Jibreel Black changes commit from IU to Cincinnati

The news has apparently gone from bad to worse for Indiana. After Saturday’s heartbreaker, the Hoosiers also reportedly lost their top recruit in defensive lineman Jibreel Black. The brother of IU redshirt freshman defensive tackle Larry Black, Jr., told Bearcat Lair, Cincinnati’s Rivals.com site (subscription only), that he called the Indiana staff Sunday to tell them he was opting out of his verbal commitment with the Hoosiers and committing to Cincinnati. The site reports that Black made the decision in large part because the Bearcats are unbeaten and he thinks the program gives him a chance to play for a national championship.


  1. Shocker… John Mellencamp, please dig into your pockets and donate a few more million so we can hire a NEW COACHING STAFF!!! Not just a new head coach.

  2. I’m just sitting here sick thinking about Bill Lynch coaching the Hoosiers… I had many friends attending BSU when he was there and we all laughed at him.. At Ball State he was a joke. That is why I have no faith in the man and sometimes I am angry and get carried away. But IU football has no future with this man as head coach! Really! None!!! How can anyone justify putting the future of the program in his hands? A short term, low cost fix yes. But we must go in another direction ASAP!

  3. Fantastic…simply fantastic! This guy was supposed to replace Jamie Kirlew! Repercussions of these types of loses are certainly far reaching and long lasting. Can’t say I blame the kid, I still have a pit in my stomach from the loss to NW…

  4. If the Hoosiers pull off a couple big upsets in the coming weeks…sure wish there was a way you guys could be force-fed the crap you’re hurling at Lynch.

    I bet when players read this junk it’s a great morale booster. Hair on goatee

  5. Never get excited about promises from a high school kid. Football. Basketball. Doesn’t matter. Don’t waste your time until they sign.

    QUESTION: What will Jibreel Black do when Brian Kelly leaves UC for a much bigger, higher paying job at a more prestigious school? UC is nothing but a stepping stone job and Kelly will be long gone before Black ever accomplishes anything.

    IU brings it on themselves. If you can’t put away a game after leading 28-3 you can’t expect recruits to hang with you.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a larger exodus in the near future. It hasn’t taken the recruits long to see past the spin, as have our fans; new stadium, same experience.

  7. You cant predict what Kelly will do at UC. Its an OK school, in a city location that lots of kids find attractive. Lets be honest, they arent going there for the academics, and neither are they at IU, so it shouldnt matter. Not all coaches jump ship after rebuilding, so Black made an informed decision; go with a program thats making great strides, and has a coach that offers hope, or come to IU where his own brother has probably given him all the inside dirt to turn him away.

  8. I have a theory…big bro called him and said IU does not even bother to make halftime adjustments.

  9. Welcome to Indiana Football.

    I think Lynch probably needs to go too, but let’s not act like this is something he created. This has been going on for almost twenty years and the overwhelming majority of 125. It’s Indiana. I want to try hiring a big name, high profile person too. But I don’t know who would come and I kind of think they’d end up failing too.

    Beat Purdue.

  10. I can’t explain Black’s decision.
    Kelly has not rebuilt Cincy’s program, Dantonio did that.
    In 1975 I attended a high school football game in suburban Chicago. I don’t remember the half time score. One moronic coach made a defensive change at halftime, going from a 5-2 invert to a 6-1. The same dummy coach went to a slant pass on the first offensive play of the 2nd half. Well, the pass was intercepted. The 6-1 didn’t work too well either. That coach was me. Why tell you this? Because mistakes are made all the time. One of my father’s best friends was Ara Parseghian. Even my dad got on Ara after a 10-10 tie with MSU in 1966. One week later Ara/Notre Dame beat USC, he may have known what he was doing. This may explain why I have a difficult time calling for any coach’s job. Trust me, I have a lot questions concerning Lynch. I just don’t have the confidence to make the statement that Lynch has to go.

  11. For those of you so keen on throwing Coach Lynch under the bus because a high school kid changed his mind, consider this…with a new head caoch, it is probable that Doss, Willis and Belcher, Baker-Wright and probably several others that Coach Lynch recruited, will end up transferring (even at the risk of sitting out a season). That is what normally happens with a coaching change. So those of you who think that throwing big dollars to get a top name coach will turn this program around are being very naive. Fact is that despite the debacle at NU and VA etc.; we’re making albeit slow but sure progress with the program under Coach Lynch. In my view, the next step is to get him some better position coaches.

  12. WK, I have seen several coaching changes at IU and only 1 kid each year transfers that is even considered a good/great player. If the right coach is hired, perhaps we lose not one player. Did you watch the game vs NW?

  13. What’s to explain? He wants some glory to grab..a memory to cherish..

    Isn’t that what everybody wants? Before you know it, we’re all part of a special club…left to talking about days of youth vanished…We’re frozen in time…we are tarnished gold staring from our Heisman pose…we are the man on the dusty shelf taking final refuge…the boyhood football trophy that never sees beyond the walls of imprisoned den….always wondering what could have been…fourth down has eclipsed every first and ten.

  14. Those that beleive Kelly will hang around UC haven’t been paying attention. I live just north of Cincy and a great deal of time is spent talking about how to keep Kelly from leaving. With Dantonia is was the same way but when push came to shove he left.

    The problem is a coach at UC has to work very hard just to keep the stands full, which is not a given even when they are winning. It’s also tough to recruit against Ohio State.

    Kelly has proven he can win with talent and he can get a lot more talent at other places. Don’t think he or any coach is somehow locked into a school just because they had a good season.

  15. I think Black’s decision is easy to explain. UC is ranked in the top ten, undefeated, going to bowls every year, having fun, winning a lot of games. Meanwhile, he could hang out with his brother at IU, but probably not much of that other stuff.

  16. They’ll probably be hit with NCAA violations…the house of jumping coaches and cards will come tumbling down.

  17. I was really surprised Kelly did not end up at Auburn or Syracuse. He may be looking for something much bigger. I lived in Ohio for a time when I was much younger but still talk to Oh. friends and do business there. There is for the 1st time in Tressel’s tenure some anger developing with thoughts being they no longer win the big ones to stay on top, Pryor’s use in a non-compatible offense, smash mouth defense that never takes risk and game plans with no thought of creativity or imagination. This is what I hear from a few Buck fans. Hard to believe they would sack him because in the next breath he is almost revered as “young Woody”. But there is enough monetary resources in Ohio to make it happen in a heartbeat and still give him a highly compensated and profiled position in the AD department. Rumors generally are just that “rumors” but it is the 1st time I’ve heard them surface by Oh. fans(ESPN aside). A key indicator will be what happens against that team “up north” because they will never languish as long as they did with Cooper. Also every buck fan in the country has one eye on Kelly after the past 2 years.

  18. Cincinnati will be found guilty of violating some rules in the next couple years guaranteed. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE goes to a smaller school without something given on the side. Yes, there are exceptions, but when it becomes more norm than exception to commit to these schools……yeah, something fishy is going on. But, I wish him all the best…..hopefully he’ll be no more than a sophomore when cards come crashing down….just like they did there in basketball.

  19. I’m not privy to all of this gossip about UC cheating. Maybe so, I have no idea. Clearly, the NCAA doesn’t really care that much anyway. It’s the general opinion that most/many schools cheat in some way or another and the NCAA does little to nothing to address real problems.

    I just think we should be blaming ourselves for losing Black, not pointing the finger at him or UC.

  20. Black changed his commitment because of a blocked punt. A blocked punt. It’s that simple.

  21. Goatee, the players aren’t idiots. They know it’s insane to lose a 25-point lead, they know they got waxed at Virginia, they know Illinois isn’t that good, and they know Iowa and Penn State are very good.

    If they’re counting on the anonymous chatter of some people who have nothing better to do than discuss this misery online for confidence, we’re cooked already.

    And, even if they win out (HA!), we can still call several things into question. Hell, it might even be more important to do so in that situation, because we would be a game or so out of the conference title hunt. Don’t think that’ll be a problem though.

  22. RE: Black commitment and blocked punt

    The stealing of someones user name on a blog for phony posting certainly contrasts with having any opinion at all. Makes one wonder just how deep you are actually involved in real criminal activities. I don’t know if it is low handed or just childish; I wouldn’t want to live on the difference.

  23. The blocked punt explains the game, the match, and the whole Hoosier season. It all comes down to that one supreme moment. Kind of like the Big Bang Theory that created the universe.

  24. The blocked punt was a huge play, but what about passing up on a FG, continuing to get into 3rd and long and not converting, not being able to score a point off of 3 turnovers, continuing to pass when we needed to run clock, not being able to stop them most of the time, burning timeouts too early and probably several other things. One play didn’t lose that game.

  25. Please God take Lynch away I can’t watch anymore. We have to be the worst second half team in the country for the last two seasons.

  26. Passing up on the FG from 4th and goal at the 1 was the RIGHT decision. The ignorant part of that decision was running that idiotic, high school gimmick offense known as the Wildcat on a CRITICAL play (AGAIN)! I do not understand why we continue to use this crap instead of putting the best players on the field. Put Chappell and Darius Willis in on the 1 yd play and we score, I will almost guarantee it. If not, so be it, but at least you know we put in our BEST effort. You put your best players on the field to win, period! You sit a 5 star running back on the bench….to run Mitchell Evans on an option?! This is a season that could have gone better without that elementary offense. It only worked against Michigan and even then only for about a half. It’s been a momentum and/or drive killer every week. We’ve got the best running back we’ve had in 15 to 20 years…..and we sit him on the bench on a critical 4th and goal from the 1 yard line…….absolutely stunning…….

  27. And here I thought our comments were moving mountains..
    I guess none of us were nursed properly…Sit around all day pacifying each other for nothing we extract milk from..Just a bunch of armchair coaches whining about the ‘what-ifs’ of a world we’re no part …Such is our daycare life in the ignored blogger’s playpen. Where’s Korman?…I want my mommy!

    For what it’s worth..I think one play doesn’t amount to a season…Though I do love the role of destiny, that’s a little too simple…
    The Northwestern game turned, the momentum shifted, just before halftime..The touchdown pass
    (00:07 NU – Markshausen, Z. 8 yd pass from Kafka)….Perfectly thrown ball..Big emotional lift for NW only down by 11 points going into the locker room…

    Knight always believed the minutes before and after the half were crucial segments…It seems that football games often pivot the same. Possibly the emotional infusion, the kick-in or drain-out of adrenalin, is higher at these times…Outside of total dominance by one team, withstanding hard punches, while also delivering demoralizing hard hits of your own, this window of opportunity may ultimately influence the overall performance and mindset/tide of the game. Just a thought…Hurl crap if you wish.

  28. If I recall, Black initially stated he wanted to go to IU to help build the program rather than stepping into an already prominent program. For him to think he will win a national championship at Cincinnati is laughable. There are plenty of other programs he could go to where that is more likely to happen. Makes one wonder what else is going on to bring him to change his commitment.

  29. I didn’t like going for it there and I didn’t like the play call either, but I think the Wildcat has been pretty effective on the whole and has made it a little harder for defenses to prepare for us. I would say not only IU, but many successful college teams and the Miami Dolphins would probably take issue with calling it a high school offense. I know Hoosiers hate change, so it’s to be expected. I didn’t like it in that situation either, but I think it’s worked pretty well for us.

    Goat, you’re the one who insinuated our comments mattered in the first place. I just think if our players are worrying a lot about what’s being said on blogs than the problem may be even worse than we think. While your first paragraph is a bit out there, I think you’re exactly right with the other two. I definitely thought we were going to lose when they made it 28-17 before half. The joy of being an IU football fan!

    Burt, maybe he decided that IU coaches have been using that whole ‘come help build a program’ line for 20 years and it hasn’t happened yet, so he’d go somewhere that’d be fun to play football. You’re right, UC is never going to win a national championship, but I would bet they might win more games his freshman year than he would during his entire career here. At least based on recent history. Does something sinister have to be going on for a kid to reconsider spending four years in what almost seems to be an eternally damned football program?

  30. Maybe in some obscure way we do all play a role(roll?)…We puff up player expectations… beat down coaches…knead and gently stretch the facts to suit our pliable pie of glutenous discourse …throw it all into a fiery oven of opinion and hope for the best..The thing is, every time I make pizza dough the yeast never gives rise to the totally predictable….Sometimes chewy…sometimes crisp…sometimes a hit…more often a miss…No matter where a word be dropped…maybe it’s all part of the yeast.

  31. Let’s see. Goatee,Identity Stealer and perhaps Congo feel justified in their comments or at least find some humor in their posts.
    Burt made a good reference to what Black said at the time of his commitment. Burt also had a good question. Wisco has made quality comments. Hoosier Clarion has made quality statements.
    The people who post here are genuine fans. Well, not all are genuine fans, but it becomes obvious when we talk about making pizza. What’s next?

  32. How ’bout a slice of Parseghian Pepperoni? Are you now the judge and jury for what makes a good comment, or a genuine fan? Wow. I’d say too much extra cheese.

  33. Wisco, I never suggested something sinister was going on. However, Black’s comments about why he changed his mind doesn’t jive with his initial reasons for coming to IU. I also realize we’re dealing with a high school student who has the right to change his mind. I’ll also point out twenty years ago we were in the middle of the Malory regime and having quite a bit of fun!

  34. True that 20 years ago is an exaggeration. But, fifteen we were on the downward slide and about 12 or more have basically been disasters.

    I wasn’t trying to attack you, I just think he could’ve legitimately changed his mind. I looove IU, but it’s hard to blame him.

  35. Could there be anything more sinister than watching IU football?

    Forgive me thy Lord for I have dipped into a temptation like no other..my admissions are for decades of gluttony…a submergence to joys found in punishment..perversions of excused mediocrity…..cheating on thy faithful watching of other IU sporting endeavors committed to wholehearted and honest attempts at succeeding….instead pleasuring myself in the sinful delights of ignorance and the gratifications of cheering for ineptitude…a thirst for naked losing that I fear has become so regular in my heart’s eye that I have deceived my devotions to a truthful football light…Please forgive me..Forgive my for the slain victories lost at the cost in following this perpetual dark deterrent which I have empowered through such desires..a weakness that only serves to give support to the inferior power of the mocking evil that feeds off this lustful apologetic taste for ease in acceptance, rather than the good and devout fight for a desire to challenge and strive for better…
    Guess there would be no point in asking for a little divine intervention at Iowa?….Bowl game?..Didn’t think so. Amen.

  36. In no way am I saying that I think Lynch is the best coach in the country, or that he hasn’t made some curious mistakes. But seriously, come off of it. If we could have converted on just one of the crucial plays we called time outs on, the game wouldv’e been different, but we didn’t. If we would have kicked the field goal, yea we would have won had the GAME PLAYED OUT THE SAME, but I recall at least 1 lucky interception, that without, we would have needed the touchdown and then some.

    I don’t think Lynch is the best coach ever, but continually replacing coaches every 3-4 years will never work, we need to give someone time, and Lynch’s return on investment for how much we pay him, it might be smarter to keep him 1 more year then hire a big gun… Lynch has got us one of the better offenses in the Big Ten this season and we are returning almost everyone next year, plus we will have Wilson as another big time reciever…

    Let the season play out and hear what the players say before hanging a man…

  37. I wonder what he is thinking now that the coaching staff at Cincinnat will leave. I don’t think the national championship at IU or Cincinnati is going to happen in the next 4 years. Time to look for another school.

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