Let it begin

For us, at least, it feels as though basketball season arrived today.

Tom Crean held his first press conference, and you could tell that for the third straight year this is a new Hoosiers team. There were so many questions. We could have queried Crean for hours. And he could have shared his thoughts for hours.

The newsiest nugget of the day is that Bawa Muniru has not yet been cleared by the NCAA eligibility center. Crean isn’t worried, though.

You can hear Tom Crean’s press conference by clicking here.

And here’s the transcript, courtesy of IUHoosiers.com

More updates to come . . .


  1. Thanks for the video guys, good stuff.

    Dustin, in Charlottesville you can get a good steak at the Aberdeen Barn and good bagels at Bodo’s Bagels. There is a place downtown that serves ice cream on a fried donut (called a Grillswith), which is a great 2 am munchy.

    Its probably going to rain on Sat which is a bummer. But the rain might help our down hill running style more than their spread attack.

  2. GFDave, I don’t want to forget…have a great time at the game this weekend and cheer loud for me too. GO IU!!!

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