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Indiana coach Tom Crean, seen here talking to fans before the Michigan game, met with the media to discuss everything related to Indiana basketball. Rich Janzaruk | Hoosier Times

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  • Tom Crean is not worried about Bawa Muniru not being eligible, Dustin Dopirak writes. Also, Crean jokes about how Tijan Jobe can accidentedly hurt his teammates.
  • Fred Glass is meeting today to discuss how to fix the traffic problems before the Ohio State game. Motorists were stuck in their car for more than an hour, Mike Leonard writes.
  • Verdell Jones, indirectly, put Hope Elam and the women’s basketball program at IU together, Jeremy Price writes.
  • Here is a transcript of Thursday’s Q&A with Chris and Dustin.






When Tijan Jobe is around, everybody hurts. R.E.M. knew this a long time ago.


  1. There’s an article out of DC about U2 terrorizing football fields throughout the land (including UVA’s Scott Stadium). check it out

    If it does rain on Saturday like it’s supposed to — especially if it’s like the rain we’re having in Bloomington — we could have a majorly ugly game on our hands.

  2. The forecast now is for it to rain in the morning and clear up by game time. Temps in mid 60s. Maybe the field will drain enough to be ok.

  3. The traffic pattern around the stadium with the one ways is just not working. It is better with all entrances to all lots open and traffic cops , many cops. Just the idea of the one way was dumb! If you happen to come out 20 feet away from where you want to go and you are new to the area (like OSU fans) then you have to go all around the stadium on the one ways and back, that is the hour people were stuck. It was never good in theory and now I think IU knows but hates to own it. I know, I was there at the game. This was going to be better but I am afraid this was the worst ever with traffic! It seriously worked best before they monkeyed with it a few years back. OK I am done!

  4. J Pat, I think a lot of the solution will be coming from the City of Bloomington: the widening of the 45/46 Bypass. Who knows if/when that will actually happen…but a 4-lane road past a majority of the parking areas would be a definite plus.

  5. REM – the world’s most annoying bad. And that is even taking into account that they haven’t done anything in the past few years.

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