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Indiana coach Bill Lynch waits for his team to leave the stands after shooting the team picture during the preseason. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

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  • Bill Lynch will serve out the last two years of his contract, at least, but there has been no talk of a contract extension, I wrote.
  • Lynch deserves two more years to build the program, Chris Korman writes.
  • Bob Knight is not coming to the Hall of Fame induction, Chris wrote.
  • The men’s soccer team finally won a game, beating Evansville, 2-0, Jeremy Price writes.


IT’S GOTTA BE THE CORN (or news on Iowa)




One of Glass’ main reasons, besides honoring a contract, to keep Lynch for two more seasons was a Sports Illustrated story that said Indiana should win two games. And, Glass noted, the team could be 6-2. Or, as Winn noted, it could be 2-6. So here’s Coldplay’s “What If.”


  1. That IDS kid can’t make up his mind. Should he be fired? Should he have never been hired? Wait, I’m talking about Lynch, not the columnist.

    That kid is not replacing Korman (or anyone) anytime soon! For that matter, this might be his only columnist position ever. That’s why, as an IU student, I like Korman’s columns infinitely better. Korman stays consistent.

  2. I had a few days to reflect, run the gamut of emotions, and here I am, back on the blog. A have a few thoughts, starting with the negative, then moving on to the positive:

    1) Fred Glass is to Bill Lynch what Sancho Panza is to Don Quixote. He’s clearly going along with Lynch’s quixotic quest to make bowl games without beating Big 10 teams. Here’s to that windmill up ahead being giant, Sancho.

    2) I am worried about the recruiting situation. Most good recruits judge the health of a program based on wins, not “contract honored”. Thank you, Jibreel Black, for making this all too clear. This guys came out and said, flat out, that the state of the Cincinnati program compared to IU was what turned the tide for him. Lynch will now have to take a page out of the Crean recruiting playbook by convincing us that we don’t need the high-star recruits, because It’s Indiana, and we are more concerned about character and study habits.

    3) On a positive note, I think that what this move comes down to is a wager that Lynch’s young nucleus of Chappell, Willis, Doss, and Belcher are already forming a bond and are going to be something special. At the end of the day, this is the strongest argument for keeping Billy Boy. It’s what we will all have to hang our hat on for a few more years, and let me say this: if they can stay healthy, we may finally win an important game and turn the corner.

    4) And now presenting… Don “The Nuge” Nguyen

  3. H.T

    To your first point, while I admire your use of metephors; I think an awful lot of folks, including me, have a high regard for Mr. Glass’ intelligence and savvy. Your suggestion that he is delusional strikes me as a bit uninformed.

    To your second point, while in no way diminishing the importance of wins, I am very proud that my University still values “character and study habits.”

    And finally, to your third and thankfully last point; your suspicions around certain team members’ comraderie may be and hopefully are correct.

    All this said, Indiana University has tasked Mr. Glass with the authority to make decisions regarding who will coach our teams. It is apparant that he has made those decisions and so I humbly suggest we all move on and support our Hoosiers!

  4. WK-

    I just hope that Fred’s decisions are based on more than just honor codes and Sports Illustrated.

    For that matter, what if SI picks us to go 2-11 again next year? Will that mean that if Bill wins 3 games, that he is moving in the right direction?

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