Knight to lawyer: ‘Send the check back’ is reporting that former Indiana men’s basketball coach Bob Knight will not accept a $75,000 check from donors to settle a lawsuit he had filed against IU.

Former Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight said Tuesday that he won’t be accepting a $75,000 check from school alumni to settle a lawsuit Knight had filed against the school.

Knight, now working as an ESPN college basketball analyst, filed the lawsuit against the school claiming it didn’t properly defend him when he was sued by a former assistant coach.

“The Indiana University administration recently made a public announcement on a very private issue that I was being sent a check for $75,000 from alumni donations to cover expenses I incurred as an employee at Indiana University,” Knight said in a statement. “Indiana University has refused for nine years to take care of their obligation in this matter. I did not know until [Monday] that this check was sent to my attorney. Upon finding out about it, I immediately gave him instructions to send the check back.



  1. Doesn’t make it sound like he’ll be joining us for his induction.

    On another note, those who complained about Knight receiving $75,000 will now complain that he’s immature for returning it.

    Let it begin!

  2. I would “politely” call this a “thanks but no thanks” for the IU Hall of Fame induction.

  3. he just cant let it go. he assaulted his former assistant, paid him off to go away, yet he expects money from the university for not representing him. amazing.

  4. In a world of political correctness, and contrived over-strained pacifism from Metamucilized wimps,’s nice to see a good honest and timely BM on occasion.

  5. Knight should reimburse IU for the 6 years he stole their money by mailing it in instead of doing his job.

  6. Nothing Coach does surprises me anymore.

    I was hopeful that he would be glad to return and claim his place in IU history with a new administration that has reached out to him to honor his accomplishments as they should.

    He’s his own man though, and if he does not want it I honestly believe that he will not ever be back.

    As he said, it’s been nine years. His support erodes daily with IU nation.

  7. I still think he’ll show for the HOF induction…in spite of the cheapening of his name by the carnival atmosphere.

  8. First, according to what I read, Knight’s attorney’s were involved in this negotiation. Is he saying that his attorney’s accept deals on his behalf without his knowledge, or is he just angry that the deal came to light?

    Second, accepting money from alumni at this point is a false morality as he isn’t subject to NCAA rules. Does he think this university operates without alumni support? Should other entities in the university not take alumni donations? If not, why not?

    Third, IU tries to extend the olive branch but he take shots at us. Again.

    Fourth, he’s not coming to the HOF induction. Time to move on. For good.

  9. GFDave nail on the head. Screw him, move on. We have Crean who is working 110%, doesnt embarass the university, doesnt put his ego ahead of the university’s good. id say we are in a better position now and knight is history. November 6th cant come fast enough, so he can be petty again and we move on for good.

  10. You could fit Knight’s entire career into one month of Crean’s ego…Give me a break…One man deserves the podium…the other builds his own flight of stairs..Knight is coming to the induction…Count it like a Kieth Smart baseline jumper…There won’t be a dry eye in the crowd..including GFDave’s…and exlax mouth.

  11. New Coke, good post but I am thinking Knight has a much much bigger ego than Crean! In fact, Knight might have one of the biggest egos ever in all of history. By the way, I am a Knight fan!

  12. I’m a fan of Bobby as well and nobody ever had a bigger ego than Coach Knight. He probably had to pay for an extra airline ticket for it.

  13. Nobody wants the Knight wars to end more than me. He deserves the HOF. Go ahead and name a building after him, I’m cool with it. All he’s got to do is let it go with no apologies from either side. Just let bygones be bygones. But he can’t seem to let it go and needs to keep taking shots. We shouldn’t kiss his a$$ to make this happen. Its ironic since kissing his arse is how the behavioral problems got out of control in the first place.

  14. if mcrobbie has any control over this university, there will be no more groveling. its embarassing for IU. time to move on and stop giving RMK the soap box.

  15. You speak of him as if he were a stubborn pimple on your “arse”. He’s the GD Knute Rockne of basketball.

    An overflowing trashcan of his basketball expertise has provided enough material for many to make a coaching career. Crean probably checks for wadded up scribble notes in every dusty corner of Assembly….I can only hope he finds some.

  16. Here’s what’s embarrassing…A coach that takes a kid into his program while fully being aware of his cheating on an entrance exam..Here’s what’s embarrassing…A coach that screws his equipment manager’s wife in the bathroom of an Italian restaurant while his players finish their lasagna..Open the paper every freaking day…Every day a new tale that trumps the last.

    If Indiana is primarily an institution of learning, if being an embarrassment his having a coach that eclipses away the rest of his peers in graduation rates..if being an embarrassment is keeping kids in classrooms and still finding ways to win on the maple…then take away my crimson rouge…for I am certainly blushing. What the hell does an Aussie know about Bobby Knight and Indiana basketball?….Australia was once the dog pound for English misfits and criminals.

  17. If you read his statment the problem was twofold:

    1) IU made a point of saying it wasn’t general funds that paid the disputed fees.

    2) BK’s lawsuit was always about how IU should have paid his lawyers’ fees and didn’t. If alumni paid for them, then that means IU didn’t.

    In other words, IU tried to weasel out of it instead of just “manning up” and paying. This administration and previous ones just can’t get anything right.

    I agree with BK. Pay it and don’t say a word instead of being PC.

  18. Hey Knight! Keep living in the past if you want. This many years past the Knight years most kids only know what they read now, that Kight is an A- -hole. Keep selling out on TV it fits you to a T.

  19. Yes, he’s an “A–hole”…and you’re sniffing up it when you don’t even recognize the scent…

  20. The IU administration should either have said, “Nope, not gonna pay you.” and been done with it or should have said, “Yeah, we owe you.” and paid out of athletic department or other university funds. Instead, they tried to slice it down the middle. A man who straddles a fence doesn’t end up pleasing both sides. He ends up splitting his pants.

  21. His own friggin’ lawyers signed off on the settlement…either they are Lionel Hutz quality or blind. This is on him, time to turn the page.

  22. hoosierdad, money is fungible: A general fund dollar leaves, an alumni donation takes its place or vice versa. It just doesn’t matter.

  23. The point is, IU made it a point (even put out a media release) that THEY didn’t put up the money for the settlement. It was like waving a red cape in front of a raging bull.

  24. Bob – please come back. Let this statement not me your last foray. You owe the IU fans to come back once at least, then, if you want, good riddance. You cannot ignore history and fact. And by the way, the guy that fired you, he’s dead — hello! You said once that when your wife is fed up with you ranting on the same thing over and over, she says to you that the “horse is dead”….

  25. Hoosierdad, you dont get the point that IU is in a no win situation. If they funt he money from their own pockets, many people will be up in arms. Especially with the current economic state at IU. The alumni donation isnt anything new, and many things we enjoy at IU are from alumni funds. IU would have had to release the source of the funds, so there was no hidden motive. RMK simply couldnt take the high road, and he’s had multiple chances to do it.

  26. Hoosier dad,

    Did you read the part about how this only became public because the HT did an Open Records request? Otherwise, please show me evidence of a press release distributed by IU trumpeting this payment/donation.

  27. I have to say, I still like Knight and was hoping he’d come back for the HOF induction, but this is a mean-spirited thing to do and makes me a little less enthused about IU reaching out to him. He slapped the hand extended in peace, so IU and us fans should just let it go at this point. We should make it clear that he’s welcome back at any time, but refrain from further efforts to placate him.

  28. Here’s the $75,000 question….Why is this a story?…Was it just to fuel the speculation that Knight still prefers to spit in the face of IU? I don’t understand the motivation…I guess I’m stupid..Stupid enough to know that Knight never asked for a halftime fiasco to honor his glorious achievements at IU… Think there’s any coincidence in the fact Indiana is also inducting a former player that has worked side-by-side with coach Knight(and son, Pat) as Senior Associate Athletic Director/Internal Affairs at Texas Tech?

    We are the ones that won’t leave Knight alone…This all could have waited…Totally unnecessary. It is a publicity concoction…That’s all fine and dandy…I’m all for good Hoosier publicity and carnival shows…Knight knows this was not a genuine extension of gratitude and admiration by Indiana Basketball and the Athletic Department…

    Alan Henderson was inducted into the IU Hall of Fame in 2008..(he played in the early 90’s)…Steve Downing has been overlooked for 35 years…He’s had a close allegiance to Knight since his playing days at IU in the early 70’s …He put the Hoosiers on his back in a surprise Final Four run in Knight’s third coaching year at Indiana…He was one of the few big men to outplay Bill Walton at the height of his college playing days at UCLA…Downing has the only triple-double ever recorded in IU basketball history…Many other achievements that I won’t enumerate…Why has he been overlooked since the days of the Indiana HOF inception in 1982?…So, so long overdue…And now we decide to finally induct him in a big hoopla ceremony with The General by his side?…Downing is at Texas Tech…I’m not sure if many longtime Hoosier fans are aware of this tidbit of fact…And though this ‘Send the check back’ irrelevant story was an underhanded attempt to once again piss on Knight’s name…an attempt to incite him and play a spoiler game in letting IU fans cheer for a man that meant a tremendous amount to Indiana University and Indiana Basketball, it won’t work…Why won’t it work? Why will Knight still attend this public fiasco he did not ask for?…He’ll be there to honor one of the best centers that ever played for Indiana…Would John Wooden not attend an induction ceremony for Bill Walton? Knight sent the check back, but I guarantee that he will be at the halftime festivities…He’ll be there for Downing.

    And next week, Knight and former player Steve Downing will be inducted into the school’s hall of fame. Downing is expected to attend the ceremonies next weekend. It is unclear whether Knight will attend.

    Downing in attendance..Knight in attendance…Now can we just shut the hell up about everything else that doesn’t mean diddly-squat. Unless, of course, we never wanted him here to begin with.

  29. So he would’ve accepted the check if the university did it privately? Maybe this is because I wasn’t around when The General ruled, but I’ve never seen a 69-year-old man that had so much growing up to do. Bobby, this program is moving on with or without you. Most likely the latter, unfortunately. Go Hoosiers.

  30. Coke, are you Knights wife? Im impressed that you are in his innner circle and are privy to this information. Thanks for letting us all know that he will be there.

  31. Cutter In Chicago

    “I would “politely” call this a “thanks but no thanks” for the IU Hall of Fame induction.”


    “if anyone thinks there’s a chance knight will show up, they don’t know him very well”

    They also sound pretty definitive…maybe they’re
    also in the “inner circle”..??

    I’ll edit my above post for your viewing pleasure…

    According to ESPN…Steve Downing will be in attendance for the HOF ceremony…It is the opinion of this blogger on Hoosier Scoop, that Knight will be at the ceremony to honor the former Hoosier All-American center… Downing also coincidentally works on the AD staff at Texas Tech.

    Happy now?

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