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Verdell Jones embraces Malik Story after Indiana lost in last year’s Big Ten Tournament. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

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IT’S GOTTA BE THE CORN (or news on Iowa)




The 88’s “Hide Another Mistake.” References to West Coast sunshine and promising to one day be good. Enjoy the day.


  1. IU can reduce turnovers if they don’t use Jones or Dumas as
    a point guard ever. The team has Rivers and Hulls who should be playing the point. I think at times against teams that press you will see them both on the floor. Rivers is a great defender and at 6’5″ he can guard the other teams best guard or small forward. Hulls is a true PG who thinks pass 1st or set up other players to score. He is a master of the pick and roll. He can shoot the 3’s and most important is his leadership as a winner everywhere he goes. I am looking forward to see these kids play but remember they are young. Coach will have them playing well sooner than you might think.

  2. Verdell was only part of the problem with the turnovers last year. Dumes, Pritchard, Daniel Moore and others all had 60 plus turnovers during the year. And yet none had 100 assists like Verdell and only Jones and Dumes averaged double-digits in ppg for the season.

    Freshman make mistakes – even good ones like Hulls will turn the ball over a lot as a freshman. Nothing wrong with that – it’s part of the process getting accustomed to D-1 basketball.

    Jones and Dumes will still be in heavy rotation for guard duties along with Rivers, Hulls, Roth and possibly Creek. And that’s a good thing for this young, inexperienced IU basketball team.

  3. ^It’s just a damn shame Crean can’t land a big man like Payne(MSU commit..”Rivals ranks him 20th in the nation and fourth among centers”) …You can travel the “Seven Seas” and recruit all the way to Timbuktu, but how long until a five-star basketball talent in our own backyard will choose IU?(not of the “project” variety)…I’m really surprised that Crean’s success at Marquette has not provided the reputation to nab some elite local talent. Candy-stripes might as well be pajama bottoms…
    Are you trying to frustrate by posting these stories, Scoop? I just assume be left in my dark dusty past than to continue to hear/read about how we loose these kids from the state of Indiana…Damn…damn shame. I can’t stand Izzo..he got no bizzo stealing from our breeding pool of hoops talent. That’s OSU’s job.

    Rakeem Christmas

  4. Oops..didn’t get the rest of my last sentence.

    Rakeem Christmas? Anything new on this five-star?
    He could take us deep into a dance…He could replace most our front line…Any news?

  5. Yikes…I hope that was a typo “…continue to hear/read about how we [lose] these kids from the state of Indiana”

  6. If another person writes “loose” instead of “lose”, I am going to loose/lose my frickin’ mind. Learn the difference, people.

  7. I’m sure it was quiet embarrassing for New Coke…I’m sure they now the difference…Their our times when someone is tired and they just type the wrong word.. You don’t half to rub things in….Why be such a lose cannon? It’s never happened to you before?…I’m sure your perfect. The person corrected there error..Can’t you except it as enough? Some people sure don’t know the meaning of discrete.

  8. I rowt the post without seeing that the purson had currected him or hurself olready. Sew yes, I was uh little two harsh..

  9. The devil on my shoulder is saying Iowa 54-20, to celebrate this new moment of confident ‘contract honoring’ in the Lynch regime. After the game, Lynch’s in-game decisions will be not only pardoned, but applauded by Sancho Glass, who, holding his copy of Sports Illustrated, will congratulate Bill once again for winning more than two games.

    The angel on my other shoulder is still formulating her thoughts.

  10. I thought the Huskies were back…?..I thought “hope springs eternal”…Washington only has one more conference win than Indiana. Overall record is worse than IU..(Huskies 3-5, Indiana 4-4)…Maybe hope springs from skateboards..

  11. Hey Mr High Fructose Corn Syrup…. 2 of UW’s 3 wins are against top 25 teams: #5 USC and #22 Arizona. When was the last time IU beat a top 25 team, let alone one in the Big 10? Start digging through the archives…you may be there for a while

  12. “When was the last time IU beat a top 25 team”. Today(?) No faith in your Hoosiers?

    Wasn’t USC without the services of their starting QB at Washington? The other UW win against a top-25 could just be considered a fluke..(Especially after the dismantling by Stanford and Oregon) Could be they just caught Arizona flat. And what a coaching debacle at Arizona St..Wow. The wide open “Hail Mary” pass..lol. Just shows that you can never be sitting on your thumbs…

    The ASU breakdown at the end of the game…Another victory slipping through the hands due to poor play calling at ND(10-12 plays and they can’t come up with anything to get it in the end zone?).

    Sure hope you’re screaming for coaching changes on the UW blogs they way you are here(and a few other sites)…Wouldn’t that only be consistent?

    Do me a favor and put a ruin on a Bruin next week..It would be nice to see them lose during Steve Downing’s induction into the IU HOF. Maybe 5th will get off your back for a while…

    Just messin’ with you, skater boy…Huskies have a good team.

  13. High Fructose:

    A little confident about this IU team, weren’t you?

    21-7 lead at the half.

    Defense intercepts 3 more times during the second half. Hoosiers score a whopping 3 points off turnovers. NO, I am not talking bout the Northwestern game.

    ANother loss. Unbelievable.

  14. It appears your shift key sticks..

    I had the game on TV, but wasn’t able to watch real closely…(You’ll probably find this hilarious..I was sewing together a Halloween costume all afternoon..Yes, 5th can feed a bobbin) I tried to stay mentally tuned in and then caught glimpses of the game during the key sequences..watched a lot of replays..The TD reversal was a tragedy.

    ANother IU football season bites the dust…I learned of a few names on the team this year..More than I usually accomplish. Time to munch on some pumpkin seeds and crash. Lights out in London, Nuge….Hang lose.

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