1. BL should be getting kicked out of this game the way the hoosiers are absolutely getting screwed by these horrible officiating crews.

    No Respect at all.

    INSTANT REPLAY REVIEW is a joke and a farce.

    How badly does the conference want an undefeated champion? WOW! What a complete embarrassment and how unfair to the teams.

    21-7 at the Half.

    Oh Boy. Where is my medicine?

  2. The scariest opponent awaits…THE SECOND HALF

    There are two things in the world strike fear into an IU fan’s heart more than anything else:

    1) A 3-0 start to the season.

    2) The second half of any game.

    That said, GO HOOSIERS

  3. its a ten point IU lead becaus the refs can’t refiew an intercetiuon. have no fear, the refs will still give it to iwoa. WHAT A JOKE THIS REF CREW IS. They should all be demoted to pee-wee league.

  4. I hope BL takes a hit for the Hoosiers and completely disects the absolutely horrible officiating we have witnessed in this game. The announcers have called the game better than the officials. The officials need to be kicked out of the Big Ten as an officiating crew. However, KevinK hit the nail on the head. What WILL the Big Ten resort to to have an undefedated team?? It almost appears the crew waited on replay calls until they had direction from Big Ten front office. I am totally and completely disgusted!!!!!!!

  5. I admit, the refs have killed the team. But so have the usual problems. 3 second half friggin points.

    I can already see Lynch and Glass spinning the narrative of the Moral Victory…

  6. P.S. Noticed I did not explain my “disects” comment in first sentence. I intended to add ‘in post game comments’ at the end of the sentence.

  7. How could a team stay up, not be demoralized, when those things they have done well are ‘ruled’, using the term loosely, wrong. As the announcer stated, they lost 14 points on bad rulings on replays that clearly showed otherwise. Hard to stay ‘up’ in that atmosphere.

  8. There is surely a higher power conspiring against the Hoosiers. This higher power has possessed the referees, Lynch, Glass, Freeland, and others. It happened in the Michigan game. It happened in the Northwestern game. And it has happened again.

    I don’t think anyone is solely to blame, but man, you are right Dave, how the heck can you win another game this season with your morale in the dumps like it is?

  9. Yep, you can only demoralize a team so much before the quit and that happened today. I’m willin to bet at this point going forward IU will win ZERO games. And people wonder why the big ten is over-rated – big ten football is a total joke when you have refs this bad.

  10. I am so heart sick. The blown calls in the third period just devastated us. The blown DB assignments in the fourth broke our back.

    I really see potential in this group, but after NW they just didn’t have the emotional reserves for another team’s comeback and the referee imposed adversity.

    Go IU.

  11. lynch needs to go lane kiffin on the refs.. i think these big ten refs were actually the crew that worked the FL ARK game in costume…

  12. Any chance other big conference coaches, leaders, etc. are upset by this? One could at least entertain the conclusion that the Big Ten is hard-up for an undefeated team and a National Championship appearance.

  13. Not only the referees – I started watching the clock after I noticed that the time keeper only ran off one second on the kick that Iowa fielded (?) with 9 seconds left in the first half. Believe me, the clock started late and stopped early on every kicking play after that – depending on whether Iowa was kicking or receiving.

  14. I know Glass wants to honor contracts, but how about the coaches and players perform under the conditions of their contract. Haven’t seen that for the IU football program for awhile.

  15. Mark my words: Delaney will make sure Iowa goes undefeated. Iowa willmake the BCS game. Iowa will get blown out of the title game & prove to the nation once again that the Big Ten is overrated.

    Bob Davie was impressed by that comeback? Iowa was playing against a banged-up so-so B10 defense with the officials on their side. It wasn’t that impressive. Even after coughing up the ball 6 times.

    If I were

  16. I agree with Husky Tom and others. The must be a conspiricy against the Hoosiers. How to explain the two overturned call! Absoultely pitiful!. On Turner’s catch you could see chalk/dust where his foot hit the ground, but one could almost feel that is would not go IU’s way because it is IU football and they do not earn/deserve any breaks. The lack of talent in the secondary must be addressed. Know there are injuries, but my goodness we give up plays through lack of excution and effort way too often. Wonder if Cortez Smith would have helped if not for his knuckleaded move with Ziegler. Oh well, home to Wisconsin and hope for a positive outcome. Lastly, I don’t think the blame for this loss can be put on the coaching staff ala the NW game.

  17. I guess every conference has a team of officials that earn a suspension. The B10 just revealed their top candidates for this season.

  18. Absolutely pathetic officiating! The rubber field turf pelts were flying up as Turner caught the ball and was dragging his foot!! Indisputable visually evidence?? Hardly!!! This was a touchdown and IU should have went up 28 – 14 with all the momentum behind them. Hard to imagine but this IU football team could be standing 7 – 2 right now with a chance to win the Big Ten. Uhhgghh! Mark my words, Iowa will lose to OSU in Columbus. Let’s go IU…let’s play 4 quarters next week (and have some decent officials) and beat Wisconsin!!!!

  19. Ok, yes, the referees did blow a couple calls, and sure, they swung momentum. The fact of the matter is that after having leads of 14+ points at halftime the last two weeks, our team has been outscored 47-3 in the second half. If there’s any conspiracy involved here, it’s a conspiracy against halftime adjustments by this abomination of a coaching staff.

  20. You also can’t make adjustments for blown defensive assignments, and you can’t put somebody else in because the starters are out and its the second teamers making the mistakes. This game wasn’t about the infamous IU football meme of “second half adjustments”. It just wasn’t.

  21. There are two ways to read IU’s season thus far:

    1) IU is a very talented team, on the cusp of success but hindered by youth, inexperience, and bad officiating. This year is part of their growing pains.

    2) IU is a very talented team, capable of winning right now this very moment, but held back by bad coaching, untimely errors, and poor officiating. This year is nothing but glimpses of what “could have been” but will never be.

    What is your read?

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