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Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell is hit as he throws during Saturday’s 44-7 loss to Virginia. Associated Press

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  • IU quarterback Ben Chappell said that was not Indiana’s football team, and they have to find themselves, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Virginia running back Mikell Simpson, who ran through Indiana’s defense all day, was treated and released from the local hospital after a neck injury, Dustin writes in his notebook.





Self-loathing. Desperation. Always willing to line up and wait for another dose of hope, a fleeting promise. Indiana football fans, or emo rock band Dashboard Confessional? You decide. Below, Dashboard’s “The Good Fight.”


  1. There is no excuse for not having this team ready for this game. It is like they have given up after the Michigan loss. Lynch should not have this job after this season. It is evident that he cannot coach this team to victory (a coach must be able to motivate a team after heartbreaking losses. I had not been on the bandwagon until after this loss… there IS just NO excuse. It has to fall on the shoulders of the head coach.

  2. As it stands right now, the FB team will be lucky to win another game this season and this week’s game against Illinois is the best chance. It’s hopeful thinking that we’ll beat NU or Purdue or any of those other remaining three games we weren’t figuring to win anyway. What did the 77 voters who picked UVA over IU know that the other 322 voters didn’t see? The game is being highlighted on the BTN Prime Time and that might not be a good thing. Are there any other college teams around here that we could support?

  3. Where on earth were our “pro caliber” defensive ends?? One of the worst O-lines in the nation. Anyone still supporting Lynch and his staff are complete idiots! Uh Oh, is that comment going to be removed because I called someone an idiot???? Why oh why do i donate to this program?? We suck!!!!

  4. Juan, I hate to burst your bubble but removing extremely offensive
    postings is not just a practice on this website. Also there are lots of other places you could go if you are unhappy with the Hoosier Scoop and Chris Korman.

  5. You could never burst by bubbele ron. You are not capable. I am not unhappy with Korman or the Scoop. I’m unhappy with you and the rest of the weak ass fans that get offended over simple words.

  6. Something that was very telling: During Michigan’s loss to Iowa, Rich Rodriguez would find every player that made a mistake and get in his face to make sure that player never made that mistake again. Even Tate Forcier, freshman that he is, was not immune to Rodriguez’ tirades.

    I feel like there is no penalty to our players for not doing their jobs. Example: in spite of all the crap that Richard Council gets from…well, everybody, he still gets considerable PT and doesn’t do anything with it. When Ben Chappell is constantly pressured from the right, nobody seems to get yelled at and nothing gets fixed. When undue pressure is put on Chris Hagerup, we send the same group of blockers out on the next punt, letting the pressure get to Hagerup again.

    Lack of adjustment, lack of motivation, lack of results. Let’s go out there and get a shouter and a fighter on our sidelines. We had one, but fate took him away…then we replaced him with another stoic “nice guy”.

  7. Blanco ,Wait a minute. I did not say if it offended me or not. Nor did I have anything to do with having it removed. You are the one crying like a baby over it. I was trying to stick up for the site and Chris by telling you other sites do the same thing so maybe you would understand. I am sorry for trying to explain it for you because I see now you don’t care. You took a personal shot at me and all I wanted to do was help. You are just upset that you did not get to read it! I think it was about you but don’t get offended over simple words.

  8. Ron, look at ESPN.com. you will see every “curse” word you can think of. Keep being sorry.

  9. H.B. I agree with you. Yesterday Council and Jones made numerous pathetic attempts at tackles and nothing was done about it. There were no consequences for their bad play. I think that is a big part of what is happening right now.

  10. Juan, I have been on nearly every site you can think of concerning my Hoosiers including ESPN and yes curse words are used but you just don’t get it. When someone is way out of line they remove it
    just like this site did, but since you know so much about it I’m done and I am sorry for thinking I could ever get you to understand. I will not bother you anymore.

  11. You guys are so weak.. Thats all you have Jeremy? Troll? You and Ron should move to Lafayette.. Glad I can keep you coming back though!
    You two suck almost as bad as the Hoosiers. Almost…

  12. I think arguing that IU may not win another game after the loss at Virginia is just as foolish as arguing that we may have been able to win eight or nine after the good effort at Michigan.

    The way I see it, our team’s ceiling was most likely reflected in its performance at Michigan. Conversely, our low point was obviously broadcast to fans this past weekend.

    Most likely, our team’s true identity falls somewhere between those two performances. I think Illinois and Purdue are both extremely winnable games, and we still may be able to surprise everyone with one more win.

    I don’t think this team is amazing by any means, but I do think they’re better than what was displayed in this last game.

    My point is that many fans unreasonably hypothesized about which bowl we’d go to and how much of a chance we had against OSU after we gave Michigan a run for its money. That was obviously premature and silly in hindsight.

    In the same vein, I feel the doomsday talk following a conversely awful performance at Virginia may also be a bit premature and exaggerated. I guess we’ll see, though.

  13. Oh, and Juan,

    Just go to another blog. It’s a pretty simple solution.

    You stated yourself that ESPN is full of “curse words.” Have at it, man!

  14. Juan,

    What you talk about on the ESPN blog and others that are full of curse words is exactly the reason I don’t go to or allow my 10 year old son to read those blogs.

    My son is a frequent reader of the Scoop and the Gridiron Digest. I don’t allow him to post either place, though he wants to.

    You must understand that freedom of speech on a privatly owned website or blog such as this one is only protected by those who operate the blog. IE., the HT, Chris Korman and his staff.

    As poster we have plenty of freedom to air what we want to say, but the HT and CK wants to keep this family oriented and making a joke about someones death and using words that are not considered acceptable in a public setting are not acceptable here.

    Unfortuantly my son had got on the blog and read the posts that CK deleted. He had been around Coach Hep a lot and really thought the world of him. Those comments that were deleted really upset him that anyone could talk that way about a person.

  15. This is not going to be a rant as to coaching expertise, player abilities, disagreements between bloggers on here or that kind of thing but just some observations I had firsthand in Charlottesville. I just got home last night as I took a little longer coming back and was a little wiped out last night and after reading the 95 different comments on another post, thought I would offer my own thoughts. At he kickoff we really started well, then after our first turnover, everything, and I do mean everything just went downhill. Ben looked sharp, the O line looked good, blocking ws crisp, and the IU crowd (anywhere from 800-1000) was in the game at that point and enthused. It looked like the early press clippings were right — UVA should be a win for us. Not so. They were physically fast, strong, well prepared, and picked us apart both on the ground and in the air. Their QB had great protection and was a good ball carrier himself. Ben had little or no time to pick up receivers and it showed. Their receivers were both fast and had good hands running both post routes and flares with good success. We simply could not cover them and they picked us apart. On offense, and after the wheels fell off after the first successful series,then the fumble, we reverted to our old “run it up the middle for the first two downs, get to a long 3rd, punt and watch them sail by for another touch”. In the 4th qtr. we had two 4th and 1’s and punted — behind by 47 pts. Conventional wisdom does say to punt — but what did we have to lose? We had little diversity in our offense, tried no ball reversal, and not until 8:18 in the 4th qtr. did we find Bryan Payton — a blue-collar back for us for so long — sitting on the pine who lo and behold actually scored, then carried the ball the majority of the time the rest of the game. Has he been hurt or he simply fallen out of favor? By the end of the game, most of the IU crowd had left — pretty poor but after driving 700 miles I wasn’t about to leave. I love the Hoosiers and will still support them no matter what and I hope the crowd realizes that the players still deserve support and the halfwits who criticize players realize they don’t lay down — they do what they’re told, end of story. A few non-game points: The stadium there is so-so: Memorial is far superior,the scoreboard is pathetic, ours is much better, the Marching Hundred is far superior to their band, parking is a joke — they have 2 parking lots by the stadium, both of which are about the size of two basketball floors. When they score, the crowd sings a corny song to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne” while holding hands and swaying back and forth. They sang it 8 times. If I ever hear that song again, I’m going to put some serious hurt on somebody. After the game I ran into another Hoosier fan who said he didn’t see that (the blowout) coming. I agreed and added that I didn’t LIKE to get beat but didn’t like to embarrass ourself when being beaten. I will admit to having to down quite a few Coors to settle down after the game. When we went back to our room that night, I made the mistake of watching the local sportscast and of course they made a big deal of the UVA win — which was the third home win there in about 5 years. Then they had a post-game interview with the coach who is a Parcells clone: all clinical, all dispassionate, absolutely no credit to IU, fairly none for even his own team. A guy easy to dislike. In our talks with UVA people around town before the game and even among their tailgaters, the actually hoped we would win — they wanted to get rid of him so bad. We may have help save his job. Lets get Illinois and get on with it. We are still the Hoosiers and despite what different detractors say, we can still hold our heads up.

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