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Markshausen (vs. Minny)

Northwestern wide receiver Zeke Markshausen once played Division III football. Photo courtesy of Northwestern Athletics

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  • The final legal dispute between Bob Knight and Indiana has been settled, Mike Leonard writes.
  • Northwestern receiver Zeke Markshausen began at Wisconson-Platteville, but wanted something more, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • The coming high school season could very well make or break the college decision for Bloomington South’s Spencer Turner, I wrote.


THEY PLAY FOOTBALL, AND THEY’RE SMART (or news on Northwestern)




Bob Knight is quickly running out of reasons not to attend the Hall of Fame ceremonies in a couple of weeks. Here’s another “classic” Bob Knight moment.


  1. Time once again to muster up some optimism. Here we are, another pivotal game in front of us. Why not take a “glass half-full” approach to the season to this point? It would go something like this:

    GAME 1 IU 19, EKU 13
    The story: First-game jitters for IU, but in the end they “find a way to win” with a late turnover

    GAME 2 IU 23, WMU 19
    The story: Against a tough opponent with a good QB, IU fights through miscues and penalties to pull it off. 2-0 is 2-0. IMprovement is shown.

    GAME 3 IU 38, Akron 21
    The story: IU’s “true self” shines through, and CHappell is able to stand tall in the pocket after a rough first half. More lessons learned.

    GAME 4 Michigan 36, IU 33
    The story: IU puts up a valiant effort against a top 25 team in front of 100,000 hostile fans. The refs take the ball away from the Hoosiers on a potential winning drive.

    GAME 5 Ohio State 34, IU 14
    The story: Ohio State plays like a true Big 10 champ. It’s not a question of IU playing poorly as much as Ohio State being a superior football team.

    GAME 6 Virginia 47 IU 7
    The story: Virginia is underrated. IU had the flu.

    GAME 7 IU 27, Illinois 14
    The story: Once again IU’s true self resurfaces. The team emerges looking pretty good after a tough 3 game losing streak. Even though It’s Illinois, Hoosiers show ability to control a Big 10 opponent, something that is never to be taken for granted.

    And now, as the Glass Half Full story goes, we will go into NW aiming to prove this resurgence is not a fluke. Players know the magnitude of this game, not just for bowl prospects, but for long-term Lynch and recruiting prospects. IU’s defense will be porous once again, but good play by the DEs will keep enough pressure on the QB to stop the game from getting out of hand. The offense finds its running game again with Willis; the receivers are the game-changers with their great hands and after-the-catch yards.

    IU 30, NW 27

  2. Husky,

    Two things:

    1. I hope they assign a spy to Kafka, every play.
    2. Anyone going to the game better dress for cold and damp weather.

  3. As will I!

    The injury report though is worrisome. This is not like last season when a good portion of the injuries were due to lack of strength and conditioning. That is not the situation now, but the issue is a program in a building stage not yet having the depth needed to replace key players. Just hope reserves are up to the task.

  4. You can never be certain about these guys, but I feel pretty good about this game. I’m getting a vibe that the enthusiasm from last week is carrying over into this week.

  5. I am so used to feeling enthusiastic before games and then watching the feeling quickly deteriorate before a gut-wrenching 30 or 40 point loss where the team doesn’t even compete.

    I sure hope they shock me tomorrow. With NW beat up as well, there is no reason why this game shouldn’t stay close.

  6. Can the Hoosiers defeat Northwestern on the road? In analyzing the Hoosiers vs. Wildcats game, we need to take a deep look into the statistics..

    The Cookie Jar:

    Average Cost of new house $113,200.00
    Average Income per year $31,230.00
    Average Monthly Rent $532.00
    Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.16
    Movie Ticket $4.14
    Average cost of new car $12,750.00
    Loaf of Bread $1.57
    Tuition to Harvard University $23,514.00

    The Super Bowl:

    The coin toss ceremony featured former Bills Hall of Fame running back O. J. Simpson, who was also working for NBC Sports.

    Starting QB for the Buffalo Bills –Jim Kelly Kelly’s numbers for the season: 269 out of 462 completions for 3,457 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 19 interceptions.

    Michael Jackson performed during the halftime show…Jackson’s set included songs “Jam”, “Billie Jean” and “Black or White”.

    The Above Year in Question: 1993

    IU’s last victory at Ryan Field came on Oct. 23, 1993.

    Do we have a chance?…Looking at the numbers above(rather ghostly numbers, indeed), I’d definitely say we’re a little due..You could go with Cave Husky’s prediction..Or, maybe ask a Snowball his chance in hell…I don’t think Snowball deserves to go to hell…Therefore, I’m going with something less severe… Another One Bites the Dust.

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