1. A solid win on a football night. It will be to bad we won’t have Zook to kick around anymore.

  2. A request: when broadcasting, please try to maintain the same order as your photo.

    Great game last night. Even better tailgating, but game was fun to watch.

  3. Last night during the online chat we were visited by a couple of folks that had only the usual negative rhetoric to spew. They were particularly hard on Chappell. Well, after the first half they stopped posting. I guess they weren’t really happy we were winning. There’s way too many of these type of folks running around that don’t want this team to have success because it doesn’t fit into their agenda.

    I hope Lynch keeps up the contact work in practice this week. It seems to have worked.

    There are 5 games out there to be played and its perfectly reasonable to think that we can win 2 or 3 of them.

    BTW: Chap’s stat line does not bear out their criticism. He now is completing 63%, averaging 237 yards and has one more TD than INT. His completion % is 36th in the nation, while his attempts are 11th. His yardage is 19th.

  4. I watched the game alone this morning. You know, no conversation or questions.

    Black was pretty active last night.
    Evans should probably not quick kick again.
    The receiving corp is very good.
    Mayberry will be hard to replace.
    Chapell’s feet are his biggest problem.
    The offensive line does a pretty good job.

    Granted, UI is not very good but there are far more positives than negatives that IU can work with.

    In closing, GFDave I wasn’t participating on the chat. The rant does get very frustrating.

  5. The way you guys are aligned in the video makes you look like the cover of a Beatles album. Just need the HT’s equivalent to Ringo …

  6. Theirs. I hooked horns last week with Husky Tom. It was funny at first but after a while boring. Husky Tom called your recap of last weeks game at UVA totally worthless, or something like that. He called people imbeciles and so on.
    The quiet on this blog today is funny. All of the pessimists must be formulating a new plan of attack.
    I see that UVA now leads the ACC Coastal division.

  7. Jay, Cool, let me know if you think I’m ranting too much too. Maybe I’ll take the foot off the accelerator anyway.

    This up and down season with all the underlying tensions is hard on the emotions (I guess that’s why fanatics are fans).

    I’m interested in what KevinK and J Pat have to say about the game. I’m assuming both were there.

  8. It is difficult for anyone to moderate a blog response when being attacked. Even before last week I feel most people had reservations about the future of IU football. After last night I think it is reasonable to still have doubts. I have said, and will say again, that Glass more than likely has a list of potential head coaches. Guenther at Illinois probably has one. The ADs at UVA and MD probably have lists. This is a fact of life in athletics from high school to the pros. What IU doesn’t want is the leaking of names like UL had last week with Gruden.

  9. GFDave,
    We were there last night, got in very late, so did not get a chance to get online until now. {MrsK had me working outside all afternoon today since no Colts} So here are some random observations from the new endzone.

    IU won a game that they had to win against an opponent that put up less fight than even we did at their place last year. UI appeared to me to have quit and my son said the same thing. Juice really misses the big back that they had last year, isn’t he a steeler now? JW never really impressed me before anyway.

    Doss, Willis, and Belcher all looked very good. Belcher made a safety right in front of him absolutely whiff on one score.

    Chappell hit some really nice throws, especially the long one to Doss who caught that ball really well. He was running right to us, and that kid really seemed to have very good soft hands on that ball which he caught right in stride. BC also had several balls caught that were a bit off but the guys were able to get to them. Ben did avoid the big mistakes, much more so than Juice did. I would hope that he improves his accuracy as the season continues.

    The other big game-changing play, besides Doss’ TD, was the Williams fumble inside the 5 when the score was still only 13-7. Williams did not play well the whole night. Did our defense have something to do with that? I believe they did. We played solid defense with no silly penalties, or late hits etc. When Council came in to replace the starting corner, UI had some success going at him, but then stopped trying. That was puzzling.

    Mitchell Evans is going to have to work on his kicking game, if he has time. And speaking of Evans, who is so important to the offense…why is he covering kickoffs?? Couldn’t we find a way to spread some of the work around? How about #14? He played only on the punt teams, as far as I could tell.

    The student section was very full last night, and were into the game. The homecoming events were nice. We even got to go into basketball practice for a while between 5 and 6.

    There were no major gaffes by the officials thankfully, other than a few needless reviews.

    It’s always good to win, and while I am still skeptical about the long term viability of this staff, I am glad they won. Phoenix was sure nice two years ago–I’d love to do that again. I have got to believe these guys would like to have another shot at UVA.

    One last question and then I’ll stop-sorry this was so long-did anybody hear about the UI kid that went off on the stretcher? Was anything every reported?

  10. Good to see IU come up with a big victory! However, IU’s red zone play is still abysmal after leaving about 9 to 21 points on the table. This won’t work against teams like Wisconsin – in order to have a chance, IU will need to capitalize on these precious red zone opportunities. Two more wins is possible though…BEAT Northwestern!

  11. Receivers are indeed very good, and Lynch gets credit for that, as he recruited them. Red zone issues still persist.

    Last night’s win was good. But after seeing Purdue beat OSU at 1-5, I still think we need to fry a bigger fish. Is this a “new plan of attack” that I am formulating”? No, it is just the reality. Beating Illinois is good, but this program will only change when it can beat someone it’s not expected to beat. We can’t just keep losing the big games and saying “we simply played a better opponent.” It seems like we have the talent to win 2 more games this year.

    Northwestern will be tough. Purdue also. I almost wonder if the Wisconsin game might be within our grasp.

    What do you all think: what are the two most winnable games left?

  12. KeninK, I hope the leaves got raked. It would have been more productive of me to do same rather than watch Redskins. Oh Boy.

    Good review of game thanks.

    HT: IMO 1, 2 or wins are possible/plausible. NW and PU most likely. Wisky maybe. Io

  13. Last line: HT Imo 1,2 or 3 wins possible. NW and PU most likely. Wisky maybe. Sorry for the bad typing.

  14. By the way Hoosier Clarion-

    I don’t think we’ve really “kicked Zook around.” Last year, he beat us by 6 touchdowns. Overall, IU is 2-2 vs. Zook.

  15. No predictions just some observations.
    NU – inconsistent, Wooton not playing like he did before the knee surgery, RBs nothing special, lots of possession receivers but none as good as IUs.
    IA and WI – Both games can be close because neither team has a great offense. IA defense is great, that’s a concern. WI has a good defense too. Nothing new here, just try to play field position and shorten the game.
    PSU – A victory here will require a meltdown like OSU had Saturday at PU. Which is possible but don’t bet the farm on it.
    PU – PU was better than their record before Saturday. They are not as good as Saturday’s result makes them look. Home game so give it to IU.
    It will be interesting to watch the season play out.

  16. A much needed win for the Hoosiers. As inconsistent as this team is, I think it’s pointless to try and predict how they will finish the year.We can win a few more games, or we could get blown out by 30 for the rest of the year. Anything is possible.

  17. HT you must be an attorney with you’re habitude for the obvious. Unlike Coach Lynch Zook will be looking for new address.

  18. I definetly think Zook will be looking for a new home. Possibily in some major programs recruiting office?

    I am liking more of what I see from Lynch and company. They are not out of the woods yet though.

  19. Sort of off topic but for what it’s worth. . .

    Matt Perez, IU recruit had a pretty good day Saturday for Maine South High School.
    341 yards rushing on 23 attempts,
    4 touchdowns,
    2 sacks on defense.

    His High School is rated #1 (Illinois)they beat the #20 team, so it wasn’t against a cupcake.
    What makes me point this out is not to say that Perez will set the world on fire at IU. My point is IU should really make a concentrated effort to become a presence recruiting wise in Northern Illinois. Recruiting is a numbers game and the numbers are in the Chicago area.

  20. Hoosier Clarion- it was a nice attempt on your part to re-write the past in more favorable terms. Glad to provide corrective legal counsel.

  21. While Saturday was a lot better game for us, I am still concerned about the offensive point production, or lack there of, in the 3rd quarter.

    After the 7 games to date, they have only scored 13 total points in the 3rd quarter. The good thing is that the defense has only allowed 26 points in the 3rd.

    What I am glad to see is 4th quarter production this year. Last year they scored a total of 17 4th quarter points in 12 games. Through 7 games this year they are already over 3 times that amount having scored 51 points.

    Through 7 games last year they were -58 points in the red during the 4th quarter alone. This year they are +8 in the black!

  22. Kevin,
    Hardeman has no structural damage. Due to previous condition he is out indefinitely. He is experiencing some pain.

  23. Dave, sorry about the delay, family in town. Yes, we were there and I am thrilled for the win. I do think that UI is just a bad team that has kind of mailed it in, something is going on because they acted dead…but IU really did play well. For every bad pass Chap threw, he would thread the needle on the next one. Running game still scares me a little but the D was pretty good. I still like the play calling in the Akron game and UM game as far as mixing it up. I want to see Evans pass some more so teams will respect that aspect more…he is a capable passer. I am truly happy though and I am taking my family for out first road trip to NW. I will close with this: I used to hate my high school coaches when they would talk about playing to the level of the opponent but I wonder if IU does that after the game starts with a series or 2 . Just wondering. The student crowd surprised me, they are really showing up and are loud.

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