1. Could this game make or break a possible bowl? I am excited to watch on ESPN360.com, yeah!

  2. Yes indeed, this is a make-or-break game. Hard to conceive that with the emotional letdown of a potential loss tomorrow, they could go on to win 3 Big 10 games.

    Biggest game of Lynch’s career, in my opinion. Going to 4-2 really puts them in the driver seat with Illannoy coming to town.

    Well, at least tomorrow we’ll have a much better idea of the direction the program is going in, win or lose.

  3. Other than a few small errors, IU still looks good, and we should all give Bill the benefit of the doubt here. VIrginia has been a lot better than their record has indicated.
    We are still a bowl team.

  4. I agree, Dave…Virginia is tough…this is like playing at Ohio State…don’t let the magic of our 7-6 win season disappear because of this one loss…besides, being down by 30 at halftime does not mean we are out of the game. A lot of football left, and what is more, we have the nicest Hoosier in the land as our coach, so let’s stay optimistic.

  5. Hard to call this anything but an outrage. Programs on the rise make adjustments and get better as the season goes on. The only ‘adjustment’ that IU has made is to re-adjust our quixotic idea that this is a different team.

    Since the Michigan game (Michigan: most overrated team in America after today), this team has done what it is famous for doing every year since Lynch has been around: backpedal. 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 3-1 – no matter. After the cupcakes are eaten, this team turns into their own cupcake, to the delight of Big 10 teams and ACC teams alike.

    Man, is it ever hard to be a Hoosier fan. Optimism? No way. Being optimistic about Lynch is like being optimistic that your flat tire will magically self-inflate and get you on the road again. No. Change the tire, and invest in a quality one, not another bargain-bin tire.

  6. Dave and Jimmy, please tell me you two are just being sarcastic! I can’t believe you are serious for a second… This is no less than a complete humiliation by a average UVA team. The Big House was a fluke and Peter Pan is right, UM is way over rated.

  7. Hey at least men’s soccer will fight hard and win a national championship. They what? Oh.

  8. Hey, cut it out you all. We have a coach who is very nice. The high school football coaches in the area like him. That’s all that matters in the end.

  9. Wow, we made the ACC look like the SEC on steroids today. UVA is not as bad as folks made them out to be, but my lordy they are not THAT good. Come on guys, play with some heart out there. Mr. Lynch, you are on the clock once again.

  10. Posting from Charlottesville. This performance was embarassing for the team, university, conference, and fans everywhere. You want to know the funniest thing? UVA considered it a big deal that a Big 10 team was coming to town. The local paper even predicted an IU win. I’m guessing they’re now like the rest of the country and wondering what the big deal about the Big 10 is.

    The only positive? The UVA fans are all too polite to laugh in your face as you shuffle out of the stadium with your head down. Now remind we which ACC school is beating us at basketball next month.

  11. 47 – 7 is what you call butt ugly

    UVA is rated like 110 of FBS schools prior to this game

    If this was basketball and we suffered this type of season again and again what would IU admin and AD do? why is football different. get someone bg time to make the program big time

    granted we don’t want football’s version of Mr Sampson but get someone who has had success on a stage bigger then a couple of colleges 45 miles from Bloomington

    a successful football program has potentail to fund the entire atheletic budget and then contribute back to the school if it was a success


  12. Maybe we should go hire a big name whose been around like Butch Davis 3rd year coach at UNC. OOOPS! OOOPS!! Incoming “fact check” says that is who lost to UVA last week on their home turf at UNC. Beware! Beware! Incoming “reality check” says that expensive big name coaches also loose while trying to build non football powerhouses into successful programs.

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