Glass: “Of course he’ll be back.”

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said this morning that he’ll honor the final two years of head football coach Bill Lynch’s contract.

“As I said last November, I think contracts need to mean something at Indiana again,” he said. “But beyond the pure letter of what we agreed on, I think coach Lynch has done a good job and will continue to be successful at Indiana beyond the length of his current contract.”

Glass said he had not discussed an extension with Lynch. It can be difficult for football coaches to recruit if they have only a few years remaining on their contracts. Players want to be assured of stability.

“I think that’s a fair question, but I don’t really want to get into speculation or ‘what-ifs’,” Glass said. “That’s really a personnel issue that I have to discuss with all of our coaches.”

A lawyer and civic leader before taking over IU’s athletic department in January, Glass has said that he would measure Lynch on progress and not win-loss record. He has been pleased with the year.

“It’s been an up and down year,” he said. “I think early in the year they improved game-to-game. The Virginia game was not good, and the question became whether that was indicative of where the program was going. We found out against Illinois that it wasn’t, because the team had its best performance of the year.”

Glass disagrees with those who have been critical of the coaching staff for the 29-28 loss at Northwestern over the weekend.

“They were a unique matchup for us, and I don’t agree with those who put it solely on the doorstep of the coaches,” he said. “There was good and bad in all three phases of the game, and ultimately the bad lingered a bit longer. But I didn’t see it as the coaching staff getting too conservative or going into a deep freeze or anything like that. It’s legitimate and fun to look at it that way, but ultimately not a round vision of what occurred.

“Sports Illustrated picked us to win two games. We’re 4-4. I’m a big fan of saying that you are what you are. And we are. We’re 4-4. But we’re two plays away from being 6-2. Last year we got shellacked by Purdue in one of the worst Bucket games ever. This year, you can see the improvement. The student and fan support has increased, partly due to what we’ve done to make the atmosphere better. But also because the team has had such solid performances. The fans appreciate that.”


  1. Glass says we are 2 plays from being 6-2 – that may be, but we are also 2 plays from being 2-6 – EKU ended the game w/ an incomplete pass in the endzone that would have won the game and WMU fumbled deep in IU territory very late in the game down by just 4 points – I like Lynch and wish him well, but I STILL don’t think he’s the answer for IU football!

  2. See, when you say things like that, you simply ensure that none of your future comments will be taken seriously at all.

  3. Illinois is awful. How does beating a team that has given up on its coach and is the worst team in the big ten(perhaps D1) grant progress. We beat Northwestern last year. Hey Glass, Michigan’s only big ten win was on us! I guess 1-7 is okay with him. They should stop running those “good football” because its the biggest lie every told!

  4. Mr. Glass, you are out of touch with reality. There isnt much more to fight for. IU football will have no hope with Lynch and now Glass.

  5. The dreaded vote of confidence! I have never seen a coach come back for another year after the boss makes a public vote of confidence. Lynch has had it. Turn the page.

  6. A little bit of integrity and honesty from the Athletic Dept. for a change. Contracts used to mean something, and I like what Glass is doing here. All this goes for not though because this is happening at the home of the worst college football fanbase. “We should hire new coaches, we should pay-off old coaches”, you can’t do these things when your fans won’t show up and spend the money at football games.

  7. As I posted on the first article, drop the whole contracts used to mean something nonsense. College coaches never finish out contracts. Never! They either get extensions, move to a better job before the contract is up, or get fired. No college coach would be able to recruit without having a few years in his contract. This is absolute junk on the part of Mr Glass. Irregardless of Coach Lynch, no coaching contracts are ever honored in college athletics. Maybe he needs to call up a few AD’s from around the Big Ten so he can understand that.

  8. At this point I can say I’m not at all convinced that Lynch is the guy. If I had to put odds on his long term success they would weigh strongly against.

    But no coach that comes into our situation is going to turn it around immediately, imo. Both Big Name or No Name coaches would need to be given time.

    Below is a table that shows the records of 4 coaches who were not big name coaches at the time of their appointment to schools that do not have a strong football history: Mangino/Kansas, Pinkel/Missouri, Grobe/Wake Forest and Beamer/VaTech. Their early records clearly indicate that they needed time to develop their programs. You can see that it took these men 6 or 7 years to gain traction, and that, with the exception of Pinkel, success exploded out of nowhere. The process was not linear.

    The most successful of these coaches, Beamer, was told to fire a big portion of his staff when things started to falter, which he did.

    Mangino Pinkel Grobe Beamer
    1 2–10 4–7 6–5 2–9
    2 6–7 5–7 7–6 3–8
    3 4–7 8–5 5–7 6–4–1
    4 7–5 5–6 4–7 6–5
    5 6–6 7–5 4–7 5–6
    6 12–1 8–5 11–3 2–8–1
    7 12–2 9–3

    Contrast the patience shown by the administrations of these schools with our own recent record with football coaches. Cam Cameron: 5 years. Gerry DiNardo: 3 years. Terry Hoeppner: 2 years. Bill Lynch: 3 years (I’m counting 2007 as Lynch’s).

    If Lynch were to be fired, we’d be starting again with the 5th coach since Mallory was fired in 1996. This is not a sustainable model for success, I don’t care who the coach is.

  9. Darn it, the table didn’t publish like it looked in the comment box. Here are the records, starting with their first year on the job, in a more readable form:

    Mangino: 2-10, 6-7, 4-7, 7-5, 6-6, 12-1
    Pinkel: 4-7, 5-7, 8-5, 5-6, 7-5, 8-5, 12-2
    Grobe: 6-5, 7-6, 5-7, 4-7, 4-7, 11-3
    Beamer: 2-9, 3-8, 6-4-1, 6-5, 5-6, 2-8-1, 9-3

  10. GFDave,


    People need to understand that regardless (not “irregardless,” which some posters apparently think is a real word) of the coach, it takes time to turn a program around — especially when “turning a program around,” in IU’s case, means turning a football team that’s 125-year history is marked by consistent losing into a winner.

    It’s a 125-year hole, and people are calling for our coach’s firing after three years. Of course Lynch isn’t the best coach, but he’s made strides, and like him or not, he needs more time than what he’s been given thus far.

  11. Agreed. Why does everyone posting act like we went from Rose Bowl every year to big ten cellar? This isn’t anything new. Lynch is no Pete Carroll but IU is no USC when it comes to football. Takes a special person to build a program into an Ohio State caliber team from scratch (ie. No significant history) and Bill Lynch isn’t it but if at the end of 5 years we can get to where we win 6 or 7, I’m cool with that. Yes, Northwestern was embarrassing. So was OK State in the Insight Bowl a few years ago. But i’ll gladly take 6 wins, drive 30 hours one way again, and watch us get our asses handed to us instead of starting all over again with another no name…for now

  12. I really feel that if Lynch had an offensive coordinator who knew what he was doing we’d have a couple more victories for sure. Think about how many times we’ve been in the red zone, unable to score.

    A big part of coaching is oversight, and being able to represent the university well. I think Lynch does that well. I don’t think he’s assertive enough, however, to admit that some of the playcalling is just awful.

  13. I found it troubling that timeouts were burned before every big play. Did it not occur to the staff that there might be a 4th and goal from a yard out during the game? A good staff makes those kind of calls on Tuesday and spends the week preparing to run them.

  14. Glass will gently push him out the door at season’s end…Simply damage control..Lynch makes peanuts and his remaining contract will be purchased upon the hire of a new coach…I think Fred is calling an audible..Games people play.

  15. • Rantometer October 25th, 2009 at 3:22 am |

    “Hope springs eternal”.

    I thought I read that famous quote on this blog somewhere…I can certainly see it had a huge impact…Isn’t the season only half over? “Eternal” seems to be played on quite a short field these days…How empty are words when they lack truth and integrity to support their simple nature..

    Could we not see the genuine disappointment written all over Lynch’s face after the loss today?

    It’s so easy to be the harsh cynic..Easy to be demanding…Easy to be the guy not wearing the shoes and always the critic…I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been all the above when it comes to talking about IU football…I’ve never had much hope..When I saw Bill Lynch’s face after that crushing loss today, I found a taste of hope…He is completely and unequivocally devoted to the Indiana Hoosiers…You could see his bleeding crimson heart all over his sleeve…I felt more like a Hoosier football fan today than I have in many years…

    If we are to be true fans and be true to the nature of our words, isn’t this the time to prove we are up to the challenge? Isn’t this when we need to step up to the plate? Is this not the time Bill Lynch and the Hoosiers need us most? Lynch’s job is obviously on the line..It’s easy to put faith in hostile shouts that now build a bonfire of reasons for his removal…I’m not arguing the merits of that decision…I haven’t watched enough IU football the past three years to make that call.. But do such chants of the fiery masses give more power to simple words of hope?…Can hope start from a simple sullen sideline gaze?…a sad eye?…a pooling of tear never shed upon cheek?…the slow bow of a dejected downward tilt of a cap? What is to be gained by bailing on our coach Lynch and team when they need us most? Is this the way we want our hope rewarded? Where is hope if we lack resolve, restraint, compassion, and empathy?…Where is hope if we lack brotherhood?…Where is hope if we lack faith?

    Are we to be Hoosier fans only on our best day? If so, then we are not loyal to our words. We are not loyal to our cheers..Our clapping hands are merely reddened palms of pretending self-pleasure, for they are the slapping sound of nothingness born of destitute and empty heart.

    I see nothing eternal in that hope.

    Take a chance at being a real fan…Risk your heart to your coach and his team on their worst day.

    Go Hoosiers!

    It seems Glass took heed and found our best day.

  16. I like the way Lynch carries himself but even my girlfriend who just started watching football this year didnt understand why we didnt go for the field goal against NU. 6-2,2-6, whatever. But when your constantly in those type of games you have to make smarter calls.

  17. Tom,

    If we had converted for a touchdown on the fourth-and-one, everyone would call it a “gutsy call” and this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s just one of those things that didn’t work out.

    And with all do respect, what your girlfriend who’s only just begun watching football thinks is probably not a good barometer for what’s right and wrong.

  18. I would really like for IU Football to get above 500. Lynch will have 3-9, 4-8, 5-7 years. Don’t tell me Lynch got us to 1 bowl game-that was Jane Hepner as Leader NOT Bill Lynch! Why must I wait for 2-3 years to be excited and enthused about football at IU? I would like to see you post the actual attendance numbers from Hep’s first year until now, for every home IU football game, a nice steady increase, then for each home football game subsequent to this announcement, a severe decrease. The AD must fill the football stadium! Crean will fill the basketball Hall. The AD should not “throw Coach Lynch under the bus”, but he should not eliminate all hope either.

  19. I will make sure that my friends and I do not enter any more games this year. I don’t care if it is only $5 for a student ticket. Lynch has destroyed all progress made by Hep and continues to show why he has never been a success anywhere he has been coach. Will IU ever once and for all throw down money and get someone who is qualified to lift this program back to respect.

    We lost a 25 point lead in one half to a team that can’t even fill their stadium to the extent of our own… My god. If Fred Glass wants to make an impact on this school, he is going to have to grow a pair and not be afraid to be bold. Lynch might be a great, nice guy… IU needs a warrior for a coach to resurrect the damage being done year after year. Get him out so we can get on with it.

  20. GF Dave,
    Good stats. As much as I doubt Lynch’s head coaching ability, I also realize that getting a new head coach guarantees us NOTHING…except of course that the new guy would make twice what Lynch makes now. We’ve fired everybody, including the winningest coach in school history. About the only thing we haven’t tried recently is sticking with someone for longer than 5 years.

    I’m really starting to think that Canada is our biggest problem anyway. In football, so much trust is put in the coordinators and play-callers. His X-Box mentality cost of the game Saturday. I think that he thinks there’s going to be an award at the end of the year for the Big Ten coach who uses the most formations. It’s good to mix it up against superior talent, but on those rare occasions where IU has equal or greater talent (like last Saturday), just line up and play football. Especially from the 1 yard line, with your bowl hopes in the balance.

    Of course, if Lynch does stay, I’m sure Canada will too. I would just love to be proven wrong and see Lynch shake up the staff a little, like eliminating the absurd title of “co-defensive coordinators.”

  21. Students,

    Yeah, because if you make a bed sheet that says “FIRE BILL LYNCH” on it and hold it with your friends in the stands like a bunch of jackasses, Glass will change his mind and take your advice.

  22. Of course Bill Lynch will be back “ITS INDIANA”

    Funny how that quote is sooooooo different when talking about football.

  23. although some posters made a good point about patience, two things should be remembered. one, when iu was trying to run out the clock to ice an early season game, chappell continually snapped the ball with 15 seconds on a running clock. we had to punt with plenty of time for the opponent to score and it would have cost us the game save a late turnover near our goal line. that is 100% on coach lynch and i challenge anyone here to defend that oversight.

    there aren’t many things that we can identify as 100% proof positive that lynch made an inexcusable error. there may be things we can lay at his feet that might have been caused by an assistant coach or a player not executing. not this.

    and as much as i like gf dave’s research, did any of those coaches fail at a lower level like lynch did? maybe dave can research that for us. good coaches succeed at lower levels.

  24. Casey, my point is that when you are always in tight win or lose like that you go with the odds to secure a lead. The girlfriend comment was only made to emphasize my point dude.

  25. coachv. I’m not Dave, but here is your answer to past coaching records.

    Mark Mangino–Not a head coach before Kansas. OC at Oklahoma prior to Kansas
    Gary Pickel 73-37-3 at Toledo (10 years) before Missouri
    Jim Grobe 33-33-1 at Ohio U (6 years) before Wake Forest
    Frank Beamer 42-23-3 at Murray State (6 years) before Virginia Tech

    For the record those who say that Lynch was a loser before coming to Indiana:
    12 years as head coach at Butler, Ball State and DePauw: 81-67-3. I don’t call that exactly failing at a lower level.

    Take it for what it’s worth. These are the numbers. Your can look it up.

  26. I wonder how closely AD Glass is watching the bloodless transitions of power that has taken place at Purdue and presently under way at FSU? He may view the past hiring/firing and hiring/firing process as keeping us in a perpetual under achieving trend. Realizing that he may through his experience in human relations be more apt to develop a plan to bring a smooth vs. chaotic change to the IU FB. His style may be to create a win-win experience for the people most impacted. If indeed we see some new faces in the assistant ranks I think we can be assured a couple of them will be hired under the premise they will be under evaluation for possible ascension to lead the program. There has to be some plan at the ready or in development to justify his bold statement we read today.

  27. Good for Glass! Happy to see someone in America is not a slave to quick fixes. Give this staff a chance to recruit some talent now that they have Big Ten level facilities.

  28. Lynch needed to go last year! We are delaying the inivitable…Maybe when we have more ushers than fans Glass will get it!

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