Leave it to Dickie V

Dick Vitale, the (occasionally grating) voice of college basketball, has reported that Bob Knight won’t attend his induction into the athletics Hall of Fame next week. He reported this via Twitter. No, Twitter has not devised a way to make Vitale’s tweets louder and more exuberant than all other tweets combined.

Here’s the series of tweets, made earlier today:

just spoke to Bob Knight and my feeling is Indiana should honor Knight with a special evening for all he achieved with the Hoosiers.

Bob Knight will not take a dime from the boosters for what he felt was an injustice involving the suit with ex asst Ron Felling.

Just found out bob knight will not be going to Hoosier HoF.

*I feel as though I should point out here that Vitale’s preceding two tweets were as follows:

Tired of Kate Hudson getting credit for Arod’s success. How about talent? His ex Cynthia is a real LADY!

I prefer her Mom Goldie&Kurt. Favorites of my wife also.

Anyway. There’s confirmation. My guess is that Knight yelled this over his cubicle wall at ESPN’s underground headquarters for Super Star Analysts to Vitale in between scoops of Beefaroni. Yeah, that kind you put right in the microwave. So clutch when you need a quick at-your-desk lunch. As long as you don’t desire flavor.

For what it’s worth, Fred Glass told me this morning that he recently wrote a note to Bob Knight saying that the invitation to the induction was an open one. It said, in essence, that Knight need not RSVP. He could show up next Friday and IU would be able to accomodate him.

Steve Downing, the former Knight player who is currently working in the Texas Tech athletic department, has told IU that he will attend the ceremony. So there’s that.


  1. Dear Dickie V,

    We get it already. You have a mancrush on Bob Knight.

    Seriously, how many more years am I going to have to listen to him talk about how awfully IU has treated Knight? I just wonder how non-Hoosier fans must feel…it must be so annoying always hearing about Knight when you’re watching your favorite team play basketball.

    Why should IU honor Knight with an entire evening if Knight won’t even bother to show up?

    If we’re mature enough to recognize what he’s done for us, why can’t he reciprocate that and acknowledge the school that gave him a home for 30 years? Enough already. This all is so childish.

  2. screw him. he assuaulted someone, admitted it, and thinks IU is the bad guy? what a crock, take a hike knight!

  3. Bob Knight is being stubborn and, frankly being a big baby about the whole situation. Sure, in his mind, he was wrongly discharged. But that was almost TEN years ago.

    Yeah, the Davis hiring and the whole situation was ugly – no one denies that, and it is what it is… but it’s history. The Sampson debacle was also ugly, unfortunate, but that too is now history. Tom Crean is here now, and I firmly believe he is doing all that he can to rebuild the basketball program as well as the basketball family and tradition. I suspect that Fred Glass also player in restoring the family and tradition. Myles Brand and Chris Simpson are dead. Clarence Donninger and Rick Greenspan are gone…

    I understand that Knight is stubborn. I get it that he is principled. There’s no question that he was hurt. But it’s time to move on. Maybe Karen Knight needs to remind him again that the horse is dead. To paraphrase Coach Knight himself, if accolades are inevitable, sit back and enjoy it.

    Since both Glass and Crean (and apparently the majority of the former players, managers and those involved in the program) are working to restore Indiana’s tradition, why won’t Knight make nice? Perhaps it’s more of the arrogance that got him fired…

    The future of Indiana basketball is bright. We have a coach that “gets it”.
    Crean’s future success will definitely be built on the foundation of Dean, McCracken and Knight. But it has come to the point where Knight needs to decide to “bury the hatchet” and accept the accolades that he is due — that the University is trying to bestow upon him.

    IMHO, Indiana University has extended the olive branch. If Knight refuses to accept it, that speaks more of him and his character than anything else.

    It’s time to shake the dust off of our feet and move on.

  4. We should all go about ignoring Bob Knight’s tenure here just like he is ignoring all of the IU fans that supported all of his childish, bully antics.

  5. There’s no one left for Knight to punish at IU. It’s not difficult to draw the conclusion that the intended targets of this latest salvo are, well, US. The fans. The people who put up with a decade of underachieving Indiana squads because we adored Knight so much. The people who refused to find fault in his actions when he was fired, instead blaming anything and everything but our hero. The people who allowed his head to become the planetoid-sized monstrosity that it apparently is.

    If Knight truly doesn’t show up for his HOF induction, I guess our punishment fits the crime of trying so desperately to look past the flaws of a “hero” who actually wound up being the grade-A $&#hole everyone said he was.

  6. or maybe he has moved on and the only ones crying are the ones who never liked him anyway-i dont see him making news about indiana

  7. cal hoosier,

    No, the ones “crying” are fans who were loyal to him for decades — fans who grew up watching his Hoosier teams play, and who have deep emotion rooted in IU’s rich basketball tradition.

    Can you imagine Michael Jordan cutting all ties with the Chicago Bulls and the city of Chicago?

    Could you imagine Coach K ignoring duke?

    That’s how IU fans feel.

  8. Maybe this is a bridge too far, but what if Bob didn’t want to come in the first place and was just looking for an excuse so as to not look bad?

  9. I’m with Hank. I sympathized with Knight’s point of view for quite a while, particularly when Davis was coach, and when Knight’s former players rallied against the Sampson regime.

    But now we’ve got a coach he should surely approve of; who’s reached out to the many strands of basketball tradition at IU; and who has the near-unanimous support of Knight’s former players. I mean, Calbert Cheaney spoke to the team last year and sat courtside. Glass wrote him a note. Crean clearly admires him and wants his involvement on any level other than zero. They paid him the 75k that he now won’t take. They’re putting him in the HOF and specifically asked for his attendance, RSVP or not.

    All of that, and we still get rejected out of hand. Assuming this isn’t a subterfuge designed to cover his unannounced presence at the HOF ceremony, I say we let Mr. Glass’ note stand as an open invitation to return at any time, and let it go at that.

  10. And may I add, is Steve Downing not one of Knight’s longest-tenured supporters, one who moved with him to Texas Tech? He’s going to attend; yet Knight ostensibly refuses. Again to agree with Hank, it’s time to move on.

  11. Those of you who are bashing Knight should take a hike as one earlier poster stated. He did his job, did it well and we’ll leave it at that. And as far as assaulting Neil Reed goes, I have this to say. Take a look at the tape in real time, not the slow-motion replay the media inundated us with for a year. He has his hand on Neil for about 1-2 seconds at most. Maybe Knight isn’t the one who should get over it…

  12. Great post, cal Hoosier…Right on target..The rest of these children sound like spoiled mouthy brats that need a good hard arm grabbing…This is all staging…Knight will be there..He’ll be there for Downing. He’ll be there for the fans. Book it.*

    Nice to see Scoop picked up on Downing’s whereabouts without acknowledging their Chef Boyardee source(sauce?)…giggle..giggle. Gives the story a nice angle..Don’t you think?

    * the above definitive statement is not intended to be based on verifiable information or known facts…Don’t book a motel room or flight…It is pure speculation and conjecture…Opinion, but stated as cold truth for the cheesy effect of more impact..kind of like a Dickie V Tweeter post…Oops..I just coughed up a meatball.

  13. I have been a fan of Indiana Basketball and coach knight since 1976 when coach won his first National Title. I am not associated with the University, I am just a local who is very passionate about Indiana Basketball and what coach Knight made it.
    All of the fans like myself were devastated when coach was fired. Now we are all devastated again because he won’t return. Coach you have far greater fans than I.U. has administrators. Please don’t punish your fans who who have been hurt by this as well for the last 10 years.

  14. and to people like td i dont think he means any disrespect to indiana fans i think he just wants to let things go why come back and have to hear the same 4 stories again and again reed,the chair,asst coach,arm grab–30 years no one speaks of ryan white landon turner numerous coaches that have jobs and money for library only after all the negative do they bring up his graduation rate-it is time to move on support crean for being crean not for inviting knight

  15. There’s the parting sea…There’s where we differ..I believe Crean had everything to do with this carnival act.

  16. It just dawned on me…Knight is not coming because he feels Patrick should also be inducted into the Hoosier HOF… You know, for that one brick that happened to go through the cylinder in his four years at IU….Swoosh!

  17. shasta, as funny asthat is, there is some truth in it. rmk was pissed that he could hand off the IU job to him. thank god that never happened, look at what hes done at TT

  18. It’s understandable and expected that there would be varying opinions regarding Knight’s appearance to receive this honor or not, but it may just be time to move on. No one would deny that the coach was successful here if wins and losses are the sole criteria to judge the man but there were other documented contributions he made to IU such as his monetary contributions, his insistence on academics, good behavior, and maintenance of a spotless NCAA record. However, he also did display arrogance and a bully attitude toward players that is also documented and that can’t be glossed over by any award. Dick Vitale has gotten his 15 minutes of fame by fawning over Knight for years and is both tiresome and irritating. Tom Crean has shown that you can be successful without being a bully, without being a showboat, and at the same time demanding good behavior, sportsmanship and academic excellence. I say let’s focus on the future, not the past, and not let us be caught up in the sideshow and the drama we were for so many years instead of the fierce competition on the floor.

  19. You are all lost in your bad memories of more than a quarter of a century ago. You are still intimidated.

    Coach Knight is older, giving and understanding. He chose not to accept an invitation that did not suit him. Why jump all over him? That’s crazy!

    Look where IU ended up with his decision. They got rid of a lawsuit that they could not win and $75,000 for whatever they want to do. Thanks to Coach Knight.

    How hard is that to see?

  20. Semper Fi-

    You can’t be serious…You actually don’t believe Crean is a showboat? Did you watch the nationally televised game(CBS)last year that featured a privileged and exclusive look into the pregame locker room while Crean gave his players a pep talk? (I think The Scoop showed the footage in one of their stories/posts..I think excerpts are being used for bball promo..Crean is glowing like a zapped “Thing” monster..And if you would have seen the version not doctored up, the original clip during the game that had a camera showing the players faces, you would have seen a group of kids with the look of sheer dismay written across their faces.. The speech was massively over-the-top..so obviously contrived..Total showboat city..I almost started singing “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man”).

    Crean sure loves that dat man…dat man being the camera…He does more podium appearances than Barack…A born Showboat….a Ringmaster…a Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes …You name it, he can spin it…If Indiana does not regain some of its lost basketball prestige, it sure as hell won’t be due to lack of Mr. “Because it’s Indiana” mastering the art of song and dance….The Kelley grad students are likely already using the marketing techniques employed by Crean to form new case studies for generations to come. Knight was a natural showboat…Crean is an advertising firm in motion.

  21. im just a dumb-jock glad there are coaches like knight that teach discipline and make you go to class because some of us arent always motivated like all you straight a students-if it wasnt for a tough coach i wouldnt of made it

  22. Can’t Help Lovin ‘Dat Man,

    Crean also coaches exceptionally well. You left that out of your summary.

  23. Laffy,

    Here’s a question.

    Why are you an IU fan? What about IU makes you proud to be a Hoosier? Just curious.

    Are you a fan?

  24. Can’t believe the Lakers put that ex-Pacer thug on their team..Disgraceful…He’s the opposite of Tom Crean…Artest never met a camera he liked.

  25. Can’t help,

    I am a Knight fan through and through to today but he was/is a jerk. I ran into him in high school and I was respectful and he was a jerk. I ran into Davis twice in Bloomington and actually he was as rude as Knight. Funny thing about Davis is I was being positive and complimenting him. I have met Crean three times. He has been so nice to me, my wife, and my kids. He went the extra mile to talk to us every time. Two of the times we talked there was nobody else around so it was not “put on”. I have read many posts by you and I know you do not care for IU football, you love Knight, and are the only one I have ever seen post here that does not support Crean. I wonder if you meet Crean and take the time to talk to him…if your opinion would change?

  26. Time to move on. Coach Knight has had his chances to come back and be praised for his accomplishments. He’s officially burned his last bridge and now it’s time for us to move on.

  27. Just agreeing with Swampy and JeremyK and others who have had enough of the whole “what can we do today to keep Bob happy” crap. Let’s put our energy into supporting Crean and his team and let Bob bitch to Krzyzewski and Vitale and anyone else who still listens to him.

  28. Casey—

    I’m as a die-hard fan as you’ll ever meet. And I’m not going to get into everything with a nutjob Bob worshiper because you wackos are the most deranged people on earth…..even crazier than the Palin fans (many of you worship both).

    Knight is a disgrace.

  29. Laffy,

    Way to respond with a rational answer, first of all.

    Secondly, I’m not a Bob worshipper. I’m simply wondering what you base your “die-hard” fanship on — since you obviously hate Knight.

    I just think it’s ironic that you bash the man responsible for your favorite program’s prestigious history. If Knight hadn’t coached here, you’d be rooting for a team with a horrible football program and three less basketball championships.

    If you look at other posts I’ve made, you’ll see that I’ve already talked about how Knight is acting ridiculous and childish in this situation…

    I just think people who rag on others for liking or being concerned about anything “Bob Knight” while simultaneously professing their love for IU athletics are contradicting themselves a bit.

    So, let’s try responding with an actual answer this time. Go!

  30. Can’t help lovin –
    I see that you are a Crean detractor and I find that hard to understand but I guess that’s your privilege. My take on that particular locker room talk was that in the down year we were having was that any way that he could support that particular group of kids he did — and if that included being a cheerleader, he did it. I don’t call that being a showboat, I call it being a leader. I too have met TC and I consider him to be a genuinely cordial and positive man and a good ambassador for the University. My point that you obviously missed was that he leads and teaches in a way that is positive and that demands the best in performance and behavior. I will always give Knight his due respect for his obvious success but I doubt if I was the only one who wondered when the next blowup was going to be or when the next embarrassment was going to be for the University or what bully move he was going to pull next. If he chooses to not show up for his HOF induction, so be it. Let’s move on. The University has done enough to encourage him to appear, has already honored him and that’s ENOUGH.

  31. Coaches are usually given far too much credit when teams succeed and far too little blame when they fail.


    I’m sorry if my personal opinions may offend your views of our current coach…I’ll throw out a few thoughts…You can judge for yourself how these views fit into Tom Crean’s approach to coaching basketball at Indiana..Isn’t that what matters foremost?..In all honesty, I really don’t care if the guy gives me the time of day on the street.

    1. Indiana basketball needs no excuses for recent failures…Though banners have been hard to come by, and though we have had a rocky road to travel of late, I still adhere to a belief that it should be a privilege to play for the Hoosiers…I don’t think we’re damaged goods because of a bogus NCAA investigation about nothing…I don’t think it’s necessary to slap slogans on IU hoops..There was nothing wrong with the previous “generations”…We had one scandal in over 30 years..

    2. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk blasphemously toward kids that failed within the program or struggled with growing up…They may have cheated themselves from a positive experience at Indiana, but I don’t believe the cheated their way in..Knight had plenty of problem kids..He didn’t throw them under a bus for their private problems…He gave many more second chances to kids than what was publicly perceived or documented..I honestly don’t see what is achieved by degrading kids that did not live up to our expectations..This is college..This is the game of basketball..It’s not final judgment day.
    And I don’t adhere to a belief that extra phone calls to a recruits can come anywhere close to the true corruption found in college athletics…Financial gifts and academic cheating should be the primary focus of NCAA investigations.

    3. Is it necessary to keep reiterating our lofty status?…IU basketball should stand proudly on it’s own…When we do anything else(especially now), I am of opinion that it cheapens us.
    Let’s quietly come back…let’s come back with dignity…Let’s build back Indiana basketball one step at a time…without the need to make spectacle of the past as the comparative measure to make our current achievements more glorious than they really are…Put your players, your product, your game plan, onto the court and do your best..Let others decide the measure of success that determines glory… It’s a simple solution. Go out…play hard..and try to win some ball games…I thought that’s why we brought Tom Crean to Indiana…Thirty-seven years ago, I think Knight came with nothing more complex than that simple vision. The love for the sport…the desire to help kids transition into adulthood…the importance of not losing focus of the roll that education plays in the process…the quest for education to not be secondary to sport at Indiana…the desire to work together and succeed as a team… Basketball is simply the vehicle for achieving these goals… Live by the standard, and we can only hope that we can find good young men that still want to put on candy-striped warm-ups..In my book, that’s winning..that’s Indiana basketball.

    4. I don’t look at coaches operating in a bubble..I think it’s much more difficult today to sell a program on the above ideals..I respect any coach that can convince kids to overlook the big dollar signs at the end of the college rainbow..In many respects, Crean has a much more difficult job than Bob Knight(or any of his predecessors)… More is expected of Crean..Time frames for success are shorter at IU due to the hard years behind us…and it’s more and more difficult finding highly talented kids that want to build a true future with the program.
    I don’t want to have a unfavorable opinion of Crean…I’m hoping that he’ll get more comfortable in his IU skin and eventually tone down the rhetoric…I love my school..I just don’t think we need to keep treating her like she’s the least likely girl to be asked to the prom. Is that living in a dusty past? I think being the head coach at Indiana would be one of the greatest jobs in college basketball…Football…??…no less honor.

  32. Yikes…”the importance of not losing focus of the [role] that education plays in the process”

  33. Dusty, I get what you are saying for the most part. I was just disagreeing about Crean being a showboat. I am with you on everything else you wrote but Knight was the showboat, not Crean. My grandfather, father, and I went to and watched IU games not just for basketball but to see what Knight would do next. Most fans would not admit it but he was as entertaining as the basketball game. He thrived on making the crowd boo when he disagreed with calls and thrived on getting on the refs so much that they were intimidated by him. He got off on that stuff. I feel Crean is comfortable in his IU skin and I just don’t get why you say he should tone down his rhetoric. I hate to question you but I have never met anyone with that opinion on Crean. Anyway, good comments…take care.

  34. “IU basketball should stand proudly on [its] own”

    Sorry for all the English and spelling errors..

    First, I’m not too bright.
    Second, I had about an hour of sleep last night.

  35. I agree, JPat…It was a blast to watch the unpredictalbe Bobby..It was also a blast to watch some damn well played basketball.

    Crean..?..I’m still having trouble boarding that train..Sorry if that boxes me into a shallow corner for my painted self-portrait hang from nice ugly picture frame…

  36. Dusty, we all want the same thing in the end I guess..for old IU to win and win the right way!!!

  37. j-pat i think there are numerous coaches that thrive on getting on officials and the other things-most big progrms have coaches that have big voices and are just as much a part of the program—people go to duke games to watch coach k ncarolina -dsmith etc all intimidate in there own way–the first time crean throws his jacket in the stands hope your not disappointed-the bottom line today its about recruiting the more atttention you can bring the better crean is a good coach and recruiter he will put on his own show

  38. cal, I was just pointing out that Knight had a real ego and was a showboat, in my opinion much more than Crean. I know Crean can get fired up!

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