1. Will this be chock full of “other” events before mens basketball even starts? I understand the benefit in lumping all the less popular sports with HH, but I dont appreciate having to sit through 2+ hours of filler in order to get to mens basketball. I think it really turns off a lot of people from filling up Assembly Hall like we used to for Knights midnight madnesses.

  2. PARPP,

    You can show up when you want to. No one makes you go early and sit through the other stuff. It’s been pretty well scheduled and promoted that the ‘other stuff’ will happen at 5:30 and 7:30 and that the men come out about 8:30.

    What kind of cheese would you like with your whine?

  3. Would love to be down there tonight! But, family obligations and all. Good Luck to the guys tonight. Enjoy the atmosphere tonight – and then get your butts back to work! GO HOOSIERS tomorrow against Illinois – let’s get back on the winning track!

  4. it was a nice night, but i would have been nice to see more about the womens team and the players. there is more than just the mens team that interest basketball fans. many follow womens basketball and that evening was nothing but hype and ego stroking for the men and small boys who never where able to accomplish their own dreams on the court. so it would be nice to divid the times a little more fair. come on, 2hours plus for the guys and less than 45 minutes for the gals.

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