1. I have seen it all. I am 47 years old and I finally give up. I have seen some pathetic IU games in my life, but not as bad as this one!!!! This coaching staff blows. Please make appropriate changes now.

  2. Only this coaching staff can blow a 28-3 lead. Did they really think 28 points was enough to win a Big Ten game? Wow. Way to take advantage of those three second half turnovers, too. Once again, the kids make the plays only to have their coaching staff snatch victory from their grasp. Way to go.

    This team is a coach away from a 6-2 record.

  3. Well, Keith, you haven’t seen it all yet. I’ve got twenty years on you and saw my first IU football game in 1948. Saw my first Cubs game about the same year. It builds character and makes us better people. “Don’t give up… Don’t ever give up.”

  4. For the love of God please fire this guy. It is beyond time. He makes IU looks (more) horrible than they have been the last 15 years. Lynch wouldnt be able to coach high school teams.

  5. I think a lot of times Lynch takes a bunch of crap for no reason. But this loss is completely on him. He choked on all of the game management decisions. Its funny, but I’m totally convinced that if he won this game he would’ve been safe for next year. Its almost like he didn’t want that.

    Good games by Mayberry, Kirlew, Thomas, and Willis. During the chat Chap took a lot of heat from posters. This had nothing to do with him. He’s not the problem.

    Council? Another story.

  6. I became a season ticket holder because of Coach Heppner. When Bill Lynch was given the job, I was not in favor of that decision. Today’s game is but one more confirmation that I was right. If Mr. Lynch is the coach next year, I will not be a season ticket holder. To use your last time out with 7 minutes left in a close game, to call such a play on 4th and 3 in the 4th quarter indicates that Lynch is no game coach. At nearly $1,000 for 4 tickets and parking, I want my money’s worth. Lynch doesn’t provide value.

  7. where are you lynch apologists now? this is the most embarassing pathetic loss in recent memory. sure there have been huge blow out losses, but this loss just highlights that our players deserve better coaches. the coaches are bushleague and they know it. FIRE THEM ALL NOW!

  8. Keith. The game sucked. What exactly about the coaching staff sucked? Who do you want? Who would do better? What would you have done? Hindsight is always 20/20. Coaches job is to put players in position to be successful. I saw two potentilly controversial coaching decisions. As I went back and reviewed the plays it was fairly obvious that 10 of 11 players did what they were supposed to do. The player that did not complete his assignment caused the play to blow up. That being said I would love to hear your thoughts as you seem to think you know more that the current staff. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  9. 4th and goal take the 3. 4th and 4 or 5 punt and bury them. Terrible play call no chance to convert.

  10. Bob81,
    How about having enough judgement to kick a field goal when you are at the one yard line. Make something positive happen after having nothing positive happen for quite some time. Lynch is as weak as they come when it comes to leadership.

    While I think IU has made the mistake of firing their coaches too often, I think that Lynch does not deserve to be the coach next year.

  11. Same story, different week! You have to really feel bad for these players. Play their hearts out and outplay the other team almost ever first half. Only to see the other team make adjustments while they stick with the same because Lynch doesn’t know what adjustments are. Does he go into the locker room and get drunk at halftime? He was a loser at Ball State…loser at D3 Depauw…why would a bigger stage be any different? The guy is a loser and we would be much better off with any other coach in the country. Hopefully, the pressure will continue to build on Glass to fire him at the end of the season. We finally have some talent to compete and we are out coached every single game!

  12. Some people think that the ‘coaching carousel’ is the problem.

    But what creates the carousel in the first place is the failure to do your homework and hire a qualified guy. There would be no carousel, for example, if IU would put in the time and the money to pick a good one.

    Hep was a step in the right direction. Lynch was a step backward; an emotional decision made after a 3-5 conference season.

    I am so tired of this – so tired of losing, so tired of arguing with people who continue to think that losing is no big deal , “Because it’s Indiana.”

    I am going to do you all these people a favor and disappear for a while. This season is groundhog day.

  13. I’m surprised at the lack of specific complaints about Coach Lynch. I’m sure he is not the one making the play calls or blocking on the line.

    That said, the first poor decision was – when Northwestern wins the toss and defers, we should have assured ourselves of the wind at our backs in the 4th quarter. We didn’t.

    The other obviously questionable decision is to go for it on 4th and 3 or 4th and 4 with about six minutes to go at the NU 43. That called for a punt.

    I do not want to continue with the IU coaching carousel. Coach Lynch and his staff have done an excellent job of recruiting – they need at least one more season after this one.

  14. HT, I am with you. I have tried to understand Lynch amd stay positive but this game killed me. I
    am a diehard fan but I just can’t watch this any more. The kids can win. They had this game won but Coach steps in and goes 4th and goal and they don’t get in. Game over!! A field goal and they win 31-29. Poor coaching just kills team morale I feel bad for the players. They made a commitment to play for IU. They deserve better. Fred Glass, end this now and the players still have a shot to win 6+ games. You owe it to these seniors, to this team, and to this university. See you all when Basketball starts.

  15. Again. I have yet to hear any options that will make IU better. Get rid of him. Get rid of him. Get rid of him, is all I hear. The majority of you don’t have a clue what you are even talking about. I learned along time ago don’t complain about something unless you have a feasable solution. I have not heard any feasable solutions from any of you chronic complainers. This loss hurt me as much as anyone. I just know that this staff is making significant progress and deserves our support. Until I hear a feasable solution I don’t see any alternative.

  16. Bob81,

    Hire a REAL football coach. What happened with Hoeppner was an enormous tragedy. Now is the time to make up for the mistake of hiring a guy that couldn’t win at a low level D1 school. There are tons of young, up and coming head coaches in this country. Wipe out this staff and bring in a whole new approach. We need someone that can match Crean’s enthusiasm. We have some players now, but we continually get out coached in the second half of games. Every team we play has a better coach than we do. It is freaking obvious when you compare 1st half vs. 2nd half. Pay some money and get a guy here that can actually coach, the rest will come!

  17. What happened to Hoeppner was a tremendous tragedy. That being said if he was still alive today My guess is that you would be asking for his job instead of Coach Lynch’s. The fact is Coach Hoeppner’s career took off when he had Rothlesberger as his quarterback. What he had was charisma. He sold tickets by trying to create “tradition” at IU. The ROCK the WALK he had a losing record at IU before his untimely passing. Coach Lynch and his staff are the right fit at the right time. I keepasking for who we should hire and nobody has given me a name of anyone. Let alone anyone better than Lynch that is willing to deal with the ignorance that has become the typical message boarder. Thanks in advance again, for any intelligent suggestions.

  18. Mike Shannahan. There’s a name. I’m kidding but there are plenty of bright young coaches with successful resumes. If I spent an evening looking through reports I could find candidates.
    Listen, I wasn’t calling for Lynch’s head. I thought a couple good games and he’d get three more years. That game today was on the head coach. I’ve never seen a game in which so many coaching decisions were just wrong. Any apologists right now just look foolish.

  19. Was at game. We have no running game or NU found a defense in the second half. Our D could not stop their passing game which consists of 5 yard dump dinks. NU actually showed up with a running game. Their QB has game but heck in the second half, their RBs found one. Got to give it to the kicker who would have made a 55 yarder at the end.

  20. Bob81 I believe you are on to something. This ball club is headed in the right direction. Because there are more positives to build from than negatives that need changed. I hope AD Glass has the resolve to hold the course fore the culture of IU football will take 2 or 3 more seasons to get the corner fully turned. By the way the pivotal point in the game today was the blocked punt. That play more than any other had the most to do with outcome.

  21. the point is, any D1 coach would be an improvement over lynch. there is a reason he is almost the worst paid D1 coach. we certainly get what we pay for. the worst

  22. BOB81, Just for the conversation, if BL does leave IU this year or next, which/how many BCS schools are burning up the telephone lines to pick him up as their head coach?

    I’m not against the guy. It’s not personal. I want him to win these games, especially the games we are ahead 28-3 and then get 3 interceptions. Against NORTHWESTERN, not USC. Win these games. Please. Give us some hope the future is brighter. I just don’t have much optimism. That was Hep’s magic. With him I had some optimism.

    Oh boy.

    C’mon Hoosiers, finish strong!

  23. BOB81

    The theory that in order to voice their displeasure, fans must have a solution to remedy their complaint is ridiculous and simply not true.

    It’s not our job as fans to provide better suggestions for the members of the athletic department. We’re not paid to make those sorts of decisions. Our role as fans is to root on our team, and to reflect the overall public sentiment toward the football program.

    The fans serve as a sort of meter — a readout for how our team is perceived. It’s not our job to create solutions. That’s Glass’ job. That’s Lynch’s job. Of course there’s no easy solution, but I’m pretty sure every possible solution already has been posted on this site at some point.

    Fans pay for tickets. Fans pay for cable to watch the IU games. They damn well can complain if they so desire. They don’t have to hold the cure for IU football. That argument is ridiculous.

  24. Casey,

    You right to a point. But when fans just become weather vanes measuring wind to fuel them creating more wind not much good can come from it because it misses the object of the discussion.

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