Knight, IU settle a lawsuit

An anonymous donor has provided Indiana with $75,000 that it will use to reach a resolution with former coach Bob Knight, a court document signed last week shows. Though we’ve been unable to get anyone from  IU or the Ice Miller law firm to discuss this case, we believe it is related to the suit that Knight eventually settled with former assistant Ron Felling.

Here is the full story, available for free, at HTO.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the one-page letter detailing the agreement is a pair of sentences that makes it clear the $75,000 pay off is not meant to coerce Knight into attending next month’s Hall of Fame induction.

Specifically, the resolution of this matter creates no obligation for Coach Knight to participate in the upcoming induction into the IU Athletics Hall of Fame. The choice whether to attend or not to attend the induction ceremony is completely up to Coach Knight and has nothing to do whatsoever with the resolution of the litigation.

Suddenly, “Coach” is a proper title.


  1. Hey Chris – Meant to ask this @ today’s chat, but what are the chances of Knight showing up? Does this make them better? Or what’s the chance he shows up at the last second, surprising everyone?

    P.S. I like the glasses.

  2. Cate,

    I don’t know what impact this will have on Knight’s decision. All the people I respect say one of two things:

    1. There’s no way in hell Knight would ever show up.
    — or —
    2. Showing up is exactly the sort of thing Knight would love to do.

    My feeling is still that he won’t come, but I guess that’s why they play the games, err, hold the ceremonies.

    P.S. Thanks.

  3. im happy that the millionaire can cash in once again. real dandy. the timing of this is real bad, and looks shady.

  4. No matter how you slice it, the timing of this will look bad for all parties. It makes IU look like its paying him off, so he will come in Nov. or it makes Knight look petty for waiting to receive 75K, so he will come in Nov. Even if either one or both of those scenarios are wrong, publicly, they look bad and put Knight in a no win situation. He should have simply said yes or no when he was invited, and end the drama. I am a Knight fan and hoped that he would make a dramatic return to Assembly Hall, but this incident really sours my perspective.

  5. Maybe it doesn’t deserve all the negative light. Maybe he’s planning to come and one of the parties suggested that if we’re going to hug and make up, we should take care of this problem too.

  6. These set of circumstances will cause RMK to act the way he always does “be his own man”. He can’t be coerced, cajoled or fooled into any action. He simply won’t care what anyone else thinks his action should be. Book it! He has proved that over the how many years any particular person has paid attention. It is a dam good way to be. Hope he is there for the HOF induction at the Wisconsin game. He has certainly earned it.

  7. Mardy,I was wondering the same thing. Some things just never change and RMK not being able to get over it, espcially now that no one that did those things to him is around, reminds us all of what some of the drawbacks to him are. Wait just a minute before all you RMK can do no wrong people start piling on I still respect and appreciate everything he done for IU and to say the number of things he done are many is simply a big understatement. But I also think putting him on the ” he can do no wrong pedestal” is part of what made him feel like he could do some of the things that him or any other person should not have done. Do I think IU should do what they are doing as far as the HOF thing is concerned absolutley. But I also think an awful lot of good people have went out of thier way to patch things up and try to get him to show up for his induction and not just some people but people that RMK says he respects. Coach Crean, maybe more that anybody, has more than went out of his way in this respect as well. Just a quick note about the article over at with Coach K, who I also respect alot, about Knight he should check the facts about things he comments about before he starts saying them because most of the things he said that IU should do if they want him to show up have already be done and more.

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