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The Indiana offensive line adjusts to the Michigan defense during last Saturday’s game. The Hoosiers play host to Ohio State at 7 p.m. today. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

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SWEATER VESTS FOR EVERYONE (or news on Ohio State, today’s opponent)




A YouTube classic, with highlights of Indiana’s 41-7 defeat of Ohio State back in 1988.

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  1. Last week, Washington played at Stanford and IU played at Michigan.

    I prayed for the football gods to give me 1 out of 2 wins.

    It didn’t happen. It was a tough “O”fer to swallow.

    Washington was trounced, and IU lost, but it gave a breathtaking effort, in which it showed its potential as a big-play offensive juggernaut that could win in tough places.

    This week, my prayers seem even more far-fetched. Washington is in northern Indiana, taking on the overrated but always dangerous Irish. IU brings its history of ineptitude into a game against a defensive stalwart with complete psychological superiority over the Hoosiers.

    Yet, I don’t think I am being too wide-eyed to hope for one win.

    Charlie Weis is a crappy head coach. The Irish have had many a choke in recent years, and just barely beat mediocre MSU and Purdue.

    IU’s best attributes this year have been preparation and improvement. Each game things have looked better; even last weeks penalties were not a major step back, especially considering the home-field refereeing.

    Billy Boy should give us a close game. He should have the team pumped and ready. No more blowouts to Big 10 powers on our home field. This is not the Wisconsin game from last year.

    If I have to pick which of my two teams I’d prefer to see win, I say with little hesitation: Go Hoosiers!!!

    The Huskies are already on the mend and will be back to powerhouse status in 2 years. The Hoosiers, on the other hand, need this one desperately to announce their national arrival.

    We can do it, IU.

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