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Indiana wide receivers coach Billy Lynch talks with Tandon Doss and Terrance Turner during last Saturday’s loss to Ohio State. The Hoosiers play at Virginia today. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Welcome to Hoosier Morning, a daily batch of links intended to keep you informed of what is going on at Indiana, in the Big Ten and throughout the college sporting world.






With its play against Akron and Michigan, Indiana has given fans a reason to believe this season. Today, for the Hoosiers, is about continuing that momentum, and taking care of business against Virginia. Here is Tom Gabel, lead singer of Against Me!, covering Bruce Springsteen’s “Reason to Believe.”


  1. Wow..Check out the photo that now greets visitors opening the Indiana Athletics link…I find that image inappropriate..Highly offensive..Now somebody please tell me that basketball isn’t the almighty sport at IU…Say no more about football…That image is worth a thousand words…Could it be any more biblical in its metaphoric suggestion? Let’s just put Sampson in the background burning in flames. Go back to Marquette, Crean….Since when did IU become a private church school? Did that happen when we hired a no-name basketball coach because of a bogus NCAA investigation?

  2. Totally inappropriate. Don’t pretend you fail to understand..I’m surprised at my university.

  3. Have no clue what the H is wrong with that picture; I think it’s great & can’t wait for Hoosier Hysteria.

    Don’t know if I’ve said this yet, but I love the Hoosier Morning feature, Hugh. Great way consume all things IU from one portal (cause sometimes I’m just too damn lazy to open a favorites folder). And the music vid embeded in the bottom, ala Deadspin(?), nice!

  4. And then there was light,

    I don’t know what you do for a living, but as someone who works in marketing and has worked for a pro sports team, I can tell you with some confidence that chances are that Crean has no idea that the photo is even there.

    Most likely, some web designer created the image and the athletic department’s head of marketing probably approved it.

    Either way, still not sure what the issue is.

  5. It’s definitely marketing…I don’t think it’s marketing anything to do with the game of basketball at a public university. What I do for a living? I pack boxes for a publishing house company that prints copies of the New Testament.

  6. Marketing has everything to do with it. How do you think a university can afford to spend money on top notch coaches, facilities, equipment, etc? They need to sell tickets and bring in corporate sponsors.

    Every major university has a marketing wing. At my current job we have a deal with a major college football program and I can guarantee you the head coach has no idea what the banner ad looks like that we put on their website, and he never saw the stadium signage we submitted before it went up.

    The point is, Crean most likely has nothing to do with this photo and probably doesn’t even know it’s there.

  7. So a picture of last year’s team in a huddle at Assembly Hall before tip off with the spotlight shining on them is inappropriate? No pretending here, I don’t understand.

  8. BGleas-

    I’m not arguing against marketing. I said the picture is not “marketing” anything to do with the game of basketball….I find it wrong within the setting of a public universtiy..Images are powerful. I’m sure a marketing expert could at least find agreement with that statement.

    Let there be light…. And there was “spotlight”? That’s hilarious…..even more absurd than claiming Crean has not seen the picture.

  9. To And then there was light:

    Are you really that fricking stupid? Thanks for starting off the new basketball season with your ignorant left-wing liberal agenda! What a fricking moron!

  10. Okay… I have a marketing degree from KSB and you are reading way to much into this.

    And then there was light you might be seeing something in the picture but your own thoughts and believes are bringing you to that conclusion.

    It is a basic ad put together with photoshop that was made to sell tickets and create hype for the new upcoming team….


  11. They cut out the caption. It read:

    “Dear Lord, please let us stay within 20 points tonight. Amen”

  12. This is only conjecture, but I feel Light had a ticket for the stair that coach Knight gave to the old lady on the other side of the court. He has just now found his humble voice.

  13. I don’t have a problem with the bright spotlight of creation hovering over the outstretched arms of the basketball-is-born-again Hoosiers of our new divine beginning…I only wish they would have put Jobe with staff in Moses Malone robe…..I mean if we’re asking for intervention from above, why beat around the glowing globe? I’m not asking the big coach in the sky for a parted Red Sea….Maybe just enough of the bright light powers to part a couple defenders out of the Hoosier paint?..I’ll say my prayers every night…I Promise…

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
    If I should die before I wake
    I pray the Lord teach Jobe not to bite on a shot fake!!…Bless mommy…bless daddy…bless coach Crean…bless Danny Moore…bless Fink…bless Husky Tom…and THANK YOU JESUS FOR MAURICE!

    And yes, Lord…I shall not fear any false prophet… for no single mortal man shall ever be holier than basketball in Indiana.

  14. If you are referring to the 2009 Hoosier Hysteria, The Next
    Generation” picture, I LOVE IT!!

    I have been trying to find out where I can get a poster, if any one
    has any ideas? I certainly didn’t see it as an inapprotriate religious
    symbol. Geesh!

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