. Townie:From Oct 28th Q7A with Mr Glass

    Q: Why did you opt not to have a contract?

    A: I guess I concluded that you can have all the stuff you want in a contract but ultimately you’re betting on yourself on whether you’re going to be successful or not. If you’re not successful, you need to move on and if you are successful all that contractual stuff isn’t important. I’m comfortable being an at-will employee.

  8. I think everyone can agree that this year’s team has looked better than last year’s team. As long as that trend continues, then this decision is a good one.

    Is it the best option? Maybe not. Is it a decision that ensures our team will continue to grow? Probably (even if we eventually need to hire a new coach to take us to the next level).

    The only thing that troubles me is that, as a college coach, it’s extremely hard to recruit for the future when you can’t guarantee recruits that you’ll even be the head coach two years from now. Who would commit to that situation? We should either fire him and get a new coach, or give him a two year extension.

  9. Congrats to Glass for having the guts to man up and honor what has been put in writing. It’s about time that a person’s word and honor were spoken about again at IU. Now, do the right thing and pay BK with IU funds instead of donor funds and bring the IU nation back together. Be the bigger man in that debate.

  10. I’ll bet that this decision (which I think is the right one) comes with some “strings.” The strings are staff upgrades that will improve game day performance.

  11. WK…that’d be for the best.

    Lynch has good composure and integrity…he needs better people supporting him though — and that might be more financially possible in the near future.

  12. For those wanting Lynch gone, what is the outcome?

    There are no deep pockets for a big-time football coaching contract to attract a star to IU. And even if there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, what high-profile coach would make the leap to IU given our lack of football success over the past 20 years?

    Any move would be lateral at best — another MAC-type guy looking for the stepping stone, or a falling-DeNardo like star looking to land one final time.

    People following the program closely see the successes aren’t in the ranking of recruiting classes, but the identification of talent to be developed beyond the current high school rankings. If IU can solidify it’s DBs and see defensive lineman develop to step in for Kirlew & Middleton after this year, IU is in better shape than it was since Coach Hoep arrived. The inertia was created by Hoep, and believe it or not, Lynch is keeping the momentum going.

    This is Glass’ best all yet. The decision will be even better is Lynch is given the freedom to shake up the assistant coaching ranks….

  13. Before those of you looking for a coaching change go out and purchase the rope for your hanging, consider a very important management principle that is a play here: you NEVER throw a subordinate under a bus while they are still working for you. NEVER. Displeasure is expressed in private. Your first act of public displeasure is remove said person from their job (aka firing them).

    It is important to remember that Glass has made building the football program a personal goal. His own butt is on the line for this one and he’s actively working on what it takes to get us back on track.

    The way NOT to get us back on track is throwing your head coach under a bus with a “warning shot” while all those 18 – 22 yr old kids watch with uncertainty elevating your risk of transfers and harming your recruiting efforts even further. Glass isn’t in the business of appeasing those sitting on the coach at home that are unhappy with the current coach, he’s in the job of building a strong program. Right now, he’s trying to stop the hemorrhaging.

    I know you’re angry and I was not happy after the NW game either, but I think Glass is going about this properly and professionally.

    Also, what I’m not saying is for those who are unhappy about Lynch to keep quiet. If you don’t like him, continue to call for the coach’s head here and on the message boards as you are not bound to the same obligations of leadership that Glass has. But it would be helpful to understand that Glass has different set of rules to play by than you do and that I’m sure he clearly understands that people are unhappy about what they see on the field.

  14. You know, I’m not really that disappointed in this. I’m not sold on Lynch being the long term here or not, but he is who we have.

    Glass is right, contracts have to mean something here again. We all want a winning program, and if Lynch doesn’t deliver next season, then the replacement will be found during his last year.

    What does that do for us as fans and IU football as a program? It shows potential coaches that the administration is dedicated to making something happen. If Lynch doesn’t take this team farther, then it will show he had 5 years as head coach, 4 under contract to make a change.

    If we go after a better coach and offer him 6-10 years, then he is going to feel comfortable working his butt off and taking the necessary chances to try and build the program, knowing he is secure for the life of the contract.

    It might be hard to sit through the next couple years, but for the better of the program, it might be a necessary move.

  15. obviously some of these posts are from the same person, this is truly sad day for all the real IU football fans. I’m boycotting them just like Pacers!

  16. A little bit of integrity and honesty from the Athletic Dept. for a change. Contracts used to mean something, and I like what Glass is doing here. All this goes for not though because this is happening at the home of the worst college football fanbase. “We should hire new coaches, we should pay-off old coaches”, you can’t do these things when your fans won’t show up and spend the money at football games.

  17. College coaches never finish out contracts. Never! They either get extensions, move to a better job before the contract is up, or get fired. No college coach would be able to recruit without having a few years in his contract. This is absolute junk on the part of Mr Glass. Irregardless of Coach Lynch, no coaching contracts are ever honored in college athletics. Maybe he needs to call up a few ADS from around the Big Ten so he can understand that.

  18. This is unreal, we have the worst coach in D 1 and they are telling us hes staying for TWO more unbearable years? I hope they like that new stadium empty unless OSU is here. I had some respect for Glass but he is obviously no business man or has ANY backbone. It’s so sickening that I don’t plan on giving one cent to anything IU until Lynch is gone.

  19. WK and Casey, I agree with you. I would bet the farm that the staff with have new faces next year.

  20. something else I just thought of, I wonder if Glass got wind that Black went to Cinci because of rumors that Lynch would be gone. Could this all be to get recruits to stay with us?

  21. For those who are upset about this, I think that depending on the final outcome of our season, Glass and co. will seriously consider making some significant staffing changes at season’s end.

    …so there’s your silver lining, I suppose.

  22. JPat- who was the starter that stated about the no halftime adjustments? any links.. couldnt find it and would like to read it.. thanks…

  23. Wes, it was Ray Fisher and I think it was in Sundays or Mondays paper, Korman wrote it I think but not 100% sure.

  24. I think it’s vital for recruiting if nothing else. This could be pure posturing by all involved for that reason. Especially since we just lost a big recruit. I think stability still trumps all and the recruiting/team has been better and more up to par with the league in terms of size and speed. And the new facility will help. Still a long way to go though and it’s hard hard to progress when we seem to constantly take a step forward and two steps back, on the field and by losing recruits.

  25. I would really like for IU Football to get above 500. Lynch will have 3-9, 4-8, 5-7 years. Don’t tell me Lynch got us to 1 bowl game-that was Jane Hepner as Leader NOT Bill Lynch! Why must I wait for 2-3 years to be excited and enthused about football at IU? I would like to see you post the actual attendance numbers from Hep’s first year until now, for every home IU football game, a nice steady increase, then for each home football game subsequent to this announcement, a severe decrease. The AD must fill the football stadium! Crean will fill the basketball Hall. The AD should not “throw Coach Lynch under the bus”, but he should not eliminate all hope either.

  26. If you’re going to give Jane Hoeppner the credit for coaching the team in ’07, at least take the time to spell her name correctly.

    Attendance has been pretty good this year compared to the past several seasons. The Hall fills itself.

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